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Plamen, would it be possible to make a graph that not only accounts for the 8% MP differential, but also adjusts for the aperture to sensor size ratio?

Thank you, Plamen, for the excellent article and graph.

(of the first graph) Does it in fact say that a 7D @ f6 out resolves a 5D2 @ f20?

No.  Your example only works at the low end of the spectrum.(where enlargement of smaller sensor image/pixels is necessary)

If both sensors have the same pixel count and that number is larger than the resolution of the monitor you a viewing them on, the sharpness will be identical.(assuming the captured images are identical)

I believe Passport beat me to it but here is a simple, albeit imperfect, test ;)

-Take two cameras with identical processors, flange distance, pixel count, and lens, but with camera A having full-frame, and camera B, an APS-C sized sensor.

-Place a high-res blowup of the first page of War and Peace on the wall, and take a photo with each camera, at the same shutter speed and aperture, from the same distance away (at an optimal exposure, of course), so that the page fills the frame of camera A.

-Make a 200x enlargement [print] of each photo [file].(camera A = 360mmX240mm, and camera B = 222mmX148mm)

Take a pair of scissors, and cut down the camera A print so that it matches the framing (size) of the camera B print.

Compare prints for sharpness.

Finish reading War and Peace.

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