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Canon General / Canon to bring production home as yen continues slide
« on: January 09, 2014, 04:38:32 AM »
An interesting article on SLR sales:



The CEO said sales of digital single-lens reflex cameras likely came in under 8 million units in 2013 for the first annual decline since Canon introduced its first model in 2004, as the slowing pace of innovation meant fewer consumers felt the need to replace older models. He also attributed the drop to prolonged economic weakness in Europe and slowing growth in China.

"SLR sales fell last year due to poor economic conditions," Mitarai said. "But I think that they will rise stably from now on. I want to aim for close to 9 million units in 2014."

But industry insiders said Canon and its closest rival Nikon Corp (TYO:7731) were struggling to clear excess inventory built up as they overcompensated for damage done to factories in Thailand after flooding in 2011 - leading to prices of entry-level models being slashed by more than 50 percent to as little as $300.

Canon's shipments of interchangeable lens cameras accounted for 45.1 percent of global shipments in July-September, according to IDC, a 5 percent drop in share from the year prior and a 25.7 percent drop in unit sales.

Software & Accessories / Circular polarizer for the 16-35
« on: February 25, 2013, 09:06:41 PM »
I'm looking to purchase a B+W circular polarizer for my new 16-35 lens. Does anyone know if this particular one shows vignetting at the wide end?

Also, how bad is the banding? Is it better not to use one, or do the benefits outweigh the banding problems?


Adorama is accepting pre-orders for the EOS 6D with the 24-105 for $2699 - that includes a $200 instant rebate. That was quick! By comparison, B&H's pre-order price is $2899.

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