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Software & Accessories / DPP and dust delete data
« on: December 28, 2012, 04:32:53 AM »
Who has experience with using '' dust delete data'' ?? ( Canon EOS 1D X )

Although I' am still waiting for the DPP-disk wich was not included in the box from my new camera, I ' like to know if it is possible to use this tool in a batch. Is it working properly and does it not effect your images???

Normally I import my images into Aperture, throw away the ones I don't want to keep and do some adjustments. Then I transform the images I want to sent away  into JPEGS and remove sensordust with Photoshop Elements. After a holiday I have often 3000 to 4000 images to go thrue and to make a selection using DPP is not ideal ( open them one by one ).  To do this in a batch should be great, but I never have used DPP.

Thanks for your help.

EOS Bodies - For Stills / Canon 1Dx, 500 mm, converter and vignetting
« on: September 02, 2012, 04:51:05 AM »
With the arrivel of a confinding juvenile Bairds Sandpiper on the Dutch coast and the first serious photography with my 1Dx, I discovered a complete new phenomenon for myself. The 1Dx is my first fullframe camera. I took my pictures with a ( type 1) 500mm/F4 and with a 1.4x converter ( type2 ) attached. With an aperture set on 5.6 there is obvious vignetting noticable. It disappears pretty much when the aperture is set to 7.1. So far I only knew of vignetting with wide-angle lenses. Compared to my mark 4, I have to trust the much better image quality at iso's above 500.
Is that a phenomenon occuring only with the older 500 mm, or is it due to the use of the converter? Does it also appears with the new telelenses?

By the way, the bird was not getting an very nice welcome. It was sand-blasted a lot on our sandy beaches.

Jan van Holten

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