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Software & Accessories / Retrospective 7 with MacBook pro retina 13"?
« on: April 19, 2014, 12:29:51 PM »
Hi there,

I'm looking for a new bag for light travel to hold my gripped 5D, 50L, 135L, 24-105, flash and a MacBook Pro Retina 13".

It might be tight but I always wanted one of the Thintank Retrospective bags and the 7 might fit the bill. It says on their website that it fits the 11" Air or a tablet but I've read that some people put the MBPr 13 in there.

Can anyone confirm this who may have any of the above combinations?

EOS Bodies - For Stills / Move settings from 5DII to a second body?
« on: February 21, 2014, 12:03:00 PM »
I don't think it can be done but is there any easy way to move all my camera and menu settings from my 5DII to a second (rented) body via software (Canon or otherwise) and then do a reset to factory after?


Technical Support / Calibration questions for new Mac with NEC PA271w
« on: January 17, 2014, 03:52:14 PM »
Hello Everyone,

Just posted the same quesiton over at dpreview but thought I may get what I need from our experts here:

I just upgraded my desktop for photo editing and I'm now on a Mac and a NEC PA271w. I still have my ColorMunki Display with the corresponding X-Rite calibration software (and I'm aware that this version is not compatible with NEC's own calibration software). I upgraded to CS6 and LR5 for Mac (not that it matter for this question I think).

What's the right way to calibrate the setup now (without spending more money on another calibration device plus software)?

I started out by doing what I did before on my Dell PC/Monitor: install the X-rite software, update everything, run the software, follow the on-screen instructions.

Well, things get a little more complicated here. First, I'm aware that my new NEC has the ability to store profiles in its hardware (obviously you can change profiles via the buttons on the monitor, but also via a free NEC piece of software).

So question #1: what internal profile should the monitor be set to when running the x-rite profiling process?

But it gets worse: now that I have deliberately chosen an aRGB monitor I want to have at least two profiles to switch back and forth between: aRGB for the fun stuff and sRGB for the other half of the fun plus the usual web browsing and everything else where aRGB gets messed up.

So I now created two profiles, one with the monitor in sRGB mode and one with it in aRGB. I have a feeling something is wrong with that approach. Should I instead have the monitor in some kind of default mode (see question 1) and is there then a way to create these two profiles with the x-rite software (aRGB + sRGB). If so, how?

Question #2: After whatever the correct process above is how do I actually switch between the two profiles? Are they managed (on the Mac) via the systems settings (monitor>color>ICC profiles XY or Z...) OR by switching them in the actual monitor hardware via the NEC tool ("MultiProfiler") OR is it in fact the x-rite software running in the background (little grey/green ball) that does this? Is the latter actually getting in the way of manually switching between two or more profiles?

Gee, I hope this makes sense. Maybe I'm just overthinking this again but I can't figure it out.

Thanks a bunch

Software & Accessories / CS5 PC to CS6 MAC crossgrade?
« on: January 02, 2014, 12:35:22 PM »
Hi there,

Has anyone here recently switched from PC to Mac with the corresponding PS versions? I have PS CS5 for PC and I will continue using that on my laptop.

Just chatted with Adobe sales and they would sell me a "crossgrade" to CS6 for Mac - but then the CS5 for Win would expire. I think I heard in the past that technically you can still use it but I don't want to intentionally break their silly rules (even though I think I really should be entitled to using MY software license on whichever 2 computer I chose, just like I can with LR). It's $199 and that's not really helping in my case.

I qualify for an educator discount so I could get the full CS6 version for 350. That's way more than what I paid for CS5. And no, I will not do Creative Cloud. Never. Even if it were free.

Thoughts on how to get this to work? CS5 for Mac would be fine also. I don't really need the "upgrade" - just the ability to use it on a Win laptop and a Mac desktop.

Thanks and all the best for 2014!

Software & Accessories / New Monitor for Mac:wide color gamut or not?
« on: December 26, 2013, 12:01:34 PM »
So here is the old question again: wide color gamut or not?

I finally pulled the trigger on a new Mac Mini to replace my ancient Dell desktop. Defined use for that thing will be a mix of audio recording, photo editing and basic general use. I specifically went with the Mini as opposed to an iMac to not get stuck with the shiny 27" all in one monitor design.

Of the 27" ~$1000 monitor options such as Dell or NEC there seem to be plenty that are now extremely good for the money and they have finally worked out the anti-glare coating issues. Connectivity on especially the Dell models is great (better than the Apple Thunderbolt really). So it comes down to the old issues with wide gamut over sRGB standard models.

Does anyone have any recent experiences, e.g. with the Dell U2713H (wide gamut) vs U2713HM (standard)? Or can anyone make a compelling argument for the Apple Thunderbolt display (shiny which I don't like, USB2, no option to connect a second old PC)? Or should I keep it simple and go with one of the mid range NECs which lose in the connectivity department but may be overall better quality?

For calibration I already have the Xrite ColorMunki Display (which I know is not compatible with Dell's hardware calibration but should work just fine with a software profile I think).

EOS Bodies / Help with 5DIII raw files
« on: September 29, 2013, 12:49:50 PM »
Hello Everyone,

I think I have an issue here. I have a 5DII and tested a 5DIII from CPS for a job last night. I also still use LR3 and have no intention to upgrade. Reason being that I'm happy with the raw engine as it is and would not want anything happen to the files that are already there.

I also have no reason to upgrade to the 5DIII at this point. In fact, after testing it last night I'm more leaning towards picking up a second 5DII body at some point.

In any case, what can I do now with the raw files from the 5DIII to get them into LR3? I understand that I probably need to convert them in another program. Any recommendations? I have DPP from my 5DII. Not sure if I'd need a different version or if I have access to it. Anything else I could use?

My fault as I should have thought about this before.


Noticed that I can open the files in CS5. Any chance I can use Bridge/CS5 to batch convert the 5DIII raw files to DNG? Or should I get the latest (free) adobe DNG converter?

Lenses / AF dead on my EF 200 2.8L - thoughts?
« on: August 12, 2013, 01:41:50 PM »
Hello everyone,

So my aversion against anything AF - and my decade long resistance against it has finally proven not completely unreasonable, unfortunately.

Over the weekend the AF on EF 200 2.8LII went down. Admittedly: the thing a few weeks ago took a little tumble from about 3 feet height into soft dirt. Still worked perfectly fine after that and has hardly any scratch. But not when I put it on on Saturday the AF was dead. It's seemingly not the switch since that turns on and off the AF symbol on the camera. All other lenses work normally.

I am a CPS Gold member and will just have to send it in.

Cleaned the contacts, moved the focusing ring back and forth, played with the switches, etc. Anything else worth checking before sending it in? What is the most likely culprit assuming that it is connected to the fall? Is there wiring in the motor that can come lose? Does the motor itself lock up somehow (remember it still worked normally after the fall)? Any other electrical things?

Also: has anyone a rough idea what I may be looking at for repair cost (I have free shipping and 30% off from the Gold membership)?

EOS Bodies / Bodies and cell towers?
« on: February 26, 2013, 01:27:18 PM »
Question to all our physics and engineering experts here: I found an interesting location that is at the top of a building with cell phone transmitters attached to it. I think they're for major US carriers in case the frequencies used make a difference.

The place has the usual warning signs a la "may exceed the usual blahblah". From a medical standpoint I'm certain that it's a no-issue. But what about camera gear? I guess I might not want to use wireless triggers there but anything else at risk?


So here is an expert question: I'm looking to potentially get new triggers at some point that need to work with a 580EXII and a bunch of 430EXIIs. I'd be looking at ETTL triggers first - not because I want the actual TTL functionality but because I want to be able to set the output manually in camera. More than three groups would be great. So as nice and sturdy as the Pocket Wizard Plus III look they won't do any of that. All other PW models seem rather old at this point and the're suffering from a few issues (price being one of them).
Phottix Odin would be the next logical alternative. Or whatever Pixel King comes up with next or Yongnuo, whatever.

But here's the question now: it appears that most or all (?) of these models make the Canon speedlites still put out a pre-flash even when set to manual. That would stink when combining things with studio flash or lightmeters. So is this a design flaw in those Chinese triggers or is this per Canon design? Do PWs do this also - do they even allow for manual settings?

Software & Accessories / Bag challenge: pro body and two primes
« on: December 07, 2012, 09:40:05 AM »
I'm still looking for the perfect bag to carry my gripped 5DII with the 50L attached and then enough room to take my 135L and perhaps a speedlite. Something that fits this well without getting bulky and then doesn't look too much like a camera bag.

I like the Thinktank retrospective series but it seem their always either to small for a pro body sized camera or too bulky for this specific purpose.

Any recommendations?

Lighting / YN622C trigger experiences?
« on: November 12, 2012, 04:36:53 PM »
Hello everyone,

For my 5D Mark 2 I'm currently using either the build in line-of-sight flash (with a 580EXII and two 430EXII) or all manual with a bunch of cheapo Chinese triggers. The latter work pretty reliably up to about 1/160.

Since I've started doing more of this I've been thinking about getting a different set of triggers. And with the current price structure I'm not ready yet to move to 600EX flashes ( 3 or 4) and the Canon remote as nice as it all looks.

And with that in mind there still are a bunch of options. I've actually started to see that I may end up in the manual-over-ETTL camp. So a few solid Pocket Wizard Plus III would probably do the trick. What I'm not so thrilled about is that I'd end up with more cables and adapters then now. And even when setting things to manual it would be nice to be able to control things from the camera menu. So that would get us to PW minis (etc) or the Phottix Odins. Issues with both of these as well. PW with the reported issues on the US model with interference and blowing out of 580s. And Odins have the preflash even in manual which makes them problematic for later use with studio strobes.

Then there are the YN622C triggers from Yongnuo. Read some good things about them, price is great and features should work with what I'm looking to get at. Question is how sturdy they are and if they have the preflash issue as well. And that they are no Pocket Wizards, meaning no industry standard that would work with other stuff or in rented studio etc.

Any one any first-hand experiences with these and in comparison to the Plus III?

Software & Accessories / PS CS5 for Mac still available?
« on: November 01, 2012, 11:59:00 PM »
I'm pretty close to making the move to a Mac for my desktop. For a while I'd be operating in both the Mac and Windows world so I'd either have to buy the upgrade version to CS6 with cross-platform swap (per Adobe rep tonight) - or find a place that still sells a new and boxed version of CS5.

I'd prefer the latter honestly since I'd like to have the same software on all machines. And that includes leaving things at LR3 and I'd be concerned running LR3 and CS6 on the new computer (Mac).

Can anyone recommend a trustworthy dealer that still sells PS CS5 (student version or otherwise) for a reasonable price?

Lenses / Filter stacking on 50mm lens
« on: October 22, 2012, 09:52:34 AM »
Does anyone know a formula or a way to look up how man filters of a particular size/thickness can be stacked on a particular lens? I have a clear B+W standard size filter on my 50L and was wondering if I'm running into problems adding a circular polarizer on top of that. From experience I know that I can't do that on my 24-105 at 24 even though I have the thin-rimmed version on it.
It's probably not a problem at 50mm but who can I calculate that?


Lenses / 50L vs TS-E 45
« on: August 28, 2012, 03:18:36 PM »
I've been tossing around the idea of either trading my 50 1.4 for a 50L or instead add a TS-E45 (to be used with my 5DII). I know, very different lenses, different applications. But I think both could work for me. My main interest with these would be control over sharpness/unsharp areas for things or people that are not necessarily too far away. Shooting wide open for the most part would be the objective here (where I see a potential improvement over my 50 1.4 in addition to build quality).

The straightforward thing to do is obviously to go 50L and be happy. But then again, I recently had the joy to play around with one of the old FD tilt shift lenses. I really liked that thing and the results (35mm on a APS-C sensor).

My favorite focal lengths are probably 50 and 135. I have no real longing for the 35L at this point and the 85L is too expensive.

Any thoughts or experiences? How well would the TS double as a macro-like lens?

Software & Accessories / Laptops for photo editing and other use
« on: April 19, 2012, 05:10:01 PM »
Am I the only one who is frustrated by the limited choices available for high quality laptops? I currently use a dual core 2GB IBM/Lenovo T60 - the old kind with the 14" high resolution 4:3 ratio screen. I love that thing and it's my most used computer in the house. And I do 90% of my photo editing with it and usually don't even touch my desktop PC with its big screen and all.

The T60 is extremely sharp, the colors are surprisingly accurate and with its perfect keyboard, trackpoint and form factor just works for me. And this is for both business use (Word, Excel, email) and photo editing (CS5, LR3). Performance is mostly good enough unless there are too many photos open or if its a power hungry process such as HDR processing. So in other words: it works.

Problem is that eventually I'll have to replace it. So I started looking around. And that really wasn't a pretty sight. Lenovos still come with the good old IBM keyboard and the trackpoint and some of the other great features - but it appears their screens have a lot of issues now.

Dell seems to have an XPS model with a good screen but I always found their build quality for laptops to be substandard. Not to speak of the toy keyboard.

Well, and that gets us to Apple. I really really don't like that company and its politics. And the MacBook pros are not only ugly (who cares) but also bulky and unruly compared to my 14" IBM - and don't even match the screen resolution. Keyboard is awful also. And then you can't change anything yourself not even a battery or so. So that's very likely (again) a big no-no.

And now what? Sonys look pretty weak also. Some point to Sager. Not sure about that. I'd need to actually see one of those somewhere.

Any thoughts? It's not even the budget so much. I'm ok with shelling out $2000 or so if it is suited for lots of typing, portable and has a stellar screen for photo editing. 14 or 15" would be ok. Oh, and a large and fast hard drive. For the life of me, I can't seem to find anything like that.

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