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Any comments on this ?  ;)

Anne & Hendrik on Vimeo

Canon 5D Mark III, Komputerbay CF Card 64 1000x, Sigma 35mm 1,4 Art, Canon 70-200mm L IS 2,8, Slider, Glidecam

good stuff. one thing really jumped out at me though.

I know that you are trying to do some shots in 60fps for slow mo and on a canon you are pretty much forced into 720p, but the h.264 720p has just horrible quality, and it looks extra bad alongside raw. the biggest shock was the cut from the nice raw wide shots outside to the super blurry glidecam shot of the entire family standing.

that's my biggest gripe but otherwise a very solid piece!

Thanks too. Yes, I do know that issue. The 720p-mode is really soft... plus in this scene there was only time for on shot, so focus is not accurate too. I filmed a concert at saturday with RAW-Mode in 1920x1080 25 fps and some slomotions in 1902x818 with 48fps, but CF-Cards are running out of space so quickly...

btw, i also enjoyed your>Let's Get Lost In Summer - Backlight - with your dog - video<, even though i'm a cat person.

keep doing what your doing ;)

Thanks a lot!

Hey, just saw the trailer and I'd say a VERY solid effort!!
Enjoyable to watch and I think you captured the event well with a good story.

I'm curious, with shooting RAW, you have such a wide range of room with which to work as far as color grading did you come to go with the grade you ended up with? Rather than ultra or hyper realistic, it seems you used a soft and mellow color me, reminicent of some of the chemical treatments used for 70's type shots maybe...?

Anyway, caught me as different and was wanting your thought processes when doing your color grading.

About my only constructive criticism I'd offer is that I thought perhaps you used a bit much of the extreme shallow depth of field, and the constant racking of focus back and forth.

Don't get me wrong, I am a huge fan of it, and well, lets face it, if you're shooting low ambient light and you can't really put up video lights, you're gonna have to use fast glass and wide open apertures, but I find that you have to try to mix it just right...static shots or constant focus shots, not racking in and out of every shot in succession.

It is a criticism I'm giving myself (and will have to on my next video that I shot for a Bridal Pub crawl...on fast glass in dark bars and venues), it is something on my mind lately and I'm having to watch it myself.

Also, on a couple of the outdoor shots, when you have the bride and groom together, panning by them on the bridge....I think you might have gone for a bit more depth of field to make sure both of their faces were in sharp focus.

Last thing...and I'm about to face this one myself. For post in the dancing reception scenes..I see a bit of noise there. Did you use any type of noise filter yet? I'm buying the Neat Video noise cleaner....I have been using FCPX, and it works there, but I'm about to switch and learn Premier so, I'm gonna buy the Premier one, but it works amazingly might wanna look into it.

Alright, I lied, that wasn't the last thing.

I'm still hesitant to put ML on my 5D3 due to the alpha state of the software, and that you have to set a bootflag that you cannot turn off at this point....but I am wanting to go that way when I can.

I've been reading a lot about the workflow of taking the RAW through RAWdmg...and pretty much putting it straight through to Davinci Resolve Lite (free), which you can use to set up the footage, and then, use proxy footage to roundtrip it with FCPX or Premier. I'd want to go that route and save some time and not have to turn into TIFF or jpg, etc.

And Resolve is a MONSTER free software out there, for color grading. I'm still trying to learn it, but the tools you have there at your disposal give you so much ability to do interesting grades.

What did you do your color correction/grading in? Did you do it in FCPX or an external application.

Anyway..again, enjoyed the video and hope my suggestions/criticisms are taken as being constructive in nature, and believe me...I'm still learning a LOT myself, so take it with a grain of salt.

Keep up the good work!!


Hey cayenne,

thanks for the kind words. I get these things right, as criticism is appropriate, cause I know everything is far from perfect. So, shots are mostly better if there is enough time to set camera and DoF correctly... but some of the scenes are resulting from only one possible shot, so they are not that good. Still learning each time too ;)

Colorgrading was done in After Effects, and yes, because the footage is so different, from nice to &%$*  ;) I decided to give all a touch of "vanillaroid".

I hesitate to set the bootflag on my 2nd Mark III too, because it is still in warranty...

I will give Neat Video a look!

I donno much about video production, but I loved the style of this short documentary. Emotions of the day are well captured. Great work!

Thanks a lot!

I can import stills, but I wasn't able to import them as a sequence...

Why, after converting to TIFF/JPG, you convert again? I just import the stills directly into the editing software...

Howto in FCPX? I'm not using Premiere..

Hey,  thanks,

yes I actually find a short documentary of the complete day my main interest, the couple gets only the raw material and this trailer )an d some Photos). I don't have too much interest in animated pigeons and menus on a DVD or so  ;D so this get's a bit longer than a typical trailer.

My RAW process is similar to yours, exept I export to JPGs and add them to QT7 and then PRORES. Not really satisfying, but the results are outstanding :)

Another Wedding Film. Please give it a look and tell me what ya think, thanks a lot :)

Some of the scenes (mostly the sharper ones) are filmed using the Magic Lantern RAW-Hack

All work did by myself. no helping hands ;)

2x Canon 5D Mark III, Canon 60D
Tokina 11-16mm 2,8, Samyang 14mm 2,8, Sigma 35mm 1,4, Canon 85mm 1,2, Canon 24-70 2,8, Canon 70-200mm 2,8 IS, Canon 100mm 2,8
Glidecam 2000, Edelkrone Sliderplus

EOS Bodies / Re: 5D Mark III with Continuous RAW Video Recording
« on: May 21, 2013, 01:54:25 PM »
Some Footage filmed with the help of Magic Lantern on Sunday...

Video & Movie / Re: Indian Wedding shot with 5D Mark III
« on: January 23, 2013, 06:38:44 PM »
Did you use any type of 'flat profile' setting on your camera for shooting this?

Yes I reduced saturation in camera a little bit and reduced sharpness in cam to zero and added that in post.

Video & Movie / Re: Indian Wedding shot with 5D Mark III
« on: January 23, 2013, 06:33:48 PM »
If u excuse me with some critics tough:

u have sometimes 1-2 more extra shots, and some clips are longer then it should be. Just some examples: in the beginning, glideing and moving behind the makeup shelves u have 1-2 more than it needed, also in the party u have an upwards total from the balcony -> transition -> and moving down back.
and the very last 2 clips, i think u have already made a nice defocus beggining-ending frame to the story, for me the same shot coming back again to be the very last picture, is a bit too much, it was already understandable and nicely closed picture the previous one.

(and a tipp: for the family, the muster material could be very funny without any editing after 5 years or so, just to check who looked how)

But the focus pulling, directing and compositing was very well done, i think you put a lot of work and energy into it.

Thanks... and critics are welcome... I used the transition from the balcony as a bridge from ceremony/cake/overview to the dancing party, but thats a question of taste... but you're right.. to decrease minor things is the game ;)

Video & Movie / Re: Indian Wedding shot with 5D Mark III
« on: January 23, 2013, 06:28:52 PM »
To me the depth of field in many of these shots looks very shallow, so I wonder how you get it in focus. Lots of practice pulling focus ? Or do you prefocus each shot (including the ones that start out of focus) before you start recording ? What sort of apertures are you shooting these ?

Lots of practise and there is a big amount of "everything but perfect", but I let a framing if it fits and accept the motion going into out of focus blur if the scene is still good. Apertures I used was 1,4 for the close shots, 2,8 in church and 4,0 to 5,6 when on steadycam-mode

Video & Movie / Re: Indian Wedding shot with 5D Mark III
« on: January 23, 2013, 06:22:13 PM »
For family and friends I am sure more is better, but for general audience, you could edit and trim a lot to shorten length. If time and interest allows, may be you can make two versions, one for the family and one for general audience that is tightly constructed?

You have a lovely scene where the bride (cute!) looks at the groom...but you leave the scene past its peak and she ends up licking her lips while looking at him ... may be she was just wetting her lips ...but looks like she wants to do something else ... I am sure that was not the intent, and if it was, surely the audience doesn't need to see it....this is a case where the camera lingers too long :) For the general audience I also think some of the shots of the family lined up can go... trim trim trim for the general audience.

You have enough good sequences you can pick and choose. I don't shoot video, but as a Hitchcock nut, I know the man sometimes edited sequences down to the exact frame where he wanted it to end...the audience doesn't get to see not even a smidge more than what he intends...

Thanks for this, I really appreciated this for future things. Reducing beautiful things to a small version for an external audience was actually most of the job... too much nice shots ;)

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