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Lenses / Picked up a new 24mm f1.4L II today
« on: February 19, 2014, 06:40:58 PM »
The price at the local camera store was too tempting, and I'd been hanging out for 6 months to get one. The other "trigger" point was I'll be in NY in a few weeks, and my current lens collection jumped from 15mm to 40mm or so. This one slots in nicely :)

Playing with it last night, the short DOF is wonderful, particularly for a wide angle lens. It certainly is a solid little lump of a lens ;)

Technical Support / 5D3 and mirror lockup with TC-80n3
« on: December 23, 2013, 05:14:43 PM »
I'm not sure if this is possible, but, on the 5D3, taking a photo with mirror lockup is a 2 step affair - pressing the shutter button flips the mirror up, pressing the button a second time takes the picture.

Is it possible to lock the mirror up once and take subsequent shots after that?  I'm thinking of my old mechanical film cameras (F-1, EF) where the mirror lockup button would do just that.

My reason for asking is that using the TC-80n3 timer (say, taking a shot every 30 seconds) kicks up the mirror, but not the picture. Maybe I'm doing something wrong here?

Technical Support / White balance, how to determine?
« on: August 13, 2013, 09:22:34 PM »
I was out taking a few pics the other day of our local wild flowers. It was late in the day, with less than an hour of sun. So, there was a touch of red in the light. While taking this pic (a Field Daisy) I wondered what techniques others have taken to establish a white balance in the field. The reason I ask is that this flower has a hint of mauve in the petals, and what can you do to establish the "real mauve"?

Using an 18% grey card or a white card, just to one side (to crop out later) was a thought.

Any suggestions would be appreciated. I'm using Lightroom v4.4 for my post processing.


I've booked in for a photography workshop in Canada, early next March, and I'm planning on taking my Gitzo GT2541 tripod and Gitzo GM2541 monopod. Since they are both carbon fiber, I'm aware of the fact that such materials, while strong, can be affected by side impacts or crushing.

So my question is, any ideas on how to protect these things from the brutalities of a long flight (baggage handlers, other baggage, etc)?

To add to the complications, I tend to travel with a large backpack, and on this occasion, snow skis and boots, since our ski season in Oz is a little ordinary at the moment ;)

The backpack is easier for me to carry, when juggling 2-3 bags by myself. And, I do have a heavy zip bag that I place the backpack into for travel (to save the straps from getting caught up and cut by the airlines).


Mr Bean

Lenses / 500mm or 600mm lens on a monopod.
« on: July 01, 2013, 11:57:09 PM »
While I'm planning on buying a 600mm lens in the next 6 months, my current 300mm (plus, on occasion, the 1.4x TC) with a gripped 5D3 feels okay on a monopod (for birding/wildlife).

However, not having used a 600mm before, is the monopod approach still ideal for such a large lens, or am I entering tripod territory?

Sorry for the possible lame question, but I'm just imagining the extra weight adds to the momentum when tracking, and in the heat of the moment, those BIF movements can get fairly active ;)

Landscape / Stars above.
« on: June 12, 2013, 09:02:02 AM »
Mid winter, southern hemisphere night sky.
5D3 with Zeiss 15mm
30 seconds @ f2.8  ISO 1600

Software & Accessories / Quick release plates: RRS v's Manfrotto
« on: April 16, 2013, 08:57:34 AM »
I've been looking into tripods / ball heads for the past few weeks, trying to decide which one would suit my needs. This recent thread:  (Help me finalize my tripod & ball head choice) really hit the spot for me. Thanks for those who responded :)

I've decided that the Gitzo GT2541 + RRS BH-40 would suit my needs (max load would be shooting 5D3 with grip + 300mm f4).

This will compliment my existing monopod (Gitzo GM2541 + Manfrotto 496RC2 head).

However, just a question about the quick release plates. Would the plate that fits the RRS BH-40 work on the Manfrotto 496RC2?  I ask because I notice that the RRS plate requires an allen key to attach/remove. While I'm happy to keep this on permanently, that could be an issue if I'm swapping between the mono / tripod. Currently, I have the Manfrotto plate on the 300mm lens, as I use that for birding pic's. A solution could be to have the RRS plate on the camera and leave the Manfrotto plate on the 300mm. But, I know one day, while I'm frantically setting up the tripod, there could be tears..... :)

Third Party Manufacturers / Picked up a Zeiss 15mm f2.8
« on: April 06, 2013, 06:04:13 PM »
The hours and minutes ticked down last week, as I waited for the arrival of the new lens I had ordered. Yesterday was D day. And what a lens it is to hold :)
Perhaps not a great example of what this lens can do, but this is one of pet interests, astro-photography (and astro time lapse/star trails). Its sharp, from edge to edge. Well, this'll keep me busy for the weekend. Any work needed around the house can wait ;)

The southern sky. The Southern Cross and pointers are roughly in the middle, above the antenna (20sec, f2.8, ISO 3200, Canon 5D3)

I've just ordered a Zeiss 15mm f2.8 and I'm after suggestions for the UV filter (it takes a 95mm). I usually go with B&W filters for my gear, which I'm happy with, but does it need to be a slim filter?

Not having one of these beasts before, I presume it does.

Lighting / Speedlite ST-E2 v's ST-E3-RT
« on: February 13, 2013, 09:38:06 PM »
I'm trying my hand at flash photography at the moment and I'm looking to expand my flash gear range, I started looking at slave units such as the ST-E2 and ST-E3-RT. I have access to 2 x 580EX II units (one is mine, the other, from a friend) and a 5D m3.

Perhaps I'm having a blond moment here, but what's the (notable) difference between the two ST units? :)

Lenses / 300 f4 + 1.4 TC v's 500 f4.5
« on: February 02, 2013, 04:35:09 PM »
I've been dabbling with bird photography over the past month or so. The 300 f4 has done a sterling job, but, a 500-600 lens would be more suitable.

I've been offered a Canon 500mm f4.5, which appears to be in very good condition (it was previously owned by a private individual, so, well looked after). The price is around $3,000 which is about standard here in Australia. A new 500mm f4 is, well, worth a small car, and I have one of those (the car) :)

How does the IQ compare between the 300 f4 plus 1.4 TC?  I realise that combination doesn't quite make the 500mm mark, but the extra reach is nice.

I'm using a 5D m3.

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