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EOS Bodies - For Stills / Canon 1DX maintenance?
« on: December 27, 2014, 03:44:57 PM »
I've hit roughly 70,000 clicks on my 1dx and I'm wondering if it's about time to send it in for a clean and check?  Is there a general recommendation/rule that I should be following?

I've recently started to notice my keeper rate is significantly down (shooting sports) and I'm wondering if a clean and check would help.   

Thanks in advance for your help and advice!


Landscape / Happy 4th of July! - Post your United States Flag photo
« on: July 04, 2014, 11:24:43 AM »
Independence Day in the US!  Post your US flag photo

Took this shot this morning while out looking for something interesting to photograph.  It was mostly sunny out, but dark skies loomed on the horizon and I used those dark clouds as the background for this photo.

5d3 and 300 2.8IS w/ 1.4xiii.


I have a 1TB iMac that is backed up using time machine and a WD portable 1TB hard drive.   The problem is that the portable HD is nearly full, so I'm looking for suggestions on how to proceed and what to buy.

I mainly use the WD backup for photos and videos.  I have all my favorite photos stored both on my iMac, and on the WD portable.  I also use flickr for more important photos for additional redundancy.

Long term, what's your advice on how to proceed with backing up and storing my photos/videos going forward. 

Suggestions and advice appreciated!

Heading to Tucson for vacation and I'm bringing my 5d3, 24-70, 70-200, and small tripod.

I've never been to Tucson.

I'm open to suggestions and advice on where to go and things to photograph.

I plan on taking some morning hikes, are there any spectacular areas/views that I should see and photograph?

Any southern AZ photographers here that can help me?


Software & Accessories / Continuous burst speed on 5D3 with new Lexar 1000x
« on: February 17, 2014, 07:41:18 PM »
I recently bought two new Lexar 1000x 150 mb/s - 95 mb/s(write) cards.  I had(still have) two SD CF Extreme pro 95 mb/s. (45 mb/s) cards.  I wanted to see if there was much difference between the two when shooting action.

I did a simple high speed FPS test between two CF cards on a 5d3 to see how many shots could be taken before the high speed continuous shooting slowed down....shooting large RAW, one CF card in the camera.

Result...There was no difference between the two cards for 6fps burst shooting... I fired continuously until each started to slow/stutter....it happened at about 30 total shots for each.

I will note that when downloading to the computer, the Lexar was much faster.

Just an observation....hopefully this helps someone with their buying decision when looking to upgrade cards.

I posted this somewhere else, but I thought it deserved its own thread because I believe some of you "gear heads" (myself included) would find it interesting.

Thinking or OVER THINKING: packing for that 'Big Assignment'
USA TODAY's Robert Hanashiro shares how he packed for his 12th Olympics.

Every athlete has a goal. And getting ready for covering the Sochi Winter Olympics I came up with my own goal: Get there with just three checked bags.

You would think after covering 12 Olympics I would have this packing-thing down. But noooooo.

Link to full article.....


Software & Accessories / Getty Images Sochi Olympics image workflow..Wow!
« on: February 11, 2014, 04:20:41 AM »
From the article link below...

At the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics in Russia, Getty Images has set up a state-of-the-art fibre optic network in conjunction with the AP, AFP, Reuters and EPA wire agencies to deliver these gold medal moments in record time. Consisting of 20 kilometres of cable, the 100Mbps network allows Getty to deliver images from gold medal moments direct to publications within 180 seconds.

Pushing through an image from capture to distribution in such a short period of time is a massive undertaking — and it's not just the photographer who is doing all the work. Behind the scenes, Getty has a team of editors, captioning specialists and Photoshop experts who are preparing the image for delivery in record time.

Once the images arrive from the photographer, basic metadata is already embedded in the photo. Then, there are three editors who select the best images to send through to the Photoshop experts who colour correct and crop images based on the best composition. They may also adjust saturation and contrast. From here, the images get sent through to the caption team who identify any names and send the images through to the Getty website and feeds.

Link to article...


Canon General / Winter Olympics....anyone going?
« on: January 16, 2014, 06:14:38 AM »
With the Winter Olympics coming soon, I'm curious if any of the thousands of photographers here on CR will be going?

If you are going, what gear are you going to bring, and what will you be shooting?

I live in the north where it's regularly 20 degrees (-7 celsius) this time of year, and I'm regularly moving my gear from outside to inside. 

I've seen many questions on how to avoid condensation / damage to your gear when doing this, so I did a little experiment last night.  My gear sat in my car all night(12 hours) at 20 degrees.  I brought it in this morning and left it in my camera bag, which was zipped up tight:  (bag - Kata bug) (interior temp about 70)

1. checked on it 5 minutes later - no visible condensation - gear still very cold when touched
2. 20 minutes later - no vis condensation - gear still very cold to the touch
3. hour later - no vis cond. - slightly less cold to the touch but still noticeably cold
4. two hours later - no vis cond. - slightly less cold, but still cold
5. three hours later - still no condensation - slightly less cold, but still cold

After three hours I took the gear out of the bag and I transferred my files to Aperture...all is good….gear is still slightly cool.   I was amazed that the gear was still so cool after being indoors for 3 hours, I had never noticed this before! 

I should add that it's fairly low humidity inside my house…and I keep two 5gram silica gel packs in my bag at all times to encourage a dry environment.  I put new packs in once a week - and usually leave a few of the old ones in the bag so there's usually 5-6 in the bag at all times.

I think this slow warm-up method is a good way to prevent damage.   Leave the gear in your zipped tight camera bag and just remove your memory card for transfer to your computer.

I've seen other good advice from other members on this topic, but this is just my contribution/experience.  I haven't had any problems from doing it this way.  I thought some of you other cold weather shooters would find this little experiment of interest.

Thanks, Northstar

I was looking to pick up a Mac Air because I want something light and convenient for viewing and editing photos in the field...but then I noticed the Retina display on the MacBook Pro, the resolution is so much greater than the Air...and more power.

It would be mainly for viewing and editing photos in Aperture and Nik....and surfing the web.

Any thoughts from owners of either would be appreciated.

Traveling to AZ in the near future, anybody with some interesting landscape photo opportunities for me to explore in that area?

Maybe a particular regional or state park?  Maybe a particular canyon or mountain range?   I'm not that familiar with the area but I will have a car and some time.

I have an iMac that I bought new about a year ago - i5 processor and 8GB of ram.

My question...when working with large 50-100GB RAW files (in Aperture) I notice that the computer slows down, so I'm wondering if another 8GB of ram to bring it up to 16GB would help much?

Would it be a little better or much better?

edit....sorry, I had GB's on my mind...I meant 50-100 MB files.


I thought my fellow CR members would appreciate some of these Gigapan Photos that I stumbled across today.  Click on each image and zoom in for a close look...."wow" is all I could think.

There's a shot of the city of Shanghia that is 272 GIGApixels.   The amount of detail is crazy.

don't shoot studio...it's action action action and both my cameras underexpose regularly by 1/2 to 3/4 stop....anybody with thoughts on this?

I just received the lens and started playing around with it and immediately noticed that when the IS is turned on, it makes a clearly audible "whirring" sound while focusing and for 2-3 seconds after focus is locked.   When IS is off, no "whirring" sound.

I have several lenses with IS and I've never heard anything like this.   Is 2-3 seconds of "whirring" normal for the 300mm 2.8 IS?

Would appreciate any feedback since I'm in the return window....thanks.

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