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Lenses / Lens suggestions for 3 weeks trip to Egypt and Jordan
« on: October 21, 2012, 07:22:37 AM »

Hi All,

I have been following canonrumors for few years now but first time registered today and my first post.

We are planning a 3 weeks trip to Egypt + Jordan (other than usual highlights like pyramids, luxor, petra etc... I am hoping for few days in desert too. both in egypt and in jordan).

I was rebel user (550D + 15-85 + some other lenses listed below), and recently upgraded myself to 5D II and currently own below lenses (550D and EFS lenses are sold)

24-105 (I bought it with 5DII as kit)
24 1.4 II
40 2.8 STM
50 1.4
85 1.8
70-300 L
+ I am hoping to add one ultra wide angle but haven't decided which one

430 EX II + Yonguno trigger (I will carry this)

I am thoroughly confused about which lenses to carry... when I look at my china travel trip with 550D, most of pics were around 15mm.. so logically I may be using 24 mm more but not sure if it will enough for egypt/jordan too (on wide side + I never had anything wider than 15 mm on rebel).

I am currently confusing myself with below thoughts

1) sell my 24 1.4 II + 24-105 to fund 24-70 II.... carry it with 50 1.4
2) get 17-40 + 24 1.4 II and 85 1.8
3) 17-40, 24 1.4 II, 24-105

I am travelling with one small kid too... so dont want to carry more than 2-3 lenses + I assume egypt and jordan will be on bit dusty side.

I think I will gift one decent point and shoot (S110 or similar) to my wife before our trip anyways... so not sure if 24-105 will make sense or not.
Actually, so far I am not that impressed with 24-105... its good but not as good as my 15-85 which I sold (not 100% sure if it is consumer level camera settings which set default saturation etc more aggressive than model's like 5D II...I increased saturation level of my 5D II today, will spend few days and see how it works).

I know no-one can decide for me but your thoughts, comments and opinions will surely help me making up my mind.


PS: 70-300 L is a beautiful lens but with current state of affiar in egypt.. i will rather not carry any attention grabbing lens.

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