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Lenses / Canon 100mm f2 usm vs 70-200mm f4l (non-is) vs 135mm f2L
« on: December 14, 2012, 03:57:06 AM »
Yes I understand these lens are, in a number of ways, very different but just wandering what people's opinion of each is.

My reasons -

100mm f2 USM - great aperture + sharp, relatively inexpensive (could therefore afford a flashgun also) + is small + nice focal length - but not L/is fixed focal length which might not be long enough on full frame.

70-200mm f4l - not great aperture but usable - great zoom range which is useful as I shoot landscapes + good build. - but is quite large comparatively speaking, and is not subtle.

135mm f2l - amazing sharpness + aperture -is subtle for focal length - but v expensive & fixed focal length.

I mainly shoot landscapes and I need a tele to get some nice compressed shots. Hoping to do some more portrait.

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