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EOS Bodies / Another "5D Mark III or used XX" topic!
« on: April 01, 2012, 06:58:36 PM »
Hi All,

I'm getting nearer to making a purchase decision around my next EOS body.  Obviously the 5D Mark III is the flavour of the month, and I've tried it out a couple of times at camera shops and been very impressed.  However, the price is very high (US$4200) for this body in New Zealand, so I'm considering the following used alternatives:

1DS Mark III - the previous 'big daddy' of the range.  A mint condition used 1dsIII is a couple of hundred dollars cheaper than a new 5D Mark III.  It's only 1fps slower than the 5D, but has better shutter response and weather sealing.  Does its image quality hold up well against the 5D?  And could you use its 5fps for sports/action photography, within reason?

1D Mark III - For the price of a new 5D Mark III, I could buy TWO of these second hand, plus a nice quality prime.  Obviously it's a crop body, but with the right lenses I'm sure it wouldn't matter too much, would it?  How high would you say you can crank up the ISO before it becomes unusable?  I'm used to being limited to ISO800 on my 40D, and wouldn't mind having access to another stop.

5D Mark II + 7D - This is another option that's being thrown around a lot these days.  5D for resolution and image quality, and the 7D for action.  I could buy both bodies brand new and still have change left over, compared with the price of the 5D Mark III.  Has anyone opted for this combination over the 5D Mark III?

I shoot a wide range of subjects, from sports to landscapes to families and weddings.  Good weatherproofing is important to me (been caught in the rain too many times) - video is not.  It's quite possible that the only camera that will suit my needs is the 5D Mark III (I can't afford the 1DX), but I'm interested to hear whether any of these others might be worthy options.


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