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Lighting / The 600EX-RT Wireless Sync with the 5D MKIII?
« on: July 15, 2012, 05:05:14 AM »
So I wish I wasn't asking this, I consider myself smart enough to figure it all out with just the Manual or a quick Google search. However, this has really got me stumped.

Do I need a Remote Flash Control Transmitter such as the ST-E3-RT to wirelessly sync with the 600EX through Radio Transmission? Or is that not required at all? If not then how do I connect the 600EX with the MKIII Wirelessly? Preferably Radio Trans first then Optical second.

This will be my First Speedlite, I've only ever had a built-in in my last Camera.

Also, Is it a Master Unit only when it's directly attached to the Camera, or can it be Wirelessly connected & still be the Master?

Thanks in advance for any help guys, thanks a bunch.

Canon General / Food Processing Factory Photography?
« on: June 04, 2012, 08:53:53 AM »
First Post, Hey there community.

So he's my thing... I recently purchased a 5D MK III & I've been really pushing myself to do everything I can to advance my Photography as a whole, Getting up early for sunrises & landscapes, Black & Whites on cloudy afternoons, Talking to key locals about my Photography & getting my name around, it's a small town, 2000 odd?

More Recently my Boss approached me about a Project he'd like to do with showing the various stages of Cheese Production, (that's what I do as a day Job, make Cheese, to a certain degree....) So this is great & I'm really all for it, From the Cows to the Milkers to the Tanker, Factory, Pasteurisers, ect, ect, Though I'm hesetant on the Factory Floor Side of things...

What I'm wondering about, is that fact that the images I take concerning the inside of the Dairy Plant itself, In the end I'd like them to come out as appealing, warm & interesting.

This is where I'd like some advice or Tips from Anyone who's perhaps done some Photography like this in the past or just general knowledge about such things on how to take Professional looking Factory Photos. The inside of the Factory is mostly white, you might find a Yellow wall here or there some places. Fluro lights EVERYWHERE,  Stainless steel production equipment Everywhere, & the White walls are usually covered on condensation, making a lot of glossy reflective surfaces. The Floors are just,,, I guess It's a brown Colour. & Here I'm thinking how am I going to get Farmhouse style Photographs here... In a Food Production plant.

I don't have a flash right now, I've never really used flash before except on my old 350D & probably hated every minuet of it.  I have the 5D, a 16-35mm f/2.8 L & a 70-200mm 2.8 L IS II. No Primes no Flash, I do have a good Tripod & some Lee Filters on back order, (don't we all...) but right now, money wise for the next month or so thats it, There's not a complete rush for the project too & a lot of locations are outside or well lit areas like the Fromage or Grocery Store.

I'm looking at the Speedlite 600EX-RT & a good 50mm next, so there is that... What can you guys/gals suggest method, Artistic wise, for good, indoor-fluro-factory-paint-&-steel Factory Photography?

Thanks everyone for your time & I'm eager to hear back from everyone about this.

Regards, Timothy.

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