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Lenses / Gear Advice foe and awesome Greece trip
« on: August 01, 2013, 04:43:26 AM »

Me and one of my friends are going to go to Greece on 5th of August for almost 1 month. I am planing to visit Santorini (if any of you have been on an awesome island not far from Santorini, let me know), Athens, Meteora, and Thessaloniki. Also if you guys know other places, tell me.

So far I packed 5D3 17-40 with a polarizer and a 8 stop ND filter, 50 1.4, 70-200 2.8 and 1 600EXRT and ST3 trigger. Also I will bring a GoPro Hero 1 and a Manfrotto tripod.

For renting I want a 24 TS-E a fisheye, eather the canon 15 2.8 or the canon 8-15. A GoPro Hero 3 Black, and a quadrotor for changing the perspective.

I will have with me a mac 11 inch to see in some cases if I nailed the focus and two 750 HDD, one main and one back up.
Mostly I am shooting cityscape, landscape, architecture, nature, and I am planing to shot some milky way shots at the islands and at Meteora.

What else should I rent /bring?

Thank you!


Lenses / 5D3 max iso for Milky Way
« on: May 21, 2013, 03:15:16 AM »

I have read quite a lot on this topic. I want to shoot some milky way shots on my next vacation.

Now I am shooting with a 17-40 and was wondering what the 16-35 could do.
I mean if I go f4 6400iso and 30 sec, would I see more stars than with f2.8 640iso 30 sec after post processing?
I ask this question because I see many photographers on 5D2 using 3200iso or even 1600iso with 2.8.

Also 6400 iso on 5D3 with long exp noise red, in post processing the noise will be almost completely gone?
Because if I could use f4 for stars and dont need extra stop, I dont want to invest money in a better glass.


Lenses / Best fisheye for canon.
« on: May 16, 2013, 02:56:07 AM »

I am looking to get a fisheye for my 5D3, but I can not find any site where I can compare the image quality. Not even the-digital-picture has any sample shots.

The canon 8-15 is out of the range of what I want to spend.

I was thinking on a second canon 15 2.8 or a sigma.

What are my possibilities? Anyone had both of them? Also how is Rokinon?

What else I could consider?

I do not mind manual focus if its way sharper that the ones with auto focus.

Also, I could not find it. If I take a picture with a fisheye and than de-fisheye it do I loose a lot of image quality?

Thank you very much!

Lenses / Which one to get?
« on: April 10, 2013, 08:00:24 AM »

I am going thru pretty big changes.

I am selling my 17-40 and 24-70 2.8L and planing to get a 17 TS-E and here is my problem.
The second would be or a 24L II or a 16-35L II.
So far I have used the 17-40 90% of the time and only 10% of the time the 24-70.

I would use mostly for landscapes and architecture, but since I have the 17 TS-E i am leaning toward the 24L.

I did not really try to shoot stars and the milky way, but I think the 2 stops of extra life would be a huge difference. I did not try this but for example I take two shots, one where I take like 10 minutes exposure for the foreground and then I take one at f/1.4 and expose the stars for 20 seconds. And like this I would avoid the trails.

Anyway, I am really interested which one has faster auto focus, and what are the advantages of one or the other besides that one is zoom and one is 2 stops faster?

Any other options I can have?


5D MK III Sample Images / Need some help in editing.
« on: April 09, 2013, 10:19:22 AM »

This weekend I have shot my very first concert, and I came up with some pretty good shots and some that I dont know how to edit.

I uploaded to wetransfer.com a RAW shot that I took, to see what I am talking about.


My main problem is that I have really big contrast between some highlights and shadows. On the skin of the singer you can even see clearly the line how it goes from highlight to shadow.
Is that any way to save it?

I would like to have the final result in B&W.

Any advice is appreciated.



Lenses / 1.4 TC III vs 60D, Is this test accurate?
« on: April 02, 2013, 12:29:15 PM »


I am shooting on 5D3 with a 70-200 2.8 II and wanted a little bit of extra reach.

I checked this test with more settings but always the 1.4 TC III is way better than the 60D


This is surprising for me. I do not have any possibility to test, but somehow I still think that the 60D/7D + 70-200 2.8II, will make sharper images over 5D3 + 1.4 TC III + 70-200 2.8 II.

(please stick only to this two options and only at which would give sharper image, not AF speed and stuff like that)


Lenses / Filters from 17 TSE can be used on 24 1.4?
« on: March 28, 2013, 02:02:10 PM »

I am selling my 24-70 and 17-40 end getting a 17 TS-E and a 24 1.4.

And I want to buy a 105 mm Circular Polarizer and to mount it with one of these solutions:



My question is, if I make that Cokin X PRO solution, will I be able to use the filter holder on my 24 1.4 or 70-200 2.8?

Thank you!

Lenses / Canon 50 L II
« on: March 27, 2013, 04:54:08 PM »
Hello there,

I Have now a 50 1.4 and thats the length that I love most for portraits. I tried more 50L but I dont fell them that much better than my 50 1.4.

What do you guys think? When will a new 50 1.2 be released?


Software & Accessories / Share here your Macbook mini experience
« on: December 19, 2012, 08:52:27 AM »

I dont want to say the exact story because its long and irrelevant why I want to buy a Mac Mini Server. And its not even important.

What I would like to know is how does the Mac Mini 2 ghz quad core i7 (I will upgrade it to 16gb ram) perform with photoshop, lightroom and premier pro.
In photoshop sometimes I put 10, 22 megapixel raw shots, and in premier pro full hd videos, but with a few effects. I would like to ask if anyone has experience.

Intel HD 3000 vs 4000?

And how is the 2ghz quad core i7 with 8gb or 16gb perform in editing?

Lenses / Non L sharp telephoto lenses
« on: September 30, 2012, 04:48:22 AM »

When I travel I usually shoot on wide lenses, architecture and landscapes 65% of the time on my 17-40, 20% of the time I shot on 50 1.4 street photography, and in my bag I always have my 70-200 2.8 IS II for just in case, and when I walk all day long, after a while the weight of it starts to annoy me, so can you guys recommend me a tele lens with is pretty sharp over f8.

(Not necessary Canon lens)

Lenses / All street photographers share your gear here!
« on: August 26, 2012, 08:03:21 AM »
Hi all,

I shoot street photography usually with 5D3 and a 50 1.4 (thinking to upgrade to 1.2) and I have 2 600EX-RT with me, in case the shadows are to big.

Mostly I ask for permission to do portraits. And most of the times I do head shots or from chest up.

I was thinking also to get 1-2 more prime lenses for shorter and longer focal length.

Please write here what gear do you use, and also if you have experience with the primes 24L vs 28, 50L vs 50, 85L vs 85.
Is it wort paying $$$$ more for the L lenses? ( I know that L's are better, but is the difference day n night like at some zoom lenses?)

Lenses / 17 ts-e vs 24 ts-e
« on: August 19, 2012, 02:37:01 PM »
Hi all.

I want to buy the 17 or 24 ts-e, and I need some help which one to buy.

My photography besides portraits is landscape city scape architecture. I have a 5D mark III and mostly I use it when I shoot this kind of pictures the 17-40 with a Hoya ND 400 filter and a Hoya MC circular polarizer. And yeah even at f/8 f/11 is way to soft. I would like if it possible a sharpness close to my 70-200 2.8 IS II, thats why I chose this two lenses. Most of my shots are done within 20mm so, I like to shoot wide.

What I thought to buy is the 17mm, and if I need closer I will put a 1.4 TC III and if thats not enough I put it on a 7D.

My concerns are the lack of filters, the lack of hood.

Does anyone own(ed) both and tell me an opinion?

I tried to read everything what I found about tilt shift lenses but I still dont understand the following:
If I buy the 24 and I put my camera on a tripod, and I put let say a tall building in the picture, and it doesent fit in, and I would need a wider lens to cover the building, can I just tilt or shift the lens and take a few shots and than I put them in PS together as I would do with a panorama shot? Will it look exactly as it would have been taken with a 17 tse, or it will have bigger distortion?



I shoot with a 5D mk III and I need a second body for sports.
Mainly what I need is to shoot powder skiers/snowboarders coming down on the hill, and I shoot them or from the bottom of the mountain or from helicopter.
I know the best results would be with a 600 lens but I dont have it.
I was thinking that maybe the 400mm is not enough (5D3 2x TC III 70-200) so to buy a second used body.

Among crop bodies with one has the best auto focus and pretty good fps?

Any experience with that setup ether sport or wildlife? (50D/7D 2x TC III and 70-200 IS II)
If someone has some samples with that setup, please post them.


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