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Software & Accessories / Alternatives to WFT-E7B
« on: June 30, 2012, 10:18:34 AM »
Hi Guys,

I've been reading CR for some years, but never needed to post anything as most times other people had said or asked it already. This time I have a question that I could not find the answer too.

I like to tether in the studio and on site as well. Both during shoots as when I give workshops I use Eos utility to show the people around me what I'm doing and creating.

So far this tethering has been done through a 5 meter USB cable, which is far from ideal. People step on it, trip over it etc and a few weeks back I broke my USB port on a 5d2 I have because someone stepped on the cable.

Clear to me is that I want to tether wirelessly and I see 3 options to do so and I could really use your help ons this one guys.
1: The original WFT from canon itself, which work well I suppose, but costs 800 euro's (over a 1000 dollars) here.
2: Eye-fi SD card, which is supported by my camera and sounds great in theory. But most reports online will tell me it's quite slow to work with (transfer speeds of one photo is around 20 secs (large JPG). That sort of speed is not acceptible with how I work.
3: Some kind of wireless USB transmitter. Something that can send USB wireless from camera to pc. Like this: .

I need your help mainly with option 3, is this something that could work, or does anyone have an alternative for me in this direction? I'm looking for solid speedy connection from camera to pc and if possible not spend 800 euro's on it (Canon is overpricing that thing with no shame)

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