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How about red AF points that you can actually see on dark objects in AI Servo

Where's the challenge in that :-p ?

and a built-in radio trigger for Speedlites?

Probably a model policy problem: More expensive metal camera bodies cannot have it due to transmission/range problems, and so cheaper plastic cameras like 6d/70d can't either...

- full size still picture possibility during video recording

Fyi: Magic Lantern already has full res silent pix - though the shutter speed is unfortunately limited. But then again, it's free and available right now.

EOS Bodies / Re: 2015 wishlist
« on: Today at 04:32:51 PM »
A 430EX-RT with radio capabilities. I'll be fine if it's only slave and not master.

If anyone ever discovers why they're really delaying (or skipping?) this, send me a PM :-o ...

5D mkIV is what everyone is waiting for and that's fine with me, just do the best you can with that one.

No can do, in that case they'd have to put a 1d sticker on it. Considering Canon's usual model policy, the 5d3 was actually way more feature-loaded vs. the 1dx than I'd have expect. Thanks, Nikon competition :-)

Dear Canon, if you are listening here is my wish list for 2015.

Giving your list, your actual wish seems to drive Canon into bankruptcy :->

Here's my 2015 wishlist :-)
  • Please don't let Magic Lantern die
  • Please let me have a faster eye for composition and more certainty for good lighting
  • Please cure my horizontal deficiency syndrome when leveling the camera
  • Please let there be a market for good photography in the future.

Marsu42 - I watched KA2, like, just, 3days ago. Enjoy your Super Holidays dude.

Yup, thanks, I'm enjoying it!

Until the end of the year, I have superpowers too and feel free to write stuff like "just afma your lens" or "if your 6d's af doesn't work just fine, you're not up to the task" instead of trying to present a differentiated opinion :->

Btw: KA2 didn't really impress me, the first one imho is much more fun even if it is heavy on college humor.

Technical Support / Re: Repair cost cf card bent pin
« on: Today at 04:19:20 PM »
WHAT? Is that true?

Welcome to the club, I know THAT feeling. It's simply that the wages for qualified techs and the repair shop are so high even picking up a screwdriver is €70, and that replacing is cheaper than spending time to "fix" it - esp. if it's not clear if a fixing attempt will succeed.

Morality of the story: With expensive gear, expect and calculate in expensive repair costs :-\

Thanks for your comments. Any idea about warranty?

Well, I doubt it's warranty case, they just explained how it works to me at the local cps. At least where I live (Germany, Berlin cps) everything that isn't clearly Canon's fault but wrong handling, moisture/dirt or wear like shutter isn't covered. But you never know - esp. with more expensive gear and common mis-usage problems you might get lucky and they give you a "famed Canon customer service" present.

EOS Bodies / Re: Ron Martinsen Blasts the 7DII in his review
« on: Today at 04:07:52 PM »
On the 1dx subject, I've spent far more on a camera, but its been a video camera and for work, I never felt I had to justify anything to anybody.  Some folk smoke.  Some folk have big fancy cars, some folk play golf, some folk go scuba diving or ski-ing.

Right, and that makes discussions on CR generally friendly - even the "rich" 1dx+600L folk don't put more money into it than your average neighbor drooling about their newest flat screen tv and middle class car. And going for photography means you intent to actually produce something and share it, even if "only" with your family - which is inherently different from pure throw-away consumption.

Last not least, people buying stuff is much better than stashing away $$$ on a bank account, at least consumption pays taxes (vat). Even in the department "planned obsolescence" a dslr probably is not so bad at generating junk heaps, plenty of folks around using older gear and esp. older lenses.

That just sums our culture up, an embarrassment of riches, we secretly covet consumer goods but want to be the stoic red clydesiders of old, we want the big white lenses but would be embarrassed to be seen flaunting the wealth on a hobby...   that kind of thing.

You got me there - I admit I'm kind of embarrassed walking about even with my mediocre gear and "cheapest possible" white 70-300L which is only painted white for marketing purposes (other than say the 70-200L). But I'm currently improving a bit on that attitude, it's really about how you carry and handle your gear, not about the actual value.

EOS Bodies / Re: Ron Martinsen Blasts the 7DII in his review
« on: Today at 03:03:08 PM »
If you disagree with Tinky at least don't bring that right wing nationalistic slogan.

You're dead wrong about the origin, but never mind. Concerning mixing communism & socialism: that was a joke, sorry you didn't pick it up - It was too tempting after the op elaborating how he's a socialist. I'm not going for anything really political on CR, just the occasional pun ... but at least he's got it:

The old dichotomy of gemeinschaft and gesellschaft is at work I grant you.

:-) seems your're a 1/2 generation older than me, when I studied Sociology the professor who taught about Tönnies for all his life just had retired. Seems I'm stuck with being a happy consumer :->

Personally for wildlife I cannot justify the price difference of the 1Dx over the 5D3.

Well, there has been the argument that the shutter of a 1d is sturdier, so you have to calculate at least a 5d3 shutter replacement into the equation if you do machine gun photography. Personally, I wish I'd have the money, esp. for wildlife in the great, rainy outdoors shooting with the 1dx metering, faster af and build quality has to be a dream come true.

If you are going to shoot mRAW or sRAW you might as well shoot jpegs instead

Now I'm a bit heretical because I'm an early adopter, but I can only recommend "lossy dng".

It cuts the file size to 1/3rd while retaining the dr and lossless wb adjustment. It's meant to be the middle ground between full raw and jpeg, and it's just great for this purpose. With the DNG converter (but not PS/LR's menus) you can even downsample the lossy dng to a smaller resolution.

In comparison to this, mraw/sraw is just outdated unless you use it to save card space when shooting.

What do you think?

I think take a (mini-)tripod with you next time, do hdr and stitch them to a panorama -then we're talking :-)

I found the catalog idea difficult at first, it took me at least a year to really become proficient at understanding and using it, but now its 2nd nature.

+1, I would be lost w/o LR's cataloging and tagging system - but you have to put some though into it how do adapt it to your own needs. I have absolutely no idea how folks handle their collection using folders and post-processing software tuned for editing individual images like dxo or dpp.

then sends the .dng back to lr

Do take note that this dng is not raw anymore, but a large demosaiced file with lossless wb adjustment gone for good. You could as well use tiff even though dng compresses better and has some other goodies. That's the main concern with combining dxo with acr - it breaks the raw workflow.

EOS Bodies / Re: Ron Martinsen Blasts the 7DII in his review
« on: Today at 11:27:01 AM »
Why would a photographer shoot in-camera HDR at ISO 6400?

There are more reasons than at iso100 as higher iso have less dynamic range. I use hdr (or at least ML's dual_iso, even though it's way less effective at high iso) for night shooting. Try capturing a scene in full moon and try to get some detail in the shadows w/o clipping the sky...

... however I'd never use in-camera hdr for that, so the crippled hdr of the 6d is no concern to me.

Lenses / Re: Canon 100mm L Macro
« on: Today at 03:39:38 AM »
I've had mine for almost two years .... But not sure what is going on now with it.

Probably the lens waited until it was just outside warranty range :-o ... I just did a camera "break your filter" flip just like the one below :-(

Look here:

5D III + old 16-35 f2.8 II(f3.2 1/60 12800ISO).

Well, the 16-35L2 f2.8 isn't old because there's no f2.8 L3 :-) But if there'S a reason to add is to lenses, it's shots like these.

Not great, but good enough to keep.

Before troubling dxo with these, I'd say it doesn't hurt to try LR with the correct settings. I expect your computer setup is high-end, too, so in your case it doesn't really hurt - but for others it's overhead you can probably skip while retaining a raw workflow

The shot is clipped black and white, and I really don't see any details that would have been recovered by superior noise reduction ... but it added noise in the clipped areas, strange enough. I know this effect from my own dxo experiments, and imho this "film noise" it's more a matter of taste than good or bad nr.

If you're dealing with areas of colors or gradients, iso noise doesn't really matter, it's more about color reproduction - and dxo cannot save this.

EOS Bodies / Re: Built in adapter?
« on: Today at 02:51:36 AM »
Here is one, perhaps what I remembered.  It definitely discusses a new lens mount, and is about as close as Canon comes to saying it will happen.  No patent though.

Thanks for the links! "Canon is exploring the possibility of a new lens mount" is what sounds plausible, esp. for the time it might take until they really release a new system. If they do it, they'd better deliver as much added value as possible (like the "block rotating elements" gimmick from the other link).

Canon General / Re: How does one close/delete one's account ?
« on: December 20, 2014, 09:05:27 PM »
I am trying to find a way to end/close/delete my account here on cr Could anyone tell me how to go about it.

If you find out, let us know :-p ... well, maybe as your last post. The smarter place to ask would be here:;sort=starter

Out of general curiosity, it'd be interesting to know and if you can take your posts with you (i.e. have them deleted on request). Not that I am planning to abandon CR anytime soon :-)

EOS Bodies / Re: Built in adapter?
« on: December 20, 2014, 09:01:44 PM »
who says they would change the mount distance for a FF mirrorless?
You're proposing they're selling a 6d-size camera with just the phase af, mirror+metering removed? Sure it's a possibility, but on the long run they'll most likely want to make use of smaller cameras with ff iq.
There is a problem moving a FF lens closer to the sensor without losing IQ.

This is just what I'm trying to say here, even if I obviously failed to do so :-p ... if there's a mirrorless ff adapter, it'll basically mean putting the lens just where it is now with mirrored gear.

I doubt that it will happen, that new lens mount that Canon patented a while back was developed for a reason.

They did? I missed that, could you dig out the link and post it please?

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