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EOS-M / Focal Length Reciprocal Rule + mirrorless body
« on: July 28, 2013, 07:53:44 AM »
Basic rule (FF): without IS, shutter speed should be 1/focal length.

APS-C rule: without IS, shutter speed should be 1/(1.6 * focal length).

What about (APS-C) mirrorless bodies rule, fellow friends from Canonrumors?
I suspect that the shutter spead should be much faster, because the camera body, without viewfinder-eye contact, is less stable than the DSLR's one.

Is there a basic empirical rule/suggestion for mirrorless, for example 1/(3 * focal length)?

Thank you in advance.

EOS-M / Sinful thought: pairing my ancient 5D classic with a EOS M
« on: June 10, 2013, 08:24:18 AM »
My wife suggests (i.e. orders  :(  ) light baggage/luggage for our next holidays (Turkey in August, if the country doesn't collapse in the meantime).
Possible solutions:
i. Take only 5D classic + 17-40mm: 1.2 Kg plus spare battery, battery charger, CFs, sensor cleaning pump; something more if I carry my 430 EX 2 too
ii. No 5D. Borrow G12 from wife.
iii. No 5D, buy something lighter.
In case (iii):
- amateur DSLR (600D-T3i)? 0.5Kg, basic lens 1 or 2 hectograms. Not a huge difference.
- G1X? High IQ, but slow lens and slow AF
- Canon 100D (SL1)? 4 hectograms; too recently launched -> too expensive (in Italy the kit costs as much as a 60D body)
- my most sinful thought: the mirrorless EOS M. In Italy, its price has dropped below 400 Eur including 18-55 STM IS and 90EX (plus 140 for the EF adapter... plus a spare battery or two...).

Some owner (not just reviewer) claims that its autofocus is not that bad and Canon will release a new firmware at the end of June which will more than double its speed in flex zone; let's hope it works better in other settings, too.

My obsolete but beloved 5Dclassic and the M would certainly be an Odd Couple;D
Year: 2005-2008 vs 2012-....
Sensor: Full-Frame vs APS-C
Cards: CompactFlash vs SD
Software: Digic 2 vs Digic 5
Raw files: 12bit vs 14 bit
Automatic sensor cleaning: No vs Yes
Weight (Body): 8 hectograms vs 3.
MP: 12.8 vs 18
Autofocus: good with the center point, reasonable with the outer points vs ?
Rear screen: 270,000 soft pixel vs 1,040,000 sharp ones, with multitouch touch screen
Optical Viewfinder: Yes (large and bright) vs No
FPS: 3 vs 4.3 (3 if using AF)
Live view: No vs Yes
Video: No vs Full-HD @ 30,25 o 24 FPS
External Mic: No vs Yes
Built in flash: No vs No
Faster shutter speed: 1/8,000 vs 1/4,000
ISO Range: who cares?

I own a 430EX2 flash, and it would be intriguing to use the 90EX as a master and the 430EX2 as a slave on the 5D: I suppose the 430EX2 would be too heavy for the M, even though I tried it on the G12.

The two "sisters" (or grandma and granddaughter?) could share my flashes, my tripod and grandma would lend the lenses to her granddaughter.
In any case, if I buy the M and find it disgusting, I think I can sell it losing just 30 to 50 Euros: a kind of "rental fee".
What do you think, fellow members from Canonrumors?
P.S. Feel free to rate my English too, besides my sinful proposal: if the score is good, I'll tell my teacher  :)  ; otherwise I will not talk about this experiment on a foreign forum.

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