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Lenses / B+W UV filter XS Pro broken by Canon 17-40L lens cap
« on: January 06, 2013, 11:23:51 AM »

I read some discussions about UV / clear filters for the 17-40L and wanted to share my experience.

I recetnly purchased 5DIII + 17-40L + B+W Filter UV (010) XS Pro Digital MRC Nano D77mm.

Yes, though it's a slim filter you CAN still attach the original Canon lens cap provided with the 17-40L. But the lens cap does NOT fit completely. It's like if you try to put something 10cm long into a hole of 9,5cm long. It works but not completely... 

The problem : the DSLR is stocked all day in a toploader pointing down. And there was a pressure on the lens cap. 3 days ago, I found completely broken. And I could CLEARLY see that the starting point of the broken zone is on the border where the lens cap pushed...

Now, I'll buy a F-Pro mount...

Just to share my experience...



There's an option I was fond of on my 50D body that I can't find on my new 5D Mark III. I was able to directly select an AF point by flickering the joystick towards it without having to press the AF button first. It seems that on 5D III, you have to enter this mode first to be able to use the joystick.

Is this possible or am I missing something ?



I've read the 5D Mark III's manual, but haven't found the answer to my question.

When you set "Min. shutter spd." to "auto" in the auto-iso menu of the 5DIII, on what does it rely ? Does it rely on the 1-over-the-focal-length rule ?

Thank you.


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