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Lenses / 1Dx or lenses
« on: November 22, 2012, 05:09:27 PM »
Hi think I may go the lens route, but thought I'd check what you guys would do

Currently have 5D3, 8-15L, 35L, 50L 100L 70-200L II I have a couple of EX 600’s and the radio trigger.

I want to keep the FE although I don't use it much I love what it can create, colours, sharpness everything.

35L I'm not loving it, I like it, but don't love it, but since getting the 50L I'm using it way less, and i love the 50, keeping the 100L macro, much the same as the 8-15L it's Greta when I need it, and the 70-200 is a keeper too.

So do I get the 1Dx? Had a shot and love it, but it only has for me a few nice to have advantages, mainly better AF and FP/s better spot metering, all of which I would like, but can live without.

I have the budget to get this if I sell the 5D3.

Or 3 lenses.

24L love the look of the images I'm seeing from this lens, especially for environmental portraits, and the odd landscape.

85L had it before, but it was frustrating on the 5D2 I've heard it's much better on the 5D3 I'd mostly use it f/2 or wider. When I look back at the keepers I have with this lens that I love the images, but it was too inconsistent on the 5d2.

135L again I've had this before, on a 30D but it wasn't great, but I love the look on FF and I'm better fotog now that's I was then.

If I go for the lens option it means selling my 35L

What would you guys do?

Here is an example of my personal pics I get paid for a little work, but less than 1000gbp per year, so mainly for hobby stuff. I prefer to do most of my images in camera, I can PP and do it well, but I prefer not to, I'm more of an overall image guy than a pixel peeper


I've had my 5D3 since April, but haven't had much time to shoot it at high ISO, last night i took it to my daughters skating practice, used mainly with 70-200II and 35L, pictures are blotchy and lack definition.

I don't normally shoot indoors, but the last time i did in similar light i used my 5D2 with 70-200II and shot some martial arts at ISO 5000 and the images were sharper and cleaner.

As you can see these are blotchy, not in focus and have terrible noise, i tried with/without IS, i tried it with Various focus modes, the results below are typical.

Is it my poor technique, or should i be onto Canon for a fix/replacement.

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