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Technical Support / CF Card Corrupted
« on: May 22, 2013, 12:37:13 AM »
Has anyone else had this issue ??

While I was shooting a few days ago I found that when I was part way into transferring Images from my CF Card to my MacPro (Images shot on my 1Dx), the download stopped & a message came up that the remaining files were corrupted. I had downloaded 5 of 338. Tried my MacBook Pro, and the message changed to "unable to download these files", put the Card back into the 1Dx, Camera wouldn't accept the Card but suggested a "re format", tried the card in both my 1dx Bodies & my 5DMK III Bodies, same story, somehow the CF Card had become corrupted.

I did a in Camera reformat of the Card & put it back into the 1Dx, shot off 50 Images & all worked just fine, no issues downloading to the computer.

Friend of mine suggested i should have tried Image retrieval software before re formatting, but it was too late of course, then I searched & found software called "Wondershare data Recovery", tried it, then bought it & it actually pulled off the CR2 Files from the CF Card, after re format, saved 326 of the Original CR2 Files. I imagine there's a lot of this software out there, but I just wasn't aware it could recover files after a Camera Re Format, in fact it recovered almost every file ever taken on that particular CF Card.

I would also note that I currently use Lexar Pro 1000x 128GB CF Cards (I also use 128GB Sandisk Extreme Pro 100MB/s), may have been an isolated incident but when I purchased 4 of these Lexar 128GB 1000x Cards I had to return one of the Cards immediately as it was corrupted as new, Lexar did replace it with a new one that worked

For the future I've set my Bodies to Copy to two CF Cards (1 Lexar + 1 Sandisc 128GB each) at the same time on the 1Dx & to both the CF Card & SD Card on the 5DMK III (CF 128GB Lexar + 64GB Sandisc), Unless both Cards Die, I'll should always have two Copies in Camera. I had become complacent re the Cards reliability, clearly the CF/SD Cards do have issues from time to time.

Going back over my Images for the past 12 months I do note that there have been a few Corrupted Images on the 1Dx when using the lexar Cards, in the past it's been one or two over a shoot covering perhaps 1,000 Images, so not something I ever really felt concerned about, but it's interesting that it seems only to be the Lexar CF Cards that this occurs on.

Purpose of the Post is simply information, this was the first time I had had this issue and I was glad there was a reasonable resolution short of 100% loss of my files. But i would be interested in anyone else's view on this if they have had any similar occurrences.

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