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Software & Accessories / Shooting wireless to Lightroom using WFT
« on: September 05, 2012, 03:43:04 AM »
Hi there,

I wonder is tethered capture possible when WFT-E4 II A (for 5Dm2) is in wireless mode?

I found only one way to make it work, but it looks like workaround and doesn't seem good to me:
- start EOS Utility
- start WFT paring
- pair devices
- start EOS capturing (and disable quick preview)
- start Lightroom
- start Auto Import and put EOS folder as watched

- it works
- file series always start with 1
- files in Lightroom are in separate folder, not in date catalogue
- files are not saved into camera's compact flash (it means: for importing photos into normal date-based catalog,  you need to copy auto-imported files into another directory, erase originals and import them into Lightroom).

Things I'm trying to achieve:
- as less software as it possible
- copy of files should be stored in CF
- is it possible to speed up wireless transfer somehow?

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