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Hi all,

I keenly read the imac post and would love to get your thoughts on the route to go for a mainly lightroom machine, with a little photoshop and home video editing.

Currently i have asus ux31 laptop that i have been using for the above but lightroom is so slow the specs are:-

1.7GHz Core i5-2557M processor, 4GB of RAM 256gb solid-state drive.

I have read that i need more 16gb+ ram and two harddrives 1) os 2) cache.

The wife likes the idea of a imac 3.4ghz as less wires and looks cool. This will be expensive to spec up and only has one hard drive although could have a 2nd via thunderbold port. I would have to run windows as cant get my head round mac os so all up looking at about $4000.

I am leaning to spend less on a pc machine. However i would like it to be near silent (probably water cooled) and with a nice looking high res monitor 27" to satisfy the wife that it looks nice.

I don't mind spending the money if i will see a dramatic improvement in lightroom, but the last thing i want to do is spend the money on either system and have similar speeds i am experiencing,

Would love to get your thoughts and many thanks in advance.

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