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I've been a Canon loyalist for many years and I currently shoot a portion of my work with a 1DX and a 5DIII.  Although I'm very pleased with both of those bodies, I do feel Canon needs to step up their game.  Seems to me that they are falling behind more and more (sensors, dynamic range, slow development of other formats such as  mirroless, etc...).  I've used D800's, Hasselblad H4's and Phase One in addition to my Canons.  When you get a taste of the extended dynamic range,  the magic of their tonality (especially from the medium format sensors) and the ability to crop, you get spoiled by what those products have to offer (in my opinion).   As stated in this post by so many other Canon users, I too will be ordering a Sony A7R as I feel it will bring mirrorless a large leap forward  and I like Sony's comprehensive commitment to the format  (15 lenses by 2015, etc) and their aggressiveness.    I wish it was Canon offering such a product but once again, it appears that they are at the tail end so for me, the days of product loyalty are becoming less and less important.  Naturally, it's all about the image first, the technology is just the means to the end, but it sure was convenient during the days of old when you could lean on one of the major brands to get there.    At this point, it's too early to tell if Sony's new announcements will live up to the hype but if it does, Sony should up their market share amongst serious enthusiasts and professionals.  Hats off to Sony!

Thank you for the link to the appropriate optical slave and advice.  I shall order a few to keep in my bag.  It's too bad that this great flash can communicate via radio and infrared, but Canon left out a plain vanilla optical trigger.  Go figure.  Thanks again for pointing me in the right direction.

I'm a newbie with Canon and used to use the Nikon SB900 flashes in SU-4 mode which makes them a manual, optical slave that would fire when any studio flash went off.  Im trying to do the same with the Canon RT600EX but can't find a way for them to fire completely independent of the camera / ST-E3 controller.  Any advise would be much appreciated.

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