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I just finished comparing my old 1Ds MkII (mark two!) and the new 5D MkIII.

16,7 old megapixels vs 22 new megapixels.

At base sensitivity of 100ASA 1Ds MkII won in detail resolving abilities!
Also, shadow noise in dark areas looks nicer in 1Ds MkII files.

I have compared tiffs made from RAW using Capture One 7.0.2 with default sharpening both on and off,
with all noise reduction/smoothing options turned off.

1Ds MkII files look crisper and with more fine detail.

Compared to them, 5D MkIII files look as if they were made with lower resolution camera than 1Ds MkII,
and then were artificially up sampled with Photoshop to a larger file size.

Here are two 100% crops...
Scroll them to the right to see those windows with white blinds:
real usable detail in 16.7mp 1Ds MkII files,
mushy moire in 22mp 5D MkIII files.

Again, both RAW files were developed with the EXACT same settings in Capture One,
test was done on a tripod, with 50mm lens set at f8:

I will post more crops and pulled shadows samples tomorrow, I must go to work now!  :)

I'm facing the upgrade dillema - should I get a second hand 1Ds MkIII or a new 5D MkIII...

For almost eight years now, I'm shooting with a 1Ds MkII
and I'm thinking that maybe it is time to replace it. :)

It is still doing a good job and my clients are happy, but...

I almost exclusively work in the studio, or outdoors in the range of 100-400 ASA.

I'm only interested in the image quality.

Can someone describe in detail, the differences in image quality between 1Ds MkIII and 5D MkIII?

Hello! :)

I have an aging (but still going strong) EOS 1Ds MkII.

I'm using an old PC for tethered shooting,
but due to size/bulk i would like to get a Mac mini.

I'm not interested in laptops since I want to keep my 24" monitor.

Is anybody here successfully using (or has used) a 1Ds MkII connected to Mac mini's firewire port?

If yes, what exact version of Mac mini an what exact OSX version.

What is/was the software configuration?

Canon EOS software, Aperture, Lightroom or CaptureOne?

On Canon's web site I have learned that my camera is supported by EOS Utilty 2.7.2
and that it requres MacOS X v10.4 - v.10.5:


What about firewire port - is Mac mini's port compatible?

Minis from 2007 have firewire 400 port, minis from 2009 have firewire 800 (cable adapter will be required).

Canon says that firewire port must be "OHCI compliant" and that Texas Instruments firewire chipset is recommended.

My 1Ds MkII refused to work with some PC laptop that had VIA firewire chipset.

Thanks in advance, :)



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