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Lightroom 4.  I  have been using raws all the time now and I finally checked the lens correction button and I noticed my images getting brighter and stretched (undistorted?) I mainly shoot in clubs and some  portraits. I honestly didn't noticed  the pincushion effect but now that I know about it I am wondering if  my images might be better in the long run   if I correct  them. I use a 24-70. I get slight pincushion on the long end. SOmeone help me thanks....

I went to  every major Canon forum and  a lot of people are saying that the 5D3 focuses slower with the AF-Assist beam on when using at least a 600ex with the camera in  dim or  dark situations when this topic is brought up. I do club photography and I find it embarrassing  to stand around for  a long time trying to get a focus lock. Sometimes people walk away from the shot or look at me like I am crazy. The only way I know how to focus faster in situations is  to play with the AF-point and move it towards the red light on the subject. Lets make a petition or something because I also own a 7D and it focuses  in an instant with the same flash. It is the camera!

Lenses / I bought a 24-70mk1 and it is working perfectly fine now but...
« on: September 04, 2012, 07:12:44 PM »
I just read that  some of them  mess up over time. Is that common for a large percentage of them? Do they have a short lifespan of sharp images due to usage. I will sell it and get a MKII if am  expecting to have soft photos one day during a project.

What color backdrop should I use? Should I use  a mostly white or mostly black backdrop. I am also dealing with black people mainly.

I am just wondering how many people out there can afford and are willing to spend 6800 on a camera? I am not asking if they are using it for a certain purpose just how man people actually purchase 1 Series bodies. I considered getting one before but the longer I wait  the more I think that the 5D Mark III might be for me.

Lenses / Why is the 24-70 MK1 price so high.
« on: July 05, 2012, 06:06:55 AM »
I am looking at the price on and  the price is close to $2000 now. Is there a shortage of these lens or is the demand high even though the MKII is around the corner?

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