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Video & Movie / Blue Angels Practice Perfection
« on: April 20, 2014, 08:07:05 AM »
Not sure where to post this but it's a cool short video on a beautiful morning of amazing aviation with some views of the cameras, lenses, etc.  Enjoy!


FYI - For those of you that haven't heard the news about the HEARTBLEED SSL BUG...

There are many websites that are vulnerable to the bug until they are patched.

Affected PHOTO sites include 500px.com and flickr.com.

(As listed here... https://github.com/musalbas/heartbleed-masstest/blob/master/top1000.txt)

Also, I just tested the vonage.com login page and it is also affected.

Go to these sites to test (paste in the address of) the URL of the https login page before you use or login to the site again.  There is also a Chrome Extension linked at the filippo site.
https://www.ssllabs.com/ssltest  OR  http://filippo.io/Heartbleed/

Lenses / Best lightweight crop lens for SL1 & hiking
« on: December 19, 2013, 02:16:43 PM »
I have lots of photo gear.  Lots of Canon bodies.  Lots of lenses, mostly L.  I have both Canon rugged P&S cams, the D10 and D20.  (I took the D20 to Philmont in 2012 and carried it on the trail for 10 days.)

I'll go to Philmont again in 2014 and I want to try to take a DSLR this time for better pics and just suck up the added weight.  I'll likely still take the D20 again, it was nice and handy to have hanging on my backpack strap at shoulder height while hiking.  But when we are stopped at the camps or on side hikes, the DSLR would come out, that's where the best pictures happen anyway.

Just so you know, living on the trail for 10 days out of a pack, weight is the #1 concern.  I've considered investing in a Pentax K-3 DSLR with a tough weather resistant general purpose lens.  That would be around $1700 online.  Not a deal breaker but it's spending close to $2000 if I ever bought a Pentax flash to own a whole other system.  It would be more durable and less worry and who knows, I might love it so much that someday I would sell everything and just keep the Pentax.  (Wow, I said that?!)  But I digress..

I just bought the SL1 Rebel body for $349 (great price) figuring I would keep it in my pack while on the trail and use the D20 on my pack strap.  The question is.....

Which lightweight lens to use so I only have to take one?  I might take the 40mm pancake I have for low light and maybe a TC (if it fits the lens I choose) for more reach but in general, I figured I would take the DSLR+lens+simple strap as a unit, extra batteries and that's about it.  I don't mind using a non-Canon lens.  I don't mind just using the STM kit lens but I figured I would get everyone's opinion before I jumped.  It's not a huge rush at this point.

While on the subject of hiking photography, check out this independent filmmaker's great movie all about Philmont.  The movie trailer and documentary DVD is very well done.  Gives me chills every time I see it!  If you love the outdoors, you should love this.  If you have young sons, join Boy Scouts.  If you have tomboy daughters, join Venturing and go to Philmont if you can.  Also, check out his website, he's done some great work!

Philmont Movie Promo (vimeo.com/22745967) (Copy url or click the caption link below, the video isn't loading in the forum post correctly.)-
The Philmont Documentary Collection promo on Vimeo Small | Large

Buy the Philmont Movie - http://philmontmovie.com
Larry McLaughlin's Work - http://www.larrymclaughlin.net/

Canon General / How to teach a friend Photography...
« on: November 06, 2013, 11:16:04 PM »
I think this will be a fun thread.  I thought I would throw this out there and see what everyone thinks...

-  Neighbor wants to learn photography and wonders if I will teach her.
-  I'm an experienced technical instructor, just need to decide what will work for her.
-  Neighbor is a mom of foreign origin whose son is also in our scout troop.
-  She eventually wants to buy some good equipment and learn to take good images.

I have plenty of equipment similar to most of the CR gang.  My plan was to loan her a basic DSLR, (like a Rebel or a 30D) with a basic kit lens and flash along with a few good books and let her get her feet wet.  Then loan another camera (like a 5Dc or something different), different lens, maybe a prime and let her experiment some more.  Demonstrate the fact that she can get good pictures with any camera if she develops good technique, etc.  Along the way answering questions and then teach more later after she is more familiar with what to ask.

Cart before the horse or the chicken and the egg:  I think that many folks go out and buy a ton of gear, mess with it for a while and then get discouraged because it isn't what they expect.  It isn't that fulfilling.  My goal is to first see if she truly enjoys taking pictures before she invests in gear or gets turned off by trying to formally  "learn" photography.  Actually taking pictures is the most important part and often that is the part people learn they don't really prefer after all.  Or, by actually taking pictures one tends to be motivated to learn on their own why or why not a picture worked and get the spark, the itch to keep going.  One also starts to discover what kind of pictures they like to take and how they like to go about it.  How many of us have said that if they could have known some period of time earlier what they knew later, how they would change their initial purchases, etc.  By loaning her a camera for while, I hope to give her the ability to make a better purchase later that suits the style she develops.

So, what are the thoughts of CR members that have some experience with this scenario or teaching in general?  Keep in mind that I'm not new to teaching but since this isn't an official classroom type thing, I figure I would try another approach.  It's more of a private tutor kind of thing I guess.  The more good ideas I get here, the better!  Thanks.

Sports / Marathon Photo Advice?
« on: October 01, 2013, 12:12:45 PM »
My church is hosting a marathon in a month or so.  I've been asked to shoot some photos.  I'm not a pro (since I don't get paid) but I consider myself a 5 year DSLR advanced enthusiast.  I shoot a lot of outdoor scout events, camping, school swim meets and church activities.  I own a 5D3, 6D and several decent L lenses, flashes, etc.  So with that said, I'm looking for advice gained from other forum members' experience shooting marathon/running events.  Logistics, composition ideas, pre-planning, lens choices, lighting challenges, possible dual body use, etc.  I might even get a photog friend or two to help me cover more locations.  I love picking up new skills and experience but I prefer to be as prepared as possible when time permits.  All constructive thoughts appreciated!

Lenses / 70-300L AF IS goes *CLUNK!* (??)
« on: February 07, 2013, 04:50:26 PM »
Some of you may remember my little poll a while back asking what to replace my 70-300 IS EF lens with after a barter trade with a buddy.  Well, I finally did the deal and I decided to get the 70-300L.  So now I have a nice Thinkpad X301 all tricked out (from the trade) and a new 70-300L.

What's interesting is this...

-  Slap that 70-300L on the 5D3 and point it all over the place, AF performance is fast and smooth, fairly quiet and nice.
-  Add a Tamron 1.4x TC (140F-CA) and the AF slows a bit.  Not unexpected.  Still works pretty good.  HOWEVER...

... when the TC is attached, the IS tends to JUMP from time to time and makes a CLUNK NOISE.  You can feel the clunk too.  It still autofocuses on the target but the IS going CLUNK is weird.  I haven't been able to detect a clunk or jump when the TC isn't connected.  Anyone have some thoughts?

I've had the Tamron TC for quite a while and from what I have read around this forum, the Kenko 1.4X DGX is (I guess) the ideal TC but I don't necc want to buy another TC.  Anyone have a Tamron 1.4X TC like mine and like it just as much?  Curious how they compare.

EOS Bodies - For Stills / What Photo Web Host do you use?
« on: January 25, 2013, 04:06:08 PM »
Wasn't sure which section to post this in but the question is, which online photo host do you use and why?  For instance, I use Zenfolio because I wanted to make sure our Boy Scout and Church Youth images didn't end up being used in anything we couldn't control.  I've been very happy with Zenfolio.

However, I've noticed that aside from SmugMug, there aren't a lot of options if one doesn't want to sign away rights to pictures they host.

Does anyone know if flckr preserves the original owners' rights?  I notice a lot of folks on this forum use flickr as well as the "official" White House photostream.

Hi everyone.  As I reply to some posts, it occurs to me that it would be interesting to get explanations or back stories from many of the user/contributors here on Canon Rumors about why they use/choose the username that they have.  For instance, neuro has explained it before but let's hear it again here all in one place!!  What does TrumpetPower possibly mean?  While we're at it, add some info about the avatar picture you use if you like.

In my case, RustyTheGeek started out many years ago as a domain name people would remember for my IT consulting business when they needed to email me.  Eventually it just made sense to start treating it like a brand, esp since it's never taken when choosing a username on forums, etc.  So there we go!  I still need to get an avatar picture uploaded.  Bad me.

Anyone else care to share?  Even if it seems self explanatory there might be more than meets the eye.   :)

Site Information / Off Limits??
« on: January 15, 2013, 12:34:21 PM »
I clicked on the link on the homepage ("Canon 24-70 f/4 IS vs Canon 24-105 f/4 IS - Not what I expected") I got a strange error.  Missing or it's Off Limits??  Weird...

PowerShot / Boy Scout Photography Class - Thoughts?
« on: January 02, 2013, 05:49:35 PM »
Plan to teach another (basics) Photography Class to scouts soon.  Been pondering how to make it fun, keep scouts' attention, etc.  Not my first rodeo but it never hurts to get input from others and gain more perspective.  I've got a projector, computer, extra cameras, etc.  Their requirements include learning photography basics and making a poster board or slide presentation with their pictures that tells a story.

So for all you instructors out there, anything you think makes a big splash or is a hit with your audience, I'm all ears!  Thanks!

Also, some low cost camera thoughts/ideas for those young shooters... I was thinking either a used Rebel with kit lens (harder to come by) or a Canon SX160 from Amazon, etc that is a P&S but still allows for manual control and takes AA batteries when the suggested AA rechargeables run down while camping.

Lenses / Selling 70-300 IS - Suggest Replacement?
« on: December 20, 2012, 07:48:35 PM »
OK, I may end up selling my EF 70-300 IS lens in a little barter deal.  So what to replace it with?  I have the following bodies to use it with... 30D, 40D, 60D, 5D, 5D3, 6D.  I shoot lots of kids on campouts, swim teams in indoor pools, indoor church stuff, etc.

As indicated in the poll, I already have a 70-200 f/4 IS and a 1.4x TC.  I also have access to borrow a 70-200 f/2.8 IS v1 when I need to.  I have always liked my EF 70-300 IS and I could even borrow it down the road if I really needed to, it would just be a bit inconvenient due to distance.

So, I'm debating on whether I should jump on this "reason" to upgrade or just let it go and not have a decent lens longer than 200mm.  (I also have Tamron 18-270 VC and 28-300 VC superzooms for less critical walk around use but those are obviously compromise lenses.)

I guess I'm leaning toward the 70-300 L if I get anything mainly because it's a simple direct upgrade, it won't totally break the bank and it's not as big/heavy as the other L choices.  Thoughts?  Obviously all of these choices have different merits.

Thanks in advance for your time, efforts and opinions.  I know everyone is busy so please don't spend more than a few hours or days pondering a perfect solution for me.  Thanks!  I appreciate it.   :D

Software & Accessories / Pimp out your DSLR... (Funny)
« on: December 15, 2012, 11:06:10 AM »
OK, this cracked me up!   ;D

All I can think of are various model vehicles tricked/pimped out as bouncing lowriders...

SPIGEN SGP Canon EOS 40D Metal Skin Guard Series

Sorry, too much trouble to snag an image to insert here, but there are several pictures.  They really went all out, even under the pop up flash and inside the media cover!  Wow.

Now, if only I still had my 40D....  :(

BTW, I was actually researching a high quality screen cover for the 6D (camera LCD screen is plastic).  They appear to have a very high quality thin glass protector for phones called glas.t.  Interesting....

Pricewatch Deals / Beach Camera = Great Experience
« on: November 28, 2012, 12:29:59 AM »
Quick Endorsement for Beach Camera on a killer 5D3 eBay deal (discovered through CanonRumors.com)...

I purchased a 5D3 eBay deal from Beach Camera back in mid October.  Having never purchased from Beach before, I was a bit nervous based on the killer price.

-  I didn't get any scam crap upsell phone calls, emails or B&S tactics.
-  I received shipping and tracking info within 48 hours of the Saturday pm purchase time.
-  I received free shipping and the 5D3 arrived the Thursday after the weekend purchase time.
X - packing was my only complaint, they didn't pack the 5D3 box with any cushioning.  (Really!?)

After a couple weeks, I realized the 5D3 had serious low light AF Lock problems, thanks to this forum.  I contacted Beach Camera directly, spoke with Hal (xt 308) and he listened, treated me with respect and after our brief discussion, issued an immediate exchange RMA with paid return shipping.  He also offered to cross ship a new camera but due to my extra low purchase price determined this wasn't a good idea based on the the refund scenario.

After our phone conversation, Hal also...
- provided me a direct email address where we exchanged more information.
- emailed and called me to let me know when my faulty 5D3 return arrived.
- personally oversaw that the replacement 5D3 got shipped back out to me same day
- sent return tracking info right away
- called to let me know the new 5D3 was on its way

I received the replacement 5D3 on the following Tuesday after sending it the previous Monday.  8 days round trip from TX to NY including two weekends, not long after Hurricane Sandy.  Not bad!!!

FYI, Beach Camera appears to be the same company as BuyDig.com so that may be good for you depending on what you are buying.

I will likely buy from Beach Camera again based on their great customer service and zero BS after the sale.  Thanks, Hal!   :)

EOS Bodies - For Stills / Canon 135 f/2L Speaker (Cool, Fun)
« on: November 16, 2012, 10:16:38 AM »
(I just realized maybe I should have posted this in the Lens area, or somewhere else?  Sorry!)

Gotta Love it!  Everyone has seen the Canon Lens Mugs.  I just saw this on eBay...

A Canon Lens iPod Speaker with amp, microSD card slot, etc.  Might make a great gift!


If the URL doesn't work, search for "Gift Lens Music Speaker USB SD Card FM Radio For iPhone 4S 4G iPod Player DC118" from fofofovs seller.  It only costs $24.  (Yeah, it's from Hong Kong.)  Might be a fun conversation piece.

This is a purely hypothetical question but I'm guessing many of you have thought about it once or twice.

I'm curious if anyone else would consider a DSLR designed, dedicated and optimized solely for still photography  worthwhile / desirable?

Quite simply: If you could get better still images from a camera without video, would you buy it?

-  Would you buy it instead of a hybrid model with video features if it produced better still images?
-  Would you buy it if the images were the same but it was designed differently for still photography use?

Does anyone else think compromises might exist in hybrid DSLR designs in order to offer HD video on the same sensor?

-  Would a sensor designed for dedicated still photography perhaps offer better specs, IQ, sensitivity, speed, [insert other perceived benefit here]?
-  How much better would a dedicated still photography camera perform if it didn't have to produce video as well?
-  Would the CPU, processing and firmware possibly be less complex, more efficient and stable?
-  Would the control layout and ergonomics, menus, etc be easier to use and offer more versatility and/or control?
-  Is it possible that video features have delayed R&D while engineers work out new challenges due to the hybrid designs?
-  Do you think video increases the price of the camera?  Is it logical to think a dedicated still camera might cost slightly less while still offering better images?

Just thought I would throw it out there to chew on.  Might make an interesting discussion.  Thanks for your time.

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