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Lenses / Re: Re : B + W 105mm Circular Polarizer
« on: June 07, 2014, 01:43:47 AM »
I am looking into picking up a B + W 105mm Circular Polarizer to go on the end of my Lee filter holder.  Does anyone familar with the product have any idea what the difference between the two that B and H Photo Video sells?  Other then the price of course.  They are both 105mm Kaesemann.  I am not sure what "extra wide" entails considering they are both 105mm.  Any help would be much appreciated!  thanks!!

 B+W 105mm Kaesemann Circular Polarizer Filter

 B+W 105mm Kaesemann Circular Polarizer Extra Wide MRC Filter

I have the regular B+W 105mm Kaesemann. It's pretty stiff, which can be annoying with the Lee filter holder. It was enough of a problem that I bought a Heliopan. I like the Heliopan much better, and I'll eventually get around to selling the B+W.

A bit of extra thickness can be useful when using one of the hooded Lee filter holders because it gives your fingers more to grab onto. It's probably not a big deal with just the holder.

In the immortal word of Monte Zucker "Beauty is in the eye of the checkbook holder."

The reason a "client" does not like an image has never hurt my feelings but was a message to me that I was not on their wavelength.

You refer to this affair as a dissatisfied client situation. Once the the consumer of your work is identified as the client it becomes a business situation. What you love is irrelevant.

While there is some disagreement on this thread as to how to handle it my opinion is that you have to address it as a business deal as you were approached because of your skill. Their dissatisfaction will redound back to you in poor word of mouth so as a purely defensive move you have to invest even more non-revenue generating effort to protect your local reputation.

The real benefit to you in this situation is the education received.

1. A client is a client, paid work or not. A failure to determine and meet the client's needs is the fault of whoever is providing the service, be it photography or something else. The facts of what happened might say something else, but that doesn't matter.

2. The client's decision to not use a particular photograph does not make them ungrateful, unappreciative, or too clueless to understand your artistry; see #1

3. I agree with the client in this case. The OP's photograph is not very good as presented. The runner is in focus, and the two volunteers on the right are doing something interesting, so those parts are fine, The left side of the photograph is a mess and it damages the photograph. You have a disembodied, out-of-focus red arm coming in from the side holding up a blurry cup dissimilar from the one the runner is carrying. The red arm partially obscures a person in bright orange, who might be doing something interesting, but we can't tell. The runners in the background are basically ok except for being somewhat blocked by the orange person and the red arm. Cropping the image in from the left does all sorts of good. Put the crop in between the blurry cup and the runner. The story is now the interaction between the runner and the two volunteers on the right, one of whom is holding the same type of cup as the runner and implying where the runner got his drink.

Software & Accessories / Re: What fits in a CRJ-700 overhead bin?
« on: June 17, 2013, 02:23:50 PM »
I have Googled this and that is why I am looking for people with personal experience in this situation.


I've flown in a number of CRJ-700's and they have all been 2+2. The luggage bins are fairly deep and long, but the doors don't open very far, so the thickness of your bag will be the limiting factor. My main bag is a Gura Gear Kiboko 30L. I've only run into problems when there was too much stuff in the pockets and the bag got too thick. Now I remove the waist belt and clear out the pockets and it fits fine. (The waist belt and the stuff in the pockets travels separately and I put everything back together when I get on the ground at my destination.)

If the flight is full, the staff at the gate will probably be proactive and start labeling the larger bags to be gate checked before boarding starts. Tell them you have photography gear in the bag and they might let you carry it on. It helps if you get there early and talk to them rather than running up at the last minute. On a recent trip, the guy at the gate even let a group of us board in the first group to make sure there was space in the bins.

Since they have been mentioned already, the 2+1 Embraers are rather different beasts. I flew in Embraers this past weekend and split my gear up into two bags, with one bag planned for the overhead bin and the other under the seat if necessary. The Embraers only have bins one one side of the plane, so the risk is that they fill up. My large Tenba messenger bag with a laptop and a few lenses fit in the bin just fine. I need to compare it with my Kiboko to see if the Kiboko would have fit. The second bag was a backpack that was small enough to fit under the seat. Assuming you can make it work, two smaller bags for the airline portion of the trip will draw less attention from the gate crew than a single large bag. I've also been known to cram a lot of stuff in a photo vest to wear on the plane, usually the extra stuff I have to remove from the Kiboko bag to make it fit or meet a weight restriction.

Landscape / Re: Critique needed
« on: February 12, 2013, 12:56:46 PM »
You need more space between the sun and the tree. The tree is almost on top of the setting sun, so with the open space to the left, they end up looking scrunched together. The camera needs to be moved to the left if possible. A bit of cropping from the left might be needed, but not until the tree and sun are in the right place. I like the diagonal shoreline. You could bring the shadows on the shore up a bit in post processing, but just enough to get a bit of texture, so don't overdo it.

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