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Lenses / Help Request For How To Clean Gelatin Rear Filters
« on: May 21, 2011, 06:45:43 PM »
I recently purchased my first and only Canon Supertele the 500mm.  I've been using the lens some now and it is time to clean the rear drop in filter.  The surface is open to the back and does protect the other back lens elements.  However it has been called a gelatin filter.  Is it?  It looks like very thin and delicate glass.  The Canon documentation seems to indicate that it is a UV filter.  Is that true or is it just clear.  Can I clean it like any other lens glass or do I need a special fine cloth.  Can I use liquid lens cleaner on both surfaces.

By the way, it seem to go into the slot either way.  By facing the back of the lens, I assume that you want to see the Canon lettering toward you (facing toward the back lens cap).  Am I correct?  This may make no difference or might make a difference with a polarizer.

This is my first lens with a rear filter.  I'd appreciate your help.  Bruce

EOS Bodies / Outside the Box thinking might provide Back to the Box product
« on: February 15, 2011, 06:30:11 PM »
This is my first post so please be kind.  When I started making money with photography in the 60's, the 2.25 square format was popular but I changed to 35 mm for convenience and a larger selection of affordable lens.  In order to come up with a truely ground breaking camera without reinventing full frame lenses, why not add a larger pentaprism, mirror, and articulated square lcd viewscreen and reinvent a square 33mm by 33mm sensor that would use the same lens circle of full frame cameras today.  My guess is that even with current 21 mp sensors we'd get a square sensor with easily over 30mp with no increase in noise.  Why square?  Faster event shooting not having to rotate the lighting, cropping selection of horizontal or vertical or dare I say it, but some non-standard size.  I shoot the 5DMKII as well as the 7D and others.  But while I'm not interested in going to full medium format because of the extra size and the huge cost of buying all new lenses, I can be easily talked into a new square format that would preserve my investment of lenses and yet give me more sensor real estate.   I believe this would be a chance for Cannon to fully step out in front of professional cameras with their already well established lens line and really offer the working professional something new and flexible without having to reinvent everything.  I look forward to your views.  Perhaps Cannon will be listening.

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