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I'm looking for a (A3) photo printer. I only want to use it for printing (color) photos (no other documents, I have a laser printer for that). Ofcourse the Canon Pixma-pro serie printers are very nice but a bit to expensive for me. Especially for my intended use: I just want to make some prints with (very) good quality at home for personal use. If I need the extra 'pro' quality for some reason, I can always go to a professional photolab.

Because I already own some/a lot of Canon gear I tend to buy a Canon printer (I know: this might not be the best reason, so I'm easy to convince otherwise). I'm considering the Canon iX 6550 or its succesor the Canon iX 6850. I read some (lab) reviews on the internet about these printers but I also looking for some 'user experiences'.

Are there some other (non Canon) printers to consider? Other things to keep in mind?

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