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Photography Technique / sunset post-processing
« on: July 09, 2014, 08:10:04 PM »
Hi guys,

I was wondering if you had any generic tips / techniques that you always use and look for when post processing sunsets.

I am only a photo enthusiast (I have never sold my pictures), I don't like the extreme HDR look too much, i try to play as little as i can with levels trying to keep a "realistic" image but i feel like i am missing something when editing photos that can push it "to the next level" and i am not sure of what it is...

for instance, what would you do with this picture?

I shot it at the grand canyon a couple of weeks ago (i think using the samyang 14mm, this is a smaller 1000x1000 preview)

I personally feel that the shooting angle is not one of the best, having the bright sun in the middle of the picture your eyes are automatically drawn to it when you first see it, if i could shoot it again i would probably rotate the camera to the right to remove those trees on the left and get more of the canyon.

but since this is what i have... how would you edit it?

Thank you!

Hi guys,

on the first weekend of october i'm going camping in joshua tree desert in southern california, for the occasion (and my upcoming birthday) i've bought the samyang 14mm f/2.8 and i would love to try to do some stars photography and possibly getting a glance at the milky way.

Having always lived in highly polluted areas I've never tried any kind of "astrophotography" before and i see all these beautiful images around... that maybe are too beautiful to be true without a lot help in post? :)

I was wondering what kind of results you can get as a single shot (raw) straight out of the camera without any post-processing (even just stars, stills no trails), so when i see my images on the camera after the shot i can actually understand if i'm going the right way or not (I am a fan of the good old trial and error...); how many stars are actually visible? how many are just luminance noise for the high iso/long exposure?

Thank you all!

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