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Third Party Manufacturers / Woe and Pathos in the Sigma 50 Art?
« on: October 06, 2014, 11:41:30 AM »
(Please excuse any unintentional etiquette errors: I posted this in another topic link and I shall remove that one.)

I bought a Sigma 50 Art. I am not at all happy with the focus: it is gorgeously, excruciatingly sharp ... about 1/3 of the time. My standards for "sharp" are pretty high, and my reference lenses are the new 70-200 and 24-70. I am a thoroughly experienced photographer with decades of work behind me.
I am utterly baffled; I never, ever have this problem with other lenses; I have never, for instance, used microfocus adjustment on my 5D3 or 1Dx for my reference lenses. Here are a couple of photos from the other day, and I was focusing on the inner corner of the left eye (the 'medial canthus.') By the way, re. the girl with horns, do not adjust your set, you are not hallucinating: the dots on the cornea are contact lenses ... I will leave these up for a few days. Your thoughts deeply appreciated.

Lenses / Rubber covering loose on zoom of 24-70 II - advice?
« on: August 22, 2014, 04:38:23 PM »
The rubber grip or cover that fits on the zoom ring on my 24-70 II has come loose and become very slightly stretched out. At this point it is a minor annoyance, not a disaster, though I am going overseas next week and don't like surprises. Any suggestions for managing this problem? Or should I send it back to CPS (after I return) and get it replaced? Thank you for your time.

The autofocus issues with the new 50 mm Sigma ART are very dismaying, in light of its great build quality and image quality.
Has anyone had autofocus issues (or any other such issues) with the 35 mm Sigma ART?
I use the 5D3 and 1Dx.
Thoughts and advice deeply appreciated.

Please pardon my erroneous posting location--I put this post originally in the Canon section -- my error, sorry.

Lighting / Need advice re. video tutorials on 600 Speedlight usage
« on: April 30, 2014, 09:29:29 AM »
Comrades - I always refer to the sun as my light source. But now I am looking for a source of video tutorials on use of speedlights, from soup to nuts -- starting with the absolute basics of 'how to turn this on', through correct flash exposing in various venues and fill situations, up to use of multiple flashes with the radio triggers (either canon or aftermarket.) Strobist seems too complex, and I want something geared specifically to thorough use of canons. Either free or for-pay. All suggestions gratefully appreciated. Thanks for your time.

EOS Bodies / 5D Mark III USA/Canon-recognized warranties?
« on: December 15, 2013, 05:13:19 PM »
Colleagues: I see the 5DIII intermittently sold by B&H, Adorama, or BuyDig for about $2900. Does anyone know whether a) these have fully-kosher Canon warranties that are recognized by CPSUSA; or b) whether these occasional sales may be available after the xmas buying season? Your thoughts gratefully appreciated.

EOS Bodies - For Stills / Spontaneous Separation of 5D3 from 70-200 II??
« on: October 26, 2013, 01:14:45 AM »
Colleagues: A strange and unpleasant event befell me. I had my 70-200 II on my 5D3, with a BR strap attached to the tripod-collar, so the camera body was not weight-bearing. Abruptly and with no warning the camera fell off and hit the ground. Minor damage, coulda been a lot worse.  I can think of only 3 possible causes:
a) I had not correctly locked the camera onto the lens' bayonet mount.
b) I had somehow hit the lens-release button on the body inadvertently.
c) flange or bayonet locking defect.
I am a very experienced daily shooter and (a) is too humiliating for me to accept.
Anything like this ever happen to anyone here? My guess is (b), but what are your thoughts? Thank you for your time.

Colleagues: I was in the middle of a shoot last night: simple circumstances, no trauma to camera, just a simple, not very physical event. Shooting 5DMkIII and my 70-200 II, on autofocus, not manual. Used this lens/camera setup a zillion times. I use "1/2 press shutter" focusing; I do not use back-button focusing. I was using the smallest focusing target, one square. Suddenly one square stayed highlighted (in black) towards the left of the viewfinder. The other single-point that I was manipulating continued to work. The camera focused on the movable square, NOT the single black square. I tried everything to fix this: turned camera off and on, checked all the switches on the lens, dismounted/remounted lens. Black square stayed put. I panicked. Finally I did the 'system reset' on the camera, returning all settings to the original, 'out of box' tabula rasa state. The black box disappeared, and now the screen is normal. Does anyone know what happened? I am quite worried--I use this about 6-7 days a week and don't deal with malfunctions well. Any advice gratefully received. Thank you for your time in reading this.

EOS Bodies - For Stills / Base Plates for 5D3, 1DX -- seeking advice?
« on: July 26, 2013, 02:39:56 PM »
Colleagues: I am accustomed to keeping a steel base plate on my gear (example: the Really Right Stuff plate for the 5D2), both for protection and also because I can vigorously screw in my Black Rapid attachment. I don't mind the extra weight. I seek advice re. options for protective base plates for the 1Dx and 5D3. (I know RRS makes a plate for the 5D3 but not for the 1DX.)  They must have female fitting for BR attachment, and be very durable--steel preferred over aluminum; titanium best of all. M-Plate? Acra? Anything else? Thank you for your time.

Addendum--Thanks, winglet and neuroanatomist. The Kirk plate (I did not know of them) may be what I want.  I prefer steel to aluminum, but RRS doesn;t make an equivalent plate for the 1Dx as they do for the 5D3. Not certain what neuroanatomist means by lug and locktite, but Ishall research this. Thanks again.

EOS Bodies - For Stills / Color Differences, 5D3 vs 1D4
« on: April 27, 2013, 03:58:17 PM »
Colleagues: I shoot 5D3 and 1D4. I am a pretty experienced shooter. Recently on a mildly cloudy day I shot several hundred photos with each, under very very similar conditions (photos made from a boat on a lake of other boats on the same lake.) The general hue was mildly greener and muddier in the 1D4 than the 5D3. The image quality had no 'pop', and the images from the 5D3 were clearly superior. I carefully compared the settings (both 'standard'), the ASA, etc. I was able pretty much to correct this in Lightroom, though the white balance really did seem "off" in the 1D4. Does anyone have experience, insight, or further testing instructions they couljld offer me? Thank you for your time.

Third Party Manufacturers / Request advice on weather-sealed 35 mm lenses
« on: December 10, 2012, 11:01:54 AM »
Colleagues: I would request your advice on a 35 mm prime for Canon . I shoot 5DMkIII's and 1D Mark IV in challenging outdoor environments--dust, rain, sand--but am also a bug on sharp and contrasty lenses. Your thoughts on Canon's 35 L 1.4 vs. Sigma's 35 1.4?  Thank you for your time.

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