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EOS Bodies - For Video / Resolve Now Accepts Raw files from 5Dm3
« on: July 18, 2013, 10:22:54 PM »

DaVinci Resolve v9.1.5 will accept raw files shot on the 5dm3 and then converted with the various free raw2dng apps out there.

What does this mean?

Well rather than have an absolute dog of a workflow using raw sequences in AEX which take an aeon to compile even with a beefy workstation, you can now load your dng sequences into Resolve Lite, a free version of one of the most powerful colour grading tools out there, which only lacks a few of the features found in the full version (4k support which is irrelevant anyway, the noise reduction it has, which isn't).

So you can perform a rough grade of your material using tools which are immensely preferable to using adobe camera raw, or using lightroom for sequences (you can keyframe changes over time). Then output a high quality prores of DNxHD file and go into your NLE of choice. If you want, you can use those as proxies and return to resolve to perform a final grade off the raw files (using the transcodes as proxies).

Effectively this is the same as the BMC raw workflow. I haven't been able to test this (I've just moved to NZ and my workstation is halfway round the world in a shipping container - my 4 year old laptop is nowhere near up to spec to run resolve) but am looking forwards to having a play when it eventually arrives).

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