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this is actually a decent shot but worth that much money?  :o

I don't know any other of his work, but I find this to be an excellent picture, and he had the good sense to put a meaning it other than "I happened to shoot this the other day" :-)

As for the money, obviously(?) high-priced art isn't about private people spending millions for their personal pleasure, but for social status ("Look, I like good art! And I can afford it!") and future investment.

If want "wtf!?", I just read about this being the second most expensive picture ever. I'm really lost for words, probably because I'm German and for this domestic river a lot of associated images pop up in my mind - but this isn't one of them :-o

Look at that picture. What do you see? A river in a postindustrial landscape. Very straight, very rectangular. That river is the rhine. The famous rhine, about which so many songs have been sung, about which a whole lot of the german cultural identity is grouped. Think about Loreley and so on. The rhine is a german myth. But what has it become nowadays? Look at the picture. This is the rhine nowadays. This is our culture, our society, our landscape nowadays.

No you now understand what Gursky had in his mind when creating this picture? (Of course it is heavily edited/photoshopped to emphasize his message)


I actually quite like the Gursky photograph of the Rhine...thanks for the explanation! My problem is that I am only very very distant German nowadays and I never saw/realized  the 'meaning' of the looking at the image now and before, I don't really 'get it' - I have never been to Germany nor have I seen the Rhine - I dont like 'art' photographs that  have to rely on an 'explanation' to get the meaning across...

but read what the Guardia has to say about photography as 'art' :

EOS-M / Re: Portfolio of my favorite Eos M pics of the last year...
« on: December 04, 2014, 09:49:40 AM »
My pleasure...I am glad someone enjoys them!

EOS-M / Portfolio of my favorite Eos M pics of the last year...
« on: December 04, 2014, 09:08:49 AM »
With all the talk of the new rumored Eos M I had a look at some of my images made with my Eos M, 22mm and standard zoom lenses over the last year or so and selected this small portfolio to showcase how versatile this little camera can be....

The rest of the portfolio of 16 images can be viewed here at :

Third Party Manufacturers / Re: Samsung NX-1 Review
« on: December 03, 2014, 01:09:30 AM »
Well, I intend to try and rent an NX1 if LensRentals gets them. I don't think they currently rent Samsung gear. If not, I may simply buy one and try it out for 20 days, and return it if it has any major issues. I could probably rent a 7D II and buy a step wedge and provide some data for people to look at.

I've seen a couple reviews where the reviewers seemed to think the AF system performed quite well. I think it's fairly easy to cherry pick reviews (from the countless reviewers that are out there now) to demonstrate the opinion you want. I've stopped bothering with that myself, as it's never a winning doesn't resolve any clashing opinions, and the other side just ends up digging up some of the reviews that cater to their existing opinions to share.

I wish there was some kind of objective way to compare data from DPR. You can make subjective judgements based on what you think you see as far as comparing the images they provide in their little comparison tool. That has the same problem though...people don't see the same things. Both literally and figuratively...we all perceive things differently, but we also all have different screens with different calibrations, brightness and contrast settings, etc. Some people's screens reveal terrible aspects of my photography that make me feel like I want to barf, yet when I view the same image on my screen, it's fine. I have a high end, high quality, calibrated screen...they do not.

That's why I've tried to start measuring standard deviations, maximums and minimums, etc. with PixInsight. It's one of the very few ways I know of to produce objectively comparable data. So far, PixInsight is telling me that the NX1 image has a bit lower noise than the 7D II image. I'm not saying it's a world-shattering difference...but it seems to place the NX1 firmly between the 7D II and 5D III on the image quality scale. It's by no means an A7s competitor, nor even a 1D X competitor...and no one should have ever expected that. But as far as an APS-C getting closer to a 5D III full frame camera in IQ...I think the NX1 is currently the closest. (Based on the only objective data I've been able to get a hold of so far, anyway.)

If I ever do produce some step-wedge images for comparison between cameras, I have no doubt that there will be just as much subjectivity and controversy on what those images "tell" us as any other comparison image. For the same reasons that DPR's comparison tool and the diversity of camera reviews with wildly differing opinions produce nothing more than subjective opinions and controversial results.

I think that getting an objective across the board review method to compare one camera sensor (or other feature)to another is almost impossible...and the things is does it really matter and what will it prove?

People buy brands for all sorts of reasons, not just because some reviewer out there has proven that it is the best.

Here are some 'other' reasons why I stick with Canon:

I have used it since day 2 (day 1 was a Ricoh KR5)

My Old F1 was superb, I loved the shutter sound and I thought it was the best looking slr out there.(I was very young then) so that experience build quite a solid neuron path!

I still think Canon's 'look' better than Nikons's....( but the old Nikon F was pretty cool looking too and of course the Leica M is the best looking of the lot)

I think the 6D, for the money and features, is just great, I use it everyday for my job. (The new Alpha 7mk2 is also a pretty cool and desirable camera, but I am not convinced of the lens corner sharpness of the alpha lenses)

I have an Eos M, which despite all the bad press, is actually quite a nice little backup toy and a 'everyday take with me everywhere' camera... and with the adapter works just perfectly with all my EF lenses and integrates perfectly with the rest of my system. Its got the same sensor as the 'old7D' and frankly I am not sure what all the fuss is about...I get pretty good image quality.( I  would love to have a Sony RX1, but I dont want to mix systems and its priced out of my league)

EF, lenses at their best, is up there with the best....( but so is the new sigmas, but I am weary of interface problems)

What a system, there is just everything there that I need and could possibly  want! ( but Nikon also has a kickass system)

As an example, I just got myself a Selphy printer to use on my travels when photographing people. I can give them a print immediately and I am hoping it will make the interactions easier etc etc. The printer is tiny and fits in my camera bag so I can carry it around. (battery powered) It can print directly from my camera via wifi. How cool is that?

The thing is most people will have their reasons why they stick or change to a tests reviews comparisons etc etc will make them change until they want to change....some of us are so deep into a brand that we cannot change unless we are wiling to lose a lot of money...but then there are those who swop and cahnge at the drop of a hat...good luck to them...

But the biggest single reason why I am sticking with what I have got is because it gives me what I want. No matter how bad the 'DR' range is according to the experts, for me it is more than good enough and very seldom do I run into a situation where I wish I had more DR or cleaner shadows. Sometimes I wish I had a bit more resolution. But, last week I made a heavily processed and manipulated print from a 6D image. I printed it large...61x 80cm....and I was totally impressed with the image quality, and I 'only' printed it at the 'normal' setting on my printer....I know I can get even better quality if I play around a bit...
So the thing is technology from any and all brands can give us stunning image quality right now...some a 'bit' better than others but all, imo, good enough

That is not to say that its not amusing and even sometimes even interesting and educational reading and comparing and debating on the forums, but really things are pretty good right now as it is...( And yes, even the Canon stuff is good no matter what anyone says!)

Lenses / Re: What is your favorite lens/camera combo in your camerabag?
« on: December 02, 2014, 06:57:03 AM »
6d plus 40mm pancake.

Plus a Selphy printer for street portraits!

Lenses / Re: Review: Sensor Performance of the 7D Mark II
« on: December 02, 2014, 06:42:10 AM »

'so Canon might provide a more complete overall camera and might sell like crazy but that doesn't mean that has the best sensor in the market.'

agreed! but what else can one look at but the 'total' offering from a brand? the Sony's sure look good and very tempting but there are just too many little question marks that worry me like the shutter vibration, softer corners compared to Canon, EVF, no shift and tilt lenses, less backup and availability in my neck of the woods, etc etc so for a Canon owner the 7D2 is as good as its going to get, and frankly that's not bad at all and probably far exceeds what most photographers here are capable off anyway...and that goes not just for Canon but all the other brands as well....things are pretty good at the moment !

The Alpha range from sony of course could be used in a Canon system via adaptors, which sound perfect theoretically but the lack of corner sharpness is too uncertain for me to commit to that idea yet....

Black & White / Re: Two weeks in Namibia!
« on: November 28, 2014, 09:59:07 AM »
Just posted an update to my Namibian adventure and more specifically Sesriem and the Dunes from the Namib Naukluft , which can be found here at:

Animal Kingdom / ORYX against the backdrop of Namibian dunes..
« on: November 28, 2014, 09:50:31 AM »
I spend a few nights in Sesriem, Namibia earlier this year. I went to photograph the landscapes but every morning I found an Oryx or two juxtaposed against the most unusual backdrops.....more images and info here at:

thanks sanji, click...the dunes form the most unusual backdrops and work well if you can compress the perspective with a longer lens...all the pics here were made with my 6D and 70-300L

Landscape / Namibia, Sesriem, Deadvlei - The ultimate landscape destination
« on: November 28, 2014, 08:41:46 AM »
Here are some images made in Namibia earlier this year...My wife and I stayed for four whole days in Sesriem which is the gateway to the Namib Naukluft National Park, home of some of the worlds highest dunes, and a few other interesting places to photograph...

More of my images, info and my techniques to photograph this stark, but beautiful landscape can be found here at:

EOS Bodies / Re: A Real EOS M Replacement Coming Soon? [CR1]
« on: November 18, 2014, 06:23:46 AM »
Lets hope it has the new 7d2 sensor plus an EVF, or at least a 'clip on' viewfinder....

Lenses / Re: Roger Machin shows new 100-400mm
« on: November 17, 2014, 05:29:46 AM »
 Roger is a product manager at Canon South Africa....

I didnt watch his video...but the typical 'switch' scenario seems to be: " Sheesch, my new little camera is just so much smaller than that big badass 5d3 with the 24-70zoom and that huge 70-200f2.8! My new sony/leica/nikon/pentax/samsung is just so small and compact. I hardly notice its there'...which of course is all I just swap my big ugly zooms for a little pancake and the my 6D is almost just as small and compact as the best out there, and all it cost me was the price of a 'meal'...

 its sensor is seriously lagging? Especially in performance below ISO 800. Sony have also licked shadow noise and suffer no banding.

Perhaps here I don't quite agree with you...My experience with the 6D has only been a pleasure with more than enough dynamic range, plus ability to push shadows and pull highlights enough to meet my needs. Further the ability to shoot at 'any' iso is great - I regularly shoot commercial jobs at 1600iso, gps is nice to have plus wifi that works like a polaroid via my ipad plus a whole bunch of specialist lenses, like my 24TS, 40pancake, 70-300L etc...I just don't see a compelling reason yett to change. Sure the 36mp option is very tempting, but I will give Canon some more time to come up with something similar. The fact is that 20mp is pretty good as it is, and allows me to regularly make A2 enlargements that look superb.

I think the Sony's are great camera and I look forward to the next lot, but hopefully they will address some issues that the current ones have, like soft corners on almost all the lenses, no TS (Canon has Four!)...I don't know, Sony still needs some catching up to do....and judging by the new 7D2/6D sensor at least the shadow banding/noise is something of the past, so the future looks good here in 'my' Canon land....

Software & Accessories / Re: Free DxO Optics Pro 8
« on: October 28, 2014, 07:07:06 AM »
I have them all, topaz, Nik, DPP, DXO 9 and LR. I much prefer LR for everyday stuff, but when I have a very high iso image I process it with the DXO LR plugin. The user interface of DXO is very cumbersome compared to LR. I can t really see much of a difference, DXO looks like it can capture a bit more highlight detail and as said the NR on high iso images work well. For normal use it looks more 'digital' to me than LR..

But if its free, well then why not?

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