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PowerShot / Compact cameras - do everything but good fotos
« on: March 25, 2014, 10:13:36 AM »
My GF's getting a compact digital camera (sub 250€) for travelling, as she doesn't want to take her 550D/50 f1.8. When reading reviews, I made a mistake by trying to duplicate the noise level in some review's test shots with my 6D and comparing the ISO difference. Result: I didn't have enough ISO on the 6D to go beyond 200/400 ISO on the compact camera.

Why is there no inexpensive compact camera with OK image quality? Is the low-end compact camera market dying because of cellphones, or because it's filled with crap trying to pack more megapixels & zoom just for the sales pitch? They seem to be in a downward spiral, trying to differentiate themselves from cellphones with more zoom & megapixels, but becoming crappier in the process and letting people take better photos with that phone.

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