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Lenses / Re: Bokeh: Good vs. Bad?
« on: Today at 12:27:56 AM »
I have heard bokeh described as "creamy", "busy", "smooth", "harsh", and all sorts of other subjective names. But what, exactly, is good bokeh contrasted with bad bokeh? I would appreciate some real-world examples of both kinds, and just for fun, what lens gives you the best bokeh in most conditions?

Im a video guy, and in terms of Video Bokeh, there is a point of no return for me (meaning bad bokeh).
Bokeh needs to be seamless to me, it can't be like a subject is sitting in front a blurred green screen.


What people are failing to understand here is that Sony learnt from Betamax and gave us BluRay and whilst Betamax may have not won the consumer marketplace, it remained "the professionals tape."

The Sony Vaio is not what many people would call a failure, same to with XBR.

Be careful of what you mark as a failure attributed to Sony.

If there is a DSLR segment that withers, it'll be the entry level - the 1200Ds, maybe even the 700D, etc line, that competes on price with mirrorless but not on form factor.

Lets see how successful Sony has been on you... have you bought into the Sony system yet?

What is really strange is to see someone asking for a 3D BluRay player.

There is nothing wrong in that, I did say "at least."
Let me rephrase it in a way you would understand it.
Why have 4K TVs and/or 3D TVs, if you are not going to use them for that purpose?

I would only assume, since Sony started selling 4K TVs in 2012, they would have that tech in the PS4 (recently released [2014]). Ok, fine... no 4K in PS4? Then "at least" 3D tech which was released by Sony in 2010.

EDITTED TO ADD: EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEIR 4K TVs is also a 3D TV. Comes with 2 pairs of 3D glasses and all.

Given Sony's track record, this does not bode well for them.

Broken record but
-- BetaMax
-- Vaio
-- XBR

Sony is posting a 2 Billion loss this year. 

I can see the Mirrorless segment grow
I can see the P&S shrink
I can see the DSLR shrink as well
And I can see the overall marked shrink

Where I disagree,
I don't see Mirrorless growing as much as they expect
I don't see DSLR shrinking as much as they think,

I do see Canon and Nikon trimming their lines in the future, but I see that more in the mid level. 

In terms of the professionals, for every 1 who goes to Sony, I see 9 - 10 staying Nikon / Canon, whether it is loyalty, Glass, or just preference. 

If Sony is going to continue to push R&D and only have 9% of the market, long term those margins will bite them.  It would be interesting to follow Nikon especially if their next gen go back to their own sensors - Nikon could really be up the creek if they rely on Sony and Sony folds their line like they did with TVs and Computers. They may have gotten a boost in short term using someone elses sensor, but that is dangerous if one of your main components is from a company that is bleeding money and has a history of folding product lines


A complete digital image solution. I wouldn't be surprised if we saw better integration between their cameras and televisions like we have with Canon's DSLRs and printers ("The print button.")

Perhaps they should integrate their TVs with their gaming consoles first. The very least they could've added a 3D blu-ray player to it. Stupid Sony.
Especially since they have 6-7 year cycles on their Playstations as opposed to annual cycles of TVs/Cameras.

The only way to get decent video out of a DSLR is to spend another $2K - $5K on equipment to mechanically stabilize, balance and smoothly move a DSLR and use external mics to improve the audio.  Then take that video footage and spend more time in post using software to make it acceptable.  And once you've mastered all that... you've become a cinematographer!!!


Cinematography, YES!  Hand held video, NO!!

I think that thats what most people are going for nowadays... Cinematography being the keyword, people want a movie of their wedding... cinema-like.

If you don't know or don't understand.

This is the trend:

BTW, my wedding had a whole production going on.... 12-foot crane with a Sony ENG, 2 hand-held DSLR video guys, and this was back in 2010. My wedding edit, is pretty movie like, we watch it at least once a year (obviously every anniversary).

This makes zero sense to me.

You have this forecast (made by Sony), no matter if it is DSLR/ILC, its still a shrinking market for all still cameras. So why is Sony investing in still cameras by creating all these new sensors?

Is this a clue that they are going to 'abort ship' in 2017?

Third Party Manufacturers / Re: LuLa likes the Samsung NX1
« on: November 26, 2014, 09:47:45 AM »
And if you look at Canon product pages that mention "weather <something>", nowhere do you find an actual definition of what that claim means.

Isn't it supposed to be 4 times better than the original 7D?
If so... then watch this:

Of relevance perhaps:

Its all fine and dandy that someone is able to say "This is, by dissection at least, the most thoroughly weather-sealed camera I’ve ever run across"

But it really doesn't mean anything to me. Now... this (durability test):

Proves that the 7D is a tank, weather? Pshhh is nothing...
Just waiting for a similar test to be done to the 7DII, any willing to do that to their camera?

Third Party Manufacturers / Re: LuLa likes the Samsung NX1
« on: November 25, 2014, 05:56:18 PM »
And if you look at Canon product pages that mention "weather <something>", nowhere do you find an actual definition of what that claim means.

Isn't it supposed to be 4 times better than the original 7D?
If so... then watch this:

No doubt this may be the future.

But, it still begs the question... is this really adding to the art of photography? Or is it adding to the art of photoshoping?

How much time do you spend in front of the computer? Do you really want to spend more time in front of the computer?

Very good point. 

I'll counter by saying - if you're a paid photographer, and can get "the shot" because you can "re-process" wouldn't you want that flexibility?

Aren't you adding to your workload if you are already planning to "re-process."

If its a hobby, and you want that extra dimension... perhaps for artistic purposes... then by all means.

But if you are a paid photographer, I highly doubt you want that extra workload...
Most likely you are charging a flat rate for the project, you dont' want countless hours in front of the computer.

Unless, you're one of those high-end, well-paid photographers that get 1000s of dollars for a single shot... then also by all means.

Third Party Manufacturers / Re: Samsung NX-1 Review
« on: November 24, 2014, 06:41:39 PM »
I doubt Samsung will sell many of these cameras, but they are adding on to the crescendo of high-quality, low-priced cameras that Canon and Nikon need to pay attention to.


If Samsung can do the NX-1 at this price then what's Canon's justification for the 7D Mark II being priced higher?

For the name "Canon" on the top of the camera?

In the world of business, everyone is the same.
Even Samsung, Sony, Panasonic, etc.

Right now, Samsung & Sony aren't anywhere close to Canon or Nikon...
So they produce high quality cameras for cheap...

BUT wait till they gain momentum...
All of a sudden, they have premium cameras that cost an arm and a leg... and the cheap stuff that people gripe about having the same sensor as the older stuff... blah blah blah.

Going back to the NX1, makes me regret investing in Canon lenses... sigh...
PL dammit... Zeiss & PL lenses thats the way to go...

In the world of film and videography there is no loyalty to brand. Just do what you can with any equipment available (hence renting the equipment).

EOS Bodies / Re: what is the body you want to see canon release next ?
« on: November 21, 2014, 10:29:30 PM »
A rebadged NX1 with an EF mount would be awesome!!


No doubt this may be the future.

But, it still begs the question... is this really adding to the art of photography? Or is it adding to the art of photoshoping?

How much time do you spend in front of the computer? Do you really want to spend more time in front of the computer?

So, I can expect an a7s III (note: not a typo) sometime in 2016?

Lenses / Re: A Couple of Real World EOS 7D Mark II High ISO Samples
« on: November 04, 2014, 03:59:40 PM »
Underexpose by over 7 stops?  Great technique.

Don't waste your breath...
Some people would rather take an hour to take a picture and spend a whole day in front of a computer to correct it.
Others like me, would rather spend a whole day to take a picture, and spend an hour in front of a computer to correct.
Of course, you might not have that luxury in fast action, last minute and time limited situations, but I'm not into that kind of work. I love the art of photography not so much the art of photoshop/LR.

EOS Bodies / Re: Canon 7D Mark II Owners first thoughts
« on: October 30, 2014, 09:36:56 PM »
I'll have one in my hands tomorrow at the PhotoPlus Expo in NYC at the Canon Exhibit, it may not be mine but just to hold one which I'm sure will not be much different than my 7D but I can run it thru it's paces with an expert from Canon to show me the in's and out's of it. Almost like getting a crash course on it before getting my own. Enjoy your cameras guys.

I messed around with one at the expo for about twenty minutes, I like it but now I'm undecided after also playing with the Canon 5D Mark III. I'm getting ready to transition to karate/taekwondo tournaments indoors and the Canon rep said the 5D Mark III would be a better fit. :-\
I'm going back tomorrow..........

Tough call...
You need high frame rate and low light capabilities.
I would suggest a 1DX, but if its out of your price range...
You have to ask yourself... do you need high quality low light pictures with lesser pictures taken at the right time? Or slightly lower quality low light pictures with more pictures taken at the right time?

EOS Bodies / Re: Canon Announces the Cinema EOS C100 Mark II
« on: October 26, 2014, 10:35:46 PM »

Ahh, yes, very true. But most major motion pictures have the budget for increased time to shoot multiple angles and don't need to save time and $$ by shooting 4K for reframing. They also have greater post-production budgets for scanning, etc.

Many doc-style TV shows do need that $$ savings and speed, however.

No matter what business you're in... you're trying to make the most for the least. Time is money too. If you have a 100 days to shoot, then thats all you have... I don't think the execs and producers will be happy if you shoot till 101 days, just to fit multiple angles. Similarly, if you have a chance to complete the job in 75 days instead of 100, that would save even more money. Its just more money in your pocket.

So, obviously, given the time, budget and scope... using a non-4K camera + multiple angles out weighed the cost of a 4K camera + single angle & a lot more post production work.

Here is what you have to remember. You can do 1 take with 4K, but how many times can you reframe that to be multiple angles? You still need to do another angle no? At least 2 more... in my opinion. Then there are reshoots, because someone made a mistake...

4 times the resolution means at least 4 times the space requirements, by all accounts... 4K and most RAW footages are space eaters.... plus you have to remember redundancy so you don't lose the huge files. Post-processing & rendering these files need a beast of a computer... all these need to be considered...

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