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Technical Support / 6D + EOS app.. image review.. I Need Help!
« on: February 06, 2014, 12:11:43 PM »
Is there some way to use the EOS app to display that latest photo taken full screen for review on my android nexus 7 II?  I just want to take a photo with my 6D and then look at my tablet and see if it's sharp etc...

I setup and connect the 6D to the EOS app, and pick "Camera Image viewing", then I can see thumbnails of the photos on my camera, I can click one to view if full screen, but if I then take a new photo I can not see it by just sliding (the way I can swipe through the existing photos)  i have to press the little thumbnail icon AND only then the new photo thumbnail shows up,, and I can click it and see it full screen.  is there a setting to have new photos automatically displayed?

or is there some other app that will do this?

Also do I need to shoot in RAW + Jpeg for faster transfers, and will will the jpeg quality setting affect what is sent to the tablet? 

thank you! :)

Lenses / Canon SX50 lens for DSLR
« on: March 16, 2013, 07:48:55 AM »
For $400 the Canon SX50 has an amazing zoom range, and now with RAW! It's too bad they won't make a lens like this for DSLRs, I don't care if I'm not using the full sensor, I would still get the speed and high iso etc...

Canon SX50 Extreme Zoom 200x FULL HD

I'd love to see a shoot out with this and one of those $300 samyang 800 -1200 f8 manual focus lens or Sigma 150-500, Tamron 18-270.

Canon General / How come Canon never responds to anything?
« on: September 18, 2012, 09:21:40 AM »
How come Canon, and a lot of big companies never explain or answer any questions.  Why make a new sensor for the 6D when everyone was hoping for the same 5DIII sensor?   Why limit the video compression?  etc. etc..
Are there good reasons or are they just protecting other lines and/or money, as everyone keeps on guessing.

McDonalds answered this one:
why don't the hamburgers you get, look like the photos?
Behind the scenes at a McDonald's photo shoot

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