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Hi guys,

on the first weekend of october i'm going camping in joshua tree desert in southern california, for the occasion (and my upcoming birthday) i've bought the samyang 14mm f/2.8 and i would love to try to do some stars photography and possibly getting a glance at the milky way.

Having always lived in highly polluted areas I've never tried any kind of "astrophotography" before and i see all these beautiful images around... that maybe are too beautiful to be true without a lot help in post? :)

I was wondering what kind of results you can get as a single shot (raw) straight out of the camera without any post-processing (even just stars, stills no trails), so when i see my images on the camera after the shot i can actually understand if i'm going the right way or not (I am a fan of the good old trial and error...); how many stars are actually visible? how many are just luminance noise for the high iso/long exposure?

Thank you all!

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