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Software & Accessories / Who uses a handheld light meter?
« on: October 02, 2012, 06:41:45 AM »
I'd be interested to hear your opinions on whether you think a light meter is a worthwhile accessory for landscape photography, particularly one measuring reflected (or spot) metering.

I was thinking of purchasing the Sekonic L-758DR. The video below makes what seems a good case for it's use, but then it would as it's produced for/by Sekonic. It's one of many videos from Sekonic.

Just to pre-empt the obvious question (that I also had) "why don't you simply use the camera's spot meter?", one answer appears to be that you can use the meter to take multiple spot readings and the Sekonic will average them out for you.
It also allows you to 'profile' your DSLR's sensor so you know it's dynamic range and will show the exposure range with reference to your camera's capabilities.

All opinions gratefully received. Thank you.

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