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Street & City / Famous icons in your city
« on: October 10, 2014, 10:22:00 AM »
Hey guys, how you going!

Was out last week and got these 2 photos from a new location

And one from (last) Newyear eve's fireworks, this one's a stack from multiple 30sec exposures.
The blue lights at the bottom are from mobile/tablet junkies ;D

Critiques, ways to improve, suggestions are welcome and please feel free to jump in with your pics, more the merrier :)


Technical Support / Pink/purple streak in pics when using live view
« on: September 22, 2014, 06:17:37 AM »
Hi guys,

Need help with a technical issue I am facing, any help would be much appreciated.

I get a purple streak in long exposure pics when shooting using live view (I'm using a full spectrum converted 600D (T3i)) The streak is always at the same spot (bottom left) and is not present if I shoot via the viewfinder.

It's there at all ISOs, though less visible in lower ISO settings (I just tried at ISO 200 and it was not visible until I did shadow recovery in post)

Pic below was taken with a lens cap on.

Any idea what's causing this?



I'm thinking of getting a T3i (600D) converted to full spectrum. Objective is to use it for IR and visible light (with external filters) Have a few queries, would appreciate if any of you could help me with them.

1. How good will the visible light IQ be with a quality UV/IR cut filter when compared to a stock camera?

2. I've read different wavelengths of light focus at different focal planes resulting in chromatic aberration when shooting full spectrum, any remedy to this? Also would I still get CA when say shooting only IR or Visible with filters?

3. Your recommendations on a quality UV/IR cut filter.

Would love to see some samples, if you have any please do post.
Any additional info you can provide would also be appreciated.


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