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Third Party Manufacturers / Good quality "super zoom" Camera
« on: January 22, 2015, 09:23:41 AM »
Hello All

Just looking for a quick bit of advice... taking the family to Disney World in a week or so, and I really don't want to lug around my big gear and worry about it for the week. Last time we went I took my 60D, which after 10 hours a day in the park and 6 days was a burden. Then I only had the one little one to watch... now we are blessed with 3, and I would rather carry around something compact but that still has reach...

Any recommendations or personal experience would be appreciated... not sure how the Nikon P600 stacks up to the Canaon SX60 or perhaps other offerings from 3rd party manufacturers...



Lenses / Another Lens Suggestion Post… looking for a gift for myself.
« on: December 03, 2013, 07:24:55 AM »
Hi Everyone one… going to be fortunate enough to have a little commission/Christmas bonus money left over after taking care of all the gifts for the wife & kiddies, family and friends….

Haven't added to my lens collection since about this time last year; and will have around $1000 or so to spend. Considering the lenses I already have, my first inclination was to pick up a 100L Macro, since none of my lenses are macro. Then I considered the 135L because I don't have a long range prime, and like everyone,  I like fast glass.

But as my kids are getting older and into dance recitals and indoor sports, plays, etc… the 135L might be good, but I am considering on of the new Tamron 2.8 zooms. I used to own a 17-50 Tammy for my 60D and found it was great… and I know Dustin from TWI has posted some great reviews here on the Tamron lenses.

I know everyone is going to say the Canon is better, but I'm not in place to spend 2K+ on a lens, at least not without taking away from more important things- I feel guilty enough as it is not spending all my extra money on the kids!

I appreciate any thoughts- and I am a bit concerned that I am more likely to get a "bad copy" of a Tamron, but I think it may be the best value right now. In Toronto they are on sale everywhere… $1000 or so for the 24-70 and $1300ish for the 70-200


Hi everyone

Thinking about swapping my backup/travel 60D body for a 70D. I see that this new camera has brought back AFMA... After remembering the hours locked up calibrating all my leses with FoCal on my 5Diii, i was wondering if this has to be done all over again with a new body?
Or will the values calculated previously be pretty accurate?
My gut is telling me i should do it all over again but im hoping some one will tell me otherwise!

The biggest improvement by far was with my 50 1.4 lens, the rest were less noticeable.


Anyone have any experience/sample images with this lens? I know it is probably not great; but B&H has it on for $399 on sale. Thought it might be ok to stick on my 60D for when the family goes to amusement parks, zoo, etc, for when I don't want to change lenses or carry a large kit.

Thanks for your two cents!

Software & Accessories / Any value in using DPP along side Lightroom?
« on: January 27, 2013, 10:39:32 AM »

I have been using Lightroom since long before I had an EOS camera, so I have to admit when I got my 60d two years ago I never bothered at all with the Canon software and have always used lightroom and elements for my workflow.

Having recently gotten a 5D iii, I thougt I would install the software (mostly for the EOS utility). DPP seems pretty neat; but is there anything it does that lightroom cant? Is anyone using both in conjunction, or any of the other canon supplied software?

Wondering if DPP handles noise reduction better... Or maybe makes workflow faster for processing simple RAW changes, using picture styles perhaps.


Lenses / 70-200 F4 IS + 135L or 70-200 F2.8 IS
« on: January 19, 2013, 06:10:43 PM »
Hi Everyone
Sorry if this has been beaten to death already- I am planning on expanding my range beyond 24-105 and have considered a couple options.

I have the chance to pick up a 3 yr old mint but used 70-200 F4 IS from a work colleague. I can then add a 135L and get both lenses for under 2K combined.

OR I can spend around the same $$ on the superb 70-200 F2.8 IS. however I fear the size and weight might make me not want to use it that much. It is after all double the F4 version.

Anyone had a similar debate? I do like fast primes; shoot mostly family etc.

Look forward to ready your opinions!

Hello everyone

Like some of you I have been fortunate enough to move up to full frame very recently (5D Mkiii), and have not even touched my 60D for a couple of weeks. Originally I had thought of keeping it as a "back up" since it does take nice pictures... but really loving the 5Diii so much I can't imagine any scenario where I would use the 60D really.

I guess it's kind of like having a Corvette in the garage AND then getting a Ferrari... not sure I'd be jumping in the 'vette any time soon even though it's a nice car. (I dont have either of these though lol)

I guess my question is, what are most of you finding when you make such a jump? I could understand if I had a 5Dc or 5Dii, or even a 7D for the autofocus... but I don't need the "reach" of APS-C, my main reason for upgrading was DOF/ISO performance/Low Light etc...

So are many of you selling your old camera's while they may still have value? or do you think you will use them again down the road? I am not a pro... my kids are too small to use cameras for ohhhhhh 12 or 13 more years... and my wife refuses to learn DSLR ;)


Speedlites, Printers, Accessories / 5D mark iii & off-camera flash
« on: January 04, 2013, 10:19:16 AM »
Hello Everyone
I have been searching the forums for answers to these questions, and have found variations but not really what I was looking for, so I am hoping some one can help me out.
I recently got a 5d Mkiii. Previously was using my 60D to fire my 580 ex II remotely off camera (I don't really like having flash on camera if I can help it). Obviously with the Mkiii I can't do this, so I was weighing a few options... esp since I would like to start doing multiple flash set-ups... so this are the options I have been weighing...

A) grab an ST-E2, or decent equivalent (help), us that, and then add either another 580 or 430 down the line
B) sell my 580 and get two Yongnuo 565s for the same price, and prob even the 622s to control
C) some sort of mixture of the above... but I am not sure how that would work.

If I am not mistaken, each Yongnuo requires its own 622 to be controlled, correct? But with the canon line I get one ST-E2 and it will fire flashes off camera without receivers? And if I have a 580, should my second flash also be 580, or will a 430 suffice for fill if the 580 is the main flash?

Mostly family portraits, etc... should have mentioned that!

thanks very much!

Software & Accessories / Best way to "downsize" images in LR4
« on: December 28, 2012, 07:28:20 PM »
Hi Everyone
I use Lightroom 4 for my basic workflow & editing... and when exporting to Jpeg I typically use 100% quality and leave it at that, great for viewing on PC or printing.
However if I want to email photos to relatives, or upload them, these files are WAY too big.
Can anyone tell me what is the best way to "shrink" the file size while minimizing image quality loss?
should I
A) reduce pics to say 2 MP and still save at 100% quality?
B) leave the MP (in this case 22), but save at say 20% quality?
C) some better way I havent figured out!

I am trying to get files around 500k or so... at the very least under a megabyte.


First off, Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays to you and yours :)

I was fortunate to move up to full frame this holiday season; and I thought I had read somewhere that regular UV filters can cause vignetting on the wide end for the 17-40 & 24-105 on full frames.
I have always had B+W 77mm UV Haze MRC 010M Filter on these two lenses... I have been testing them out on my new 5Diii (hooray), but can't seem to notice any significant vignetting at all... just a few indoor test shots, but nothing that I can notice.

Should I be changing these for the "slim" versions? I'd rather not due to additional expense, and lens-cap attachment issues with slim filters...

thanks, as always for your help.

EOS Bodies - For Stills / Autofocus selection points...
« on: December 01, 2012, 05:42:11 PM »
Sorry if this is a re-hash of an old topic; I was wondering what people general use for auto-focus points.
I have a 60D, and love to use my 50mm 1.4 and 85mm 1.8 for potraits and indoor photography. With most of my lenses I use the center point and recompose.
I know this isn't ideal with such a shallow depth of field. Especially when taking pictures of 3 or more people who are standing in a group, I find inevitable at least one person is out of focus.
Is there any value in selecting ALL autofocus points and letting the camera choose? is this better or worse when using one of the above lenses wide open, or stopped down to F2 or so?

thanks for your help!

EOS Bodies - For Video / Inexpensive lens for Video
« on: November 30, 2012, 06:25:23 AM »
Hi Everyone
Always used my 60D for stills; but now our old video camera has crapped out, which my wife normally uses. I figure if I leave the 60D on video/auto all day my wife can snap and on and shoot videos of the kids in case they do something cute.

I love my wife to death but she has a tendency to "Drop" things. :) thus i dont want to leave my 17-40 or 24-105L on the camera; will video quality suffer greatly if I buy a cheaper 28-135 or maybe 17-85 lens for her?

Please keep in mind it's just for family memories; I don't need to hear about moire, etc lol. I just am looking for insight or recommendations on an inexpensive alternative lens for decent video. I am also not too sure about what focal length is best for video...

thanks for your help!

Hello All

Frequent visitor of this forum, first time posting... sorry if this has been beaten to death but I was hoping to gather the opinion of those more familiar with the above lenses.

I am just a hobbyist- mostly taking pics on my daughter, family vacations, the odd landscape. Getting into photography more & more and just wondering how to next add to my lens kit before the rebates end.

I currently have had the 60D for about a year; 18-200 kit lens that came with it. While I know it's not great, the real estate it covers for family outings is great. I also have the tamron 17-50 2.8 non VC, and the Canon EF 50mm 1.4 so far.

Quit smoking when my daughter was born, been putting that money aside, so ever 7 or 8 months or so I have about $1000 to blow on my new hobby. I was thinking about a macro lens, but I also want to do some more potraits as my daughter gets older.

Long story short- for my $1000 I am not sure if I should spring for the one EF 100 Macro "L" with IS, or the other two lenses. I think I'd want to get the 85mm 1.8 eventually too... but for now, is the L Macro worth the 400 dollar premium over the non L? How useful is IS on this lens? I manage without it on the Tamron but again that is a much shorter focal length.

Or am I barking up the wrong tree completely and should I be looking at upgrading my zooms? I was thinking of selling the Tamron down the road for the canon 17-40L so if I go full frame down the road I have a wide angle lens... but I don't really have to do that now...

anyway, any help/advice is much appreciated!


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