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Technical Support / New 5D3 won't download images
« on: September 13, 2013, 03:34:32 AM »
Hi everyone,

I have a problem with my new 5D3 and I was hoping someone might have some info or solution.

 I bought it new 3 weeks ago. After shooting about 100 shots to test it out over a day, the 5D3 worked fine.I then sent it to the Canon Service Center (Irvine,CA) via the Honolulu office for calibration with my 70-200Lii.

 I got it back 2 weeks later and the 1st time I used it (2 days ago and every time since), I can't download the files to my MacBook Pro (v 10.6.) using the camera to USB cord. EOS Utility opens, recognizes the camera and when I click on download, it seems to initially try to start the download but then after 1 minute (with no downloads), it crashes and closes. I tried using the latest ImageBrowserEX, which can see all the images on the CF card in the camera, but then it also can't  download from my 5D3 and also closes without any images downloaded.

I've downloaded the shots without any problems by putting the Sandisk CF card into my 7D or using my card reader. I've updated the EOS Utility to the latest version and tried several CF cards and different USB cords with the same results. I called Canon Tech support, but they had not heard of this problem and couldn't help me.

The 5D3 firmware version on the camera when I got it back from Irvine  is 1.1.3. I think I saw it was the newest firmware version 1.2.1 before I sent it to Canon. Bummer! Has anyone heard of this problem. I'm taking it into the Honolulu center tomorrow to see if they can help, but they have very limited capability. They said they will update to the newer firmware (which Irvine should have done) to see if that fixes it. It may have to go back to Irvine for a fix. I have 45 days to return it where I purchased it here at a camera store if they can't solve this.

Thanks for any help or advice. I think I will love this camera if it would work correctly.

Canon General / Air Shows-How do you shoot them? (my first attempt)
« on: October 03, 2012, 09:25:26 PM »
I've never formally attended an air show, although I've seen some from a distance. Three days ago, I went to the Blue Angels air show in Hawaii and got a chance to try out my first time novice skills with my 7D and 8 month old 100-400mm L. WOW, what a great show! Estimated that about 70,000 visitors attended. Can't wait for another one to come along. :D

Having never even tried BIF (these were larger but moving much faster than most birds), I googled the topic of air show photography the day before and read some suggestions (very helpful and wouldn't have been nearly so fun without the advice). I basically set the 7D to Tv @ 1/1000 with auto ISO (max set to 400) and auto white balance. The focus and exposure mode was usually on spot. Almost all the shots were taken @ 400mm. All were JPGs taken hand held and, since the show lasted 5 hours, my arms were quite tired at the end. :P

I took about 1000 exposures and have picked out several of the best to post. I would love to hear some tips from any of you more experienced air show photographers, so next time I might do better. These were PP in DPP (probably over cooked since I am still learning). Any constructive comments are welcome (don't be too hard).

Thanks for looking and any helpful hints. I really enjoy this site and have learned a lot here.

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