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EOS Bodies / New BG-E11 comes in at $350 not $499!!!
« on: March 06, 2012, 12:19:51 AM »

Also in Canada:

So $350USD and $399CAD still a little more than it should cost considering it's just a shell of magnesium, but I for one am glad to pay more than what I payed for the BG-E6 (Also over priced) because of the better build and design. Especially the new controls. The fact that when I grip it the battery door will no longer creak and bender under pressure will be a good thing I think.  Do you think Nikon will drop the price for there even MORE overpriced grip? ($490 USD)

I personally think the new grip should be at the old grip's pricepoint and all plastic grips for current generation cameras should be cut in half but that's just me. I can buy a REALLY nice Point and shoot for $350 USD.

EOS Bodies / Biggest Hardware Issue still not fixed?
« on: March 01, 2012, 06:37:41 PM »
By far the biggest hardware issue with Canon cameras for me that has not been fixed in the last ten years..... Poor grip build. The P-L-A-S-T-I-C gear wheel in their grips is the cause of so much grief for myself and the rest of the shooters in my circle. I personally have replaced 3 of them from BG-E2, BG-E2N, and BG-E6! It's a metal gear attached to the threads but a plastic one for the thumb wheel! Unbelievable and it makes the connection feel very flimsy at times, and the reason the grip loosens from the body from time to time. Added on to that is that it gets over tightened because it seems so loose! I finally decided to not use a grip on my current 5d2 because of this and the weakness, and I really miss the vertical shooting when I switch from my 1D3! The new grip for the D800 is finally magnesium to match the body and I suspect it is much sturdier! Anyone else hoping for the same from the new BG-E11????? I wouldn't mind paying the extra dough for it if it was actually solid! (hopefully not the same crazy hike that the D800 grip saw)
Anybody else have problems with the current lines of grips and their build quality?

p.s. it effects which RRS L-Plate I purchase as well, and they are expensive! worth it but expensive.

Canada / Canadian Customs for large lens HELP
« on: September 19, 2011, 10:20:22 AM »
So in many years of buying and selling camera gear online to and from the US, I have never had anything but problems with UPS and Fedex. USPS had a clean record until now. The vast majority of my packages coming from the states have been from USPS Priority International with them using their own boxes (so it's not flat rate shipping). My experience with tracking has been pretty weak, it usually doesn't update with the small transfers, only the big things like leaving the country from this city and clearing customs and then released to Canada Post. So I have only done large transactions within Canada (over $3000) and have never bought a Super Tele Big White from the US. So I found a 300 F2.8L IS, and bought it from a guy in the US. He ships it out on August 30th, the usually weak tracking tells me it goes to Chicago sort facility and then leaves the Country. 7 Days later it's in Canada Customs in Missassauga, Ontario. And there it sits. It has not cleared customs yet. I have bought 8 other things (some larger) since then and have received half of them. Nothing has been in customs this long ever in my experience. It's now the 19th of September, 13 days and still in customs, 9 business days. Are they using my lens just because they can for fun? What could possibly take them this long? I am leaving on an epic road trip on the 30th and I expected I would have it with more than enough time to spare. Has anyone had any problems like this? Anyone bought large lenses from cross border? Most important question for me is can I call them and ask a real person about it? I investigated the CBSA website and called their number and got the impression that it's a nono to ask about a specific shipment. HELP!!!!

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