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...Funny, the first few times in a camera shop I felt the same way.....
Only the first few times?
I still get that too often even when walking in with an "L" bracketed 6D over my shoulder.

....if you want to admire a guy because he's able to pull out money of ignorant people...
Pretty much the same as retail impulse buys, planned obsolescent cars with useless accessories and my favorite rant best explained by a quote attributed to L. Ron Hubbard; "If you want to get rich, you start a religion".
Al least when one enriches Lik, one gets something to hang on a wall.

I wouldn't call it a scheme, more like a business model.
The artnet link posted sums it up rather well as they wrote;
"Lik has quietly managed to turn himself into the Thomas Kinkade of photography, selling pretty, pleasing, banal images that are wildly popular with a certain class of inexperienced collectors, but are barely recognized by the art establishment"
Lik is apparently indifferent to the so called "art establishment", with his net worth you can't fault him on that.
Many of us that strive (or would like to make the attempt) to sell our works could sure take some pointers from his marketing methods, I think he's quite brilliant in that respect though ethically questionable in some aspects.
Please don't ask me as I don't consider myself a photographic artist. Rather, in my work, I feel art is in the nature of whatever scene is before me, my job is to use my gear to capture an image of a scene for later presentation/display.

Photography Technique / Re: Washington D.C
« on: Today at 10:07:06 AM »
While I haven't been to DC in decades, I have visited the 3/5th scale "The Vietnam Traveling Memorial Wall"
If visitor response to the "Vietnam Veterans Memorial" is anything like what I experienced at the traveling version, you can expect quite a few older folks in tears.
Many of these folks will be of an age that they may not care at all about being photographed, to the contrary, they may be quite proud of their lost loved ones and the grief exhibited.
Others may feel that regardless of the public nature of the Memorial, their grief is a very private thing.
Therefore, tread carefully with your camera, be non-intrusive and respectful, there may well be some great opportunities there.
I went to see names of lost school mates. I was totally unprepared for the emotional reaction, it quite tore me up.
I remain sad about Our Country's involvement, both sad and proud of the Fallen (tears as I write this......)
Back then, I think I'd have felt being photographed intrusive, now, meh, somewhere between indifferent and proud.
Hmm.... might be very appropriate to wait until a subject is leaving, approach and offer e-mail copies or delete.

Technical Support / Re: Optimal processing platform of still images
« on: February 27, 2015, 12:19:13 AM »
Sure, no problem!.......
Thank you Rusty, M.2 is now on my list of things to do after moving. Sounds like two will be in order.

Two?  Two M.2 drives?  Only way to use two would be to either have two PCs with motherboards in each one that support it or have one on the motherboard and install a PCIe card to support the 2nd one.  Personally, I installed a 256GB M.2 and I use spinning platter HDs, each volume in a RAID 1 array hosted by the Intel RAID on the motherboard for everything else.
Two? If I Googled well, it appears M.2 and PCie are essentially the same throughput, different connections?
Do I have the slots?

I don't see an M.2 slot on that board nor do I see M.2 support in the feature list.  But that's a fine board.  You would just need to use a PCIe expansion board.  The x1 slot is sufficient.

Resurrecting an old thread.........
M.2 had escaped my radar until you brought it up in this thread.
So I then had a want but couldn't justify it as a need.
Until, one of my Samsung 840 Pro drives, the boot drive with all apps, started causing random blue screens due to a write error. chkdsk was no help, I figured power cable, power supply, data cable, motherboard header and the drive itself were all possibilities.
Browsing Micro Center's site I came across a Plextor M6e Series 256GB PCI Express 2.0, googled some reviews, all were raves. A bit pricey around USD $1/GB, oh well.
Turns out to be an M.2 drive on a PCIe card. If one has an M.2 slot (I don't), the warranty voiding tape seal can be broken, the drive removed from the card and plugged into a proper M.2 slot.
Imaged the old C:\ with windows backup and created a repair DVD, minor fiddling and 20 minutes the PC was back up running fine from the Plextor.
Another minute or two re-assigning drive letters and the job was done.
Boy and howdy this thing is FAST. Boot time remains about 30 seconds from power switch to desktop with active mouse cursor, oh well.
But programs, everything now just snaps on screen, it's amazing. A day or two and I'll normalize to it, but right now, wow, wow.
Thanks so much for the heads up! :)

Abstract / Re: Frost on the window
« on: February 26, 2015, 03:15:28 PM »
It's cool to see all these old Nikon shots and the extensive use of filters. Sure you are in the right forum?
She might be about to jump ship..........

PowerShot / Re: Advice for non-compact versatile camera plz
« on: February 25, 2015, 03:54:35 PM »
.....I'll bet $5 that she has a 1VHS......
I'm not a betting sort, sorry.
Didn't know what a 1V HS is, had to google it.
Oh my.
If that's it, it still has plenty of value for trade, but I'll guess a 14 year old with one has an heirloom that's not sell-able nor trade-able.
I'm also wondering maybe a Canon F1 or F1n, Nikon F3 or Pentax LX.

PowerShot / Re: Advice for non-compact versatile camera plz
« on: February 25, 2015, 02:33:09 PM »
......The T5/T3i would be a step backwards from her film camera....
And an SX60 is not a bigger step back?
What is she currently shooting? I'm prepared to be impressed.

Here's what I've thought about getting for this type of situation (but haven't bought, yet):
That is a brilliant and elegant design!!

PowerShot / Re: Advice for non-compact versatile camera plz
« on: February 25, 2015, 12:04:13 PM »
...... SX60 is looking good....
T5 w/18-55 is the same price, T3i w/kit is USD $50 more.

Speedlites, Printers, Accessories / Re: Canon Pro-1 Question
« on: February 24, 2015, 10:55:32 AM »
Calibrate your monitor.
Profile each printer/ink/paper combination you intend to use, use the resulting icc or icm profile to soft proof before printing.
Visit websites of high line papers such as Hahnemule, Red River, Canson and the like, as a shopping tool, download icc profile for papers and your printer that look interesting, soft proof using those downloaded profiles and make your choice.
Once your chosen purchase arrives, create your own profile(s) to use with that paper, soft proof before printing.

EOS Bodies / Re: New camera body or new lens?
« on: February 23, 2015, 02:33:55 PM »
Has anyone mentioned lighting yet?


You don't. You just test print until you get something that closely resembles what you want!  :P

But seriously - you can talk to the lab and ask them how to go about it and what settings you should use etc. they might provide you with an ICC profile for your monitor.
Spend enough on PC hardware and software and you'll no longer go through through test printing anguish.
The sequence becomes soft proof>print>smile.
See my post above.

.......Then there's another question: printer calibration. I don't plan to buy a printer, any eventual printing services will be carried out by a specialized provider. How do you know how and if their printers are calibrated properly?.........
TL:DR version...
Ask the service for icc profiles, if they have none to offer (or seem clueless), find another service.
- - -

As I understand it, printers are not calibrated in the sense that actual print output capabilities can be corrected, a printer can only print what it is able to.
Printers can and preferably should be profiled.
Profiling should be done for each specific printer to be used and with the specific paper and ink set to be used.
To profile, PC installed profiling software sends a print job to the printer, this print job consists of many different colored squares over a couple of pages.
The resulting printed squares are then scanned/read with a color measuring device, the Datacolor SpyderPRINT calls theirs a Spectrocolorimeter..
The printer was unable to reproduce the exact colors sent in the print job, the Spectrocolorimeter measures what colors actually did print and then generates what is essentially an error file.
This error file is named with either an .icc or .icm file extension, it is the printer/paper/ink profile.
SpyderPRINT prints 225 or 729 different color patches on 1 to 4 sheets depending on options selected.
The better print houses provide icc files for download as do printer manufacturers and paper manufacturers.
To use, install the appropriate profile to your PC, then, in your image editor use soft proofing>print emulation, choose the relevant profile for use while editing.
The final print comes out pretty darn close to exactly as you intended and expect.
I've only done this a few times with various papers and images, I've gotten exactly what I wanted on the first try, no wasted paper or ink, no disappointment or guesswork wondering what or how to tweak.
I'd sure not expect any of this to work well without a calibrated monitor.
- - -
There's another method that I've read of but not tried that involves loading and selecting icc profiles directly to the PC's monitor color settings.
My imagination goes to overload trying to reason how a monitor can be both calibrated true and use another color profile simultaneously.
I believe it's also much faster to switch profiles in software rather than hardware for A<>B/before<>after comparisons.
Somewhere in the literature that accompanied my NEC monitor was a comment to the effect it's preferable to use the soft proofing method rather than icc profiling the monitor by I cannot recall why nor find the document right now.


Any time I experience corrupt files on a card, that becomes the absolute last time I'll use that card.

Replacements are not at all that expensive, the super duper highest speed cards are overkill with a 6D anyway.|1&ci=1097&setNs=p_POPULARITY|1&N=4037060554+4264330179+4291236412&srtclk=sort

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