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Lenses / 50mm Coma Sigma Art vs Regular Sigma F1.4
« on: August 01, 2014, 10:39:31 AM »
Had a rented 50 Art last weekend and did a quick coma comparison in the corner of a full frame 6D.  Old on the left Art on the right.  F1.4, F2, F2.8.  Ignore the brightness differences as it's just different areas of the sky.  I should have done them on the tracking mount instead or paid more attention to location but it really doesn't matter for this.

Most all the 50mm offerings are so bad at it.  The Art I'd hoped was even better than it was.  Even if at the same time it is far better than the others, minus the Zeiss and the more expensive Nikon.  In a way it's a 1 stop boost in less coma.  Though yeah it is going to be sharper anyway.  But if I was shooting something with street lights near the corners or with stars, I'd probably feel the need to head to F2.8.  And if I'm at F2.8 I just about may as well be using the old Sigma.  It's softer but guessing I'd maybe sell it for $200, making the jump $750 and I'm not sure it is that much softer when we're talking far corners here anyway.  Not sure why I had it in my head the F2.8 Art coma result is what F1.4 was going to be closer to.  Lenstip made it seem close to that.  Or well lenstip coma at F1.4 looks like my star test between F2 and F2.8 I guess. 

Anyway, just an example for those looking at getting it for that reason, which is probably many.   

EOS Bodies - For Stills / Quadcopter photography anyone?
« on: December 31, 2013, 12:30:26 PM »
Dang ad on here got me to purchase a quadcopter.  Wondering if anyone else on here has used one for photography much.  Could be rather fun obviously. 

Wondering what the best camera option even is, least for the stills side.  Gopro seems best video option but for stills not so much with just JPGs.  I gather the phantom copters can lift an eos M but not sure with what lens beyond a pancake in weight.  Sort of sucks looking into all the small camera options, knowing next to nothing about all of them. 

Lenses / Sigma QC 18-35 or other
« on: December 21, 2013, 09:35:47 PM »
I've only bought one sigma before, a 50mm.  Just picked up the 18-35 F1.8 and had this for de-centering.


Wondering if anyone else have had copy variation issues.  The difficulty I had explaining de-centering and the issue to the camera store people upon returning, didn't make me eager to try another one from them that might also end up needing returned.  They'd never heard of decentered before, at two of the stores...actual camera stores.  "You mean it isn't focusing right?"  It was pretty sad.  I even took the full size images down and am not even sure they got it then.  That above I think was F2.8, it was at 18mm.  One framed in upper left corner then just reframed same area to the right side, which was horrible.  So this has me wondering if it's common or not common with this one.   

Lenses / 24-70 II Corners
« on: December 12, 2013, 12:34:43 PM »
I'm just wondering if this should be expected for corners at 50mm and 70mm at F4 with this lens full frame. 


Nice and crisp in the middle but goes pretty damn crappy up and away much while not at the 24mm end.  Never used a good standard zoom on full frame till now.  I'm probably expecting too much from a zoom on full frame.  Or this is a bad copy, which sounds there have been plenty of.   Really don't know.


Video & Movie / Storm Time-lapse 6D
« on: October 05, 2013, 11:49:26 PM »
Around 1200 1 second shutters behind the tornadic storms in northwest Iowa last night....  https://vimeo.com/76230613

Canon 6D Sigma 50 F1.4 at F2, 1 second, 200 ISO. 


I did this last spring with a rented 5D III and Canon 14L.  Did it last fall with a 5D II and Canon 24L.  Now just did it again with a 6D and Samyang 24(as well as the Samyang 14 and Zeiss 21). 

The 6D is simply a beast with high ISOs and the night sky.  Even more of one than the 5D III was, easily trumping it.  12,800 was not a problem at all.  Quite amazing actually.  10,000 felt like one was starting to push it for the 5D III.  The same feeling probably comes in around 20,000 ISO or so on the 6D.

The Samyang 24 F1.4 was a load better for this than the coma abusive Canon 24L II.  Plenty fine using it at F1.4 for this.  Paired on the 6D it is pretty insane what can be had. 

The Samyang 14 also a lot better for this than the Canon 14L II. 

All images on here just one exposure, so no tracking stuff obviously.  http://www.extremeinstability.com/2013-5-4.htm 

I made a second page with full size crop examples for some 6D high ISO ideas as well as the coma of the 4 lenses.  I could probably add something if something was wanted.  It's clearly not a direct comparison as I never shot with that in mind and had the gear at completely different times.  It is what it is and I'm sure enough to give some an idea what to expect that might help.  http://www.extremeinstability.com/2013-5-4b.htm

Canon General / Total File Size - All Your Images and Keep or Delete
« on: January 01, 2013, 11:29:41 PM »
36.5 gigs 2002 through 2012... at the moment...though I feel like whittling down even more.  Actually quite a lot of TIFF files(star trails/etc) in that making it larger than it really is imagewise. 

I always wonder how many others are like me out there and delete like a madman, just to keep things in check as far as total images kept over the years.  If I don't whittle often and delete away, I end up feeling like I don't even know what all I have and can't keep a grasp on that.  Figured it might be interesting to see some of the total image file size out there.  As in whatever you got that you keep and well back-up. 

I'm sure for the wedding photographers and portrait business folks out there, it's a different deal and huge just for the customer's sake.  Still probably interesting to hear.

Since 2002 I've had a Sony F707, 5 rebels and 2 5D II's and really actually shoot quite a bit.  Often stuff that's just not repeatable later.  I think many take the "logical" route of "it's safer to save and not delete and storage is cheap anyway".  It is logical.  Deleting takes courage lol.  If I took that route and had been keeping everything, man I'd feel so so lost whenever I'd go to do anything with things.  I get into a severe delete mode, just find something, anything to delete, to whittle the pile way way down.  I do that with the collection, then later on I do it again to the same total collection.  The earliest stuff gets so so whittled down.   I'll stop and think to myself, what are you doing, then say screw it, just a photo, and delete...over and over lol.  And of course half the time someone e-mails wanting to license an image, they pick one off the site that I never kept and I kick myself a little. 

It's fun to sorta trip yourself out later realizing you can stick all the images you've kept the last 10 years on a single cheap flash card. 

Lenses / Infinity and Cold
« on: December 22, 2012, 01:57:51 PM »
After getting a 21mm Zeiss that has a hard stop for infinity that is spot on too, I'm wondering how that still works with bitter temps.  Seems most of the lenses I've had the infinity changes a good bit if the lens gets really cold.  Last night for example the infinity on the Samyang 14mm seemed to be clear at the very edge, while warmer times it seemed it was definitely on the other side of the infinity line.  Guess I'm not sure what I'm wondering exactly.  Just what others have seen.  Some lenses must be designed differently that it's not as big of an issue.  First impressions is that it's not budging on the Zeiss. 


This isn't exactly a review or worthy of that title.  Basically I recently went back to full frame and wound up with a Samyang 14mm, Zeiss 21 and Sigma 50 for new lenses for it.  Before I settled there I had a 24L II and Canon 50 F1.4, and earlier in the year had a 14L II rented on a 5D III.  I decided to make a page on my site noting a few things and reasoning on ending up where I did.  Take from it what you will.  Basically compared sharpness of the 1.4 and 1.8 Canon 50s to the Sigma 1.4.  Then noted sharpness, vignetting and distortion on the Samyang and Zeiss. 

I couldn't be happier with the Samyang 14 or the Zeiss(no duh on that one I guess).  In the end I wish I had kept the Canon 50 F1.4.   Sigma is sharper wide open but Canon quickly passes it even by F2.8.  The Canon 24L II was great and sharp, but full frame coma was so bad beyond F2.8 it was sorta a lost cause opting for it for a fast night lens.  Zeiss was wider like I wanted and no coma.   

Most of the examples are gif animations too, for stopping down comparisons of sharpness, vignetting and distortion before and after fix.

It was never planned to do a review at all.  Only later on with new different lenses I'd try and frame it like I had testing the others before. 

Anyway, I now have these if something else was wanted done.  Really just need to get the Samyang 14 out for night stars yet.  The amount of vignetting at F2.8 I really haven't planned on using it much for that anyway. 

EOS Bodies - For Stills / Fixing 5D II lens mount issue, experience?
« on: October 17, 2012, 04:07:43 PM »
Or any camera.  Just wondering any experiences people have had sending in their camera to fix/tweak the camera's flange problems.  For instance I had a 24L from lensrentals that showed issues and wound up swapping it out for a 21 Zeiss, which is showing the same problem.  In short it's clearly my camera that is the problem and I guess canon can fix it.  With those lenses on my 5D II at infinity(manual live view) the left side pays pretty hard in softness.  But focus them inside infinity much and the right side pays badly.  Before sending it off and giving them $200 I'm wondering how well things change.  Knowing how I do things, I'll get it back and it will be doing the same thing. 

It is crazy how much this is affecting that focal range.  Takes about F6.3 on the Zeiss to get its left side to where the right side is already at at F2.8.  Not sure that was even getting it there.  I'm also just wondering how common this is for people to even know to need fixing.  Bet the lens gets blamed a lot more often than it should just over this issue. 

Here is an example with the Canon 24L.

http://www.extremeinstability.com/24.jpg  full frame
http://www.extremeinstability.com/24-3.jpg  side crops F4 focused about the porch or backside of tree(was trying to use something in the center)
http://www.extremeinstability.com/24-1.jpg  focused infinity on the roofline you can see it swaps sides.

Lenses / Canon should change name to Coma
« on: October 09, 2012, 11:10:15 AM »
I never noticed this on crop bodies but full frame it seems everything that is Canon can be expected to have coma issues.  I read about it on the Canon 24 F1.4 before I bought one and kinda just tried to ignore it away and bought anyway.  Then I used it on the Milky Way and holy crap.  Looking back at a 14mm Canon I had rented with a 5D III it does it too.  The Canon 50mm F1.4 I just got...bad at it too.  The Samyang 14mm......nada.  Here are some interesting comparisons from lenstip which tests for this. 


Sure the Samyang 24 has plenty but nothing like the Canon. 


I'm assuming the Sigma is on a crop frame but I don't really know.  The point is look at the Canon full frame again. 

It's crazy if you use these for the night sky just how badly the outer stars have wings and on the Canon 24 especially it's hardly even outer.  The stuff extends way in from the corners.  It's kinda annoying you spend such a price tag on these canon lenses, meanwhile apparently ol Samyang can handle it better.  I wonder what any answer would be for this, surely has to be some reasoning they have so much coma while far cheaper lens can have the same fast aperture build and a huge amount less of the stuff.  Having some buyers remorse as I go full frame and try to build up the lens collection for it lol(cause a lot of what I shoot is at night with stars).  You stop the 24 down to F2.8 and you still have huge wings on the stars.  Last night's images from the 50 I thought I was safe stopping down to F2 but yeah huge wings on the stars as well.  What I had hoped would be fun fast wide lenses at night on the full frame are kinda big let downs for that. 

Here is a reference image...

Canon 24mm at F1.6....but F2.8 isn't greatly changed. 


Canon 50mm at F2 last night.

I  need to stop shooting crap with stars for a while that much is for sure lol.  But for sure should have gone Sigma 50.  I'm not sure on the Samyang 24 vs Canon 24 since other than night sky stars and other points of lights in the corners, that Canon will be better.  I guess it's mostly just annoying the fact you pay so much more money to Canon for something the others like Samyang have under control while it's utter ass on Canon.  It's almost like you pay that extra money, like $1600 for a Canon 24mm, to have a built in "effects" filter to give huge wings to points of light.  But yeah Canon smokes it in more open resolution and don't become more even till F5.6.  Guessing wide open at night the Samyang 24 lesser open resolution would be annoying in its own right.  But for sure need to come up with some lens for night sky photography that doesn't have these huge ass point of light wings and is a fast lens.  Swapping canon 50 F1.4 for the Sigma would probably be a start. 

Pointless rant over.  Figure maybe some shopping for a night sky lens might find that coma tid bit useful.  It's a pretty darn apparent image issue one can expect.  I'd rather just see some really heavy color fringing out there on stars than huge wings. 

EOS Bodies - For Stills / 5D II live view exposure "oddity"
« on: September 24, 2012, 11:33:47 AM »
5D II live view exposure "oddity".  I'm going to assume something is broken to cause this, but hope it's some weird setting I'm just missing that is doing it.  Seems like the results say something is broke. 


That picture shows the issue.  I'm in manual mode live view on.  (So it's not some issue with that square part metering stuff)  The scene on the lcd changes as I change the exposure.  I take the shot and it's blown out too bright.  I stop down more and take the shot again, same blow out.  But if I turn the live view back off and take the shot, the shot appears like it did on live view and not blown out.  Just look at the settings on the two examples of the resulting images.  First one blown out with live view on at 1/6400 yet look at the 1/4000(slower) exposure when live view is turned off.  It's like it should be.  Something has to be screwed up and not just some odd setting that would do this?  It's a used 5D II I just got.  Images shot in raw and not touched during conversion.  100-400L was the lens.  24 seconds apart from one another. 


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