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Lenses / Lens Love
« on: February 07, 2014, 10:48:19 AM »
We Love Lenses on Vimeo

 A little bit of love goes a long way...

Third Party Manufacturers / Is Sony junk....
« on: January 27, 2014, 10:00:52 AM »
"Moody's cut its credit rating on Sony to junk on Monday, saying the Japanese electronics giant had more work to do in repairing its battered balance sheet...."     Source AFP....

How will this effect, the current crop of A7's and A7R's.....

Will we see further development?, will we see price drops?

Will be interesting to see what does or doesn't develop from this...

Canon General / Clarification....Fine Art
« on: July 06, 2013, 01:52:38 AM »
This may seem like a strange/uneducated question, What is Fine Art photography...

I have searched Google re definition, without a clear clarification of what it is or who decides what is or isn't fine art...

Was browsing through the Focus magazine, allot of what is featured is/or seems to be Large Format/Medium format Film (not digital) allot seems to pre-date digital....

From Landscape to nudes, still life to abstract...

As a forum of Photographers, what do you consider Fine Art photography?

EOS Bodies - For Stills / Chasing exposure
« on: September 25, 2012, 06:40:02 AM »
It seems the further I delve into photography the more there is to learn, gone are the days of just Pointing and Shooting and accepting what the camera chooses...
These were the days I would look at photos taken by pros and hope that one day I could achieve similar.

Everyday I try to learn something and then attempt to put it into practice...

My latest reading is in relation to the "Zone System" least the simplified for digital version of it...

As much as I enjoy using this system for obtaining the correct (subjective exposure) it doesn't seem to be "everyday practical" (again subjective, as it depends on your everyday needs).
Spot Meter, choose your tone, Spot meter, choose your tone...the system seems to work best if you have the time to take numerous meter readings, to determine where your shadows and highlights will fall.
Obviously this system is dependant on choosing and knowing where your tonal values fall, and for colour, knowing which colours are Zone 5 (18%)

Then there is the ETTR school of thought, push the exposure to the right but avoid clipping the highlights (or at least the highlights that matter), this seems to be the quickest method, quick look at the preview and histogram and adjust...

Even though it seems quickest is it the best, my luminance histogram will show clipping based on the JPEG, not the raw file, so I need to know how far I can push ETTR, but this luminance histogram doesn't show the possible RGB clipping.

1. Am I over thinking this
2. Is there a preferred method.

What got me thinking about this?....I live in a tourist town, I watch people all day everyday taking photos, from camera phones through to 1Dx, rarely do I see anyone consider composition or exposure, everything is left to AUTO mode (yes, even on some of the very high end cameras I see people use)

So I started thinking, was I better off knowing less about photography and never understanding 18% grey....or am I better off knowing more but always chasing the "Perfect exposure"...

Photography and Golf, both pursuits that drive you crazy seeking the perfect game ( I gave up golf early on, realising it would drive me mad)


EOS Bodies / 1Dx desire (A cautious approach)
« on: August 11, 2012, 04:51:37 AM »
First I'll qualify myself, "I am not a professional", "I'm just a guy who likes taking photos"...(hopefully that will ease the mind of the possible flamers)

About a year ago, like many people around the world I wandered into my local magazine shop for my free reading session; again like many I picked my favourite magazine and went straight to the centre-fold (even though I only buy it for the articles..)
There she was in all her glory Miss October 1Dx, with my heart racing and knees trembling, I replaced the magazine, so I could take one from the back ( I wanted a new untouched mag, one that no one had salivated on/breathed on; I wanted Miss October 1Dx pure).

I quickly paid and cautiously, I  tucked it into my Lowepro bag, slung my 7D over my shoulder and quickly wandered home, where I had the privacy to study every curve, every line, the beauty that was Miss October 1Dx.

Fast forward one year, I still fantasise about Miss 1Dx, but this fantasy was replaced with Miss 5D3, (not the beauty queen, but a great reliable girlfriend)..

I thought I had dealt with my fantasy and resigned to never seeing Miss 1Dx in person, all that changed in the last two weeks, where I have seen this beauty 3 times.

The first time she was draped over the shoulder of a tourist from the Netherlands, ( I followed him for a while until I worked up the courage to approach him and ask him how she handled, after a short conversation I realised I knew more about his mistress than he did; he was a camera Hugh Hefner, for him it was about having something beautiful hanging off his arm... quote..."I'm still not sure what all the buttons do, I only shoot JPEG, now I have to sell my 5D3 that is only 6 months old".

The second time I saw her was a week later, attached to the hand of a Chinese tourist, all dolled up and looking beautiful, 600 EX-RT attached, 16-35 ii fitted, but he was abusing her; quickly moving her left, then right, up, down, at times not even looking at her....surely somewhere the Point and Shoot police would approach him and take her away, surely a better home could be found for her.

Today was the third time, but this time she was in the hands of a professional (RRS L Plate fitted) shooting some fashion, this time she was being handled by a representative of her maker (a photographer employed by Canon)..

I stood and watched him work for a while, then approached him, I had to get his point of beautiful as she is, what's she like to work with...

What I didn't expect was his honesty...I couldn't have an in depth conversation, due to his Japanese accent/Language barrier...but what I did understand was there are still a few problems that need to be fixed, ones that he had noticed as well as reports from colleagues shooting the Olympics.

Quote..." With Canon support and the reports from the Olympics, these problems should be fixed in the next 4 to 5 months"

As I walked away (not surprised as I look at the CR forum daily) I looked at his other gear, what I saw brought a smile to my face, there on a table was his second camera, a beaten up, well used 1Dii.

As beautiful as Miss 1Dx is, sometimes it's your old girlfriend that is the better reliable option..

Having been an early 5Diii adopter, I will now sit back and wait, NO I don't need a 1Dx .... But I really want one...

Third Party Manufacturers / Non Genuine LP-E6
« on: June 29, 2012, 11:18:48 AM »
Have been having troubles sourcing Genuine Canon LP-E6 batteries where I live in Pattaya, Thailand, like many things here the term ORIGINAL has numerous definitions...have tried numerous camera shops, even a Canon one ( have to say the worst service, product knowledge of any Canon shop ever)...
It seems that any shop that sells cameras stocks OSKA Pro Series LP-E6


Just wondering if any one has had experience with these, even if I can find an "Original LP-E6" there is always a doubt that it is original, so it may be easier to go with this OTHER brand.

Have searched Google and even with translating pages I haven't been able to find a review, at least not in any real form of English...


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