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EOS Bodies / Re: Review: Canon EOS 7D Mark II
« on: January 14, 2015, 10:43:06 AM »
but... but... Gary Fong said...

Lenses / Re: Lens received by Canon Service in California
« on: January 01, 2015, 07:36:39 AM »
A few weeks ago I picked up a Canon 50mm 1.2 L from another local photographer at a decent price, $1050.
so it will cost me $238 plus what I paid to send it there.

So, you're paying $1288 plus shipping to get it to CPS (so presumably over $1300 total) and you could have just purchased it brand new for $1240 here: http://www.canonpricewatch.com/product/00592/Canon-EF-50mm-f1.2L-USM-price.html.  For that $1240 you'd get a one year warranty and the ability to return a decentered copy.

I'm always amazed at the price of used gear that's older than one year old.  Don't get me wrong, I've sold gear over a year old and been the one benefiting from such ridiculous prices but I don't buy used gear over a year old (except one time for a 5D Mark II and I ended up selling it for a $250 profit 2 months later) and only buy gear with the original receipt.  You've got to be smart and savvy when it comes to buying used gear or you can end up spending more for used than you would for new.

Lenses / Re: buying advice: get a 135mm f2, or use existing 70-200mm f2.8?
« on: December 26, 2014, 07:48:47 AM »
I don't own the zoom and only recently purchased the 135L but it's become my favorite lens. I don't have much to add that hasn't already been said except... The FLARE from this lens is spectacular. Anyone shooting portraits with it who hasn't experimented with the flare for that different portrait is really missing out.

EOS Bodies / Re: High Megapixel Camera Coming in 2015 [CR3]
« on: December 17, 2014, 09:08:04 AM »
Admin - have you excluded the possibility that this is a 23-25 mp DPAF sensor?  I believe we were previously led to believe that Canon was launching a high MP APSC sensor (which later turned out to be a 40 million photosite 70D which takes 20 megapixel pictures).  Just checking to see if that's the same thing here.  If it's a 5D model, the line Canon is known for video, I could absolutely see this being the case.

Lenses / Re: Buying Advice: What First Lens for a Full Frame?
« on: December 17, 2014, 08:05:46 AM »
2470 f2.8 ii

I see no smiley faces or winky faces to indicate that you're simply joking. You ARE joking, right?

OP, I feel like your 7D and Sigma 18-35mm f/1.8 are mismatched. Your camera is extremely durable and built for speed (can obviously be used for other things) and your lens is intended for low light, wide-normal angle, slower/more deliberate photography and (if I recall) isn't weather sealed in any way.

My recommendation would be to sell the Sigma and pair the 7D with a longer lens for reach limited photography. That usually crosses over with "action" photography as well which the 7D is well suited for. Then I'd pair the 6D with something wide-normal for every day shooting. Possibly a pair of primes (24 and 50, or even 35 and 100 for instance).

Lenses / Re: Review: Canon EF-S 24mm f/2.8 STM Pancake
« on: December 10, 2014, 03:07:16 PM »
Disagree, though I understand your point.  You don't buy/not buy a lens solely for max aperture reasons.  That's just one consideration.


  • Both 24 primes you referenced will be sharper than the kit zooms, esp. on the more wide open end, say f/2.8 - f/4 or so.
  • The pancake is as big as a minute with only vignetting, focus by wire and STM focusing speed as it's only  limitations.  Just like the EF 40mm, it's shockingly sharp for its size.
  • The 24 f/2.8 IS is in another league entirely.  Sharpness equivalent to the 24L II.  It's a fantastic lens with modern fast USM, internal focusing, great build quality and of course the IS.  That's effectively a "slow" 24L prime without weather sealing, and I honestly rate it as good a value at $549 as the pancake is at $149.

Kit lenses are great, but both of the 24 primes you referenced are clear upgrades over kit glass to me.

- A

To be fair, I rarely used the 24mm IS.  I think I used it a handful of times and each one was basically me forcing myself to use it.

But... take a look at the PhotoZone resolution charts for the 18-55 IS STM and the EF-S 24mm f/2.8 STM.  They're not very different at all.

18-55: http://www.photozone.de/canon-eos/831-canon_1855_3556stmis?start=1
EF-S 24mm: http://www.photozone.de/canon-eos/889-canon_24_28stm?start=1

Check out the 18-55 resolution chart at 18mm and 24mm (below).  Again, neither are at f/2.8.  But at 18mm and 24mm (f/3.5 and f/4 respectively), it resolves almost identical lp/ph in all 3 measured areas.  So, it's probably safe to say that 23mm at f/3.5 is in that neighborhood.

Now, check out the EF-S 24mm f/2.8 STM. 

It's basically the same as the 18-55 STM (it resolves about 3% more in the center than the 18-55 STM).  There are some minor differences, but likely nothing that would show up in the real world. So, the assertion that the EF-S 24mm f/2.8 STM is a "clear upgrade" over the 18-55 IS STM kit lens is not true at all.  You're exchanging a loss of 2/3 of a stop of light (at 23mm) to gain 4 stops of IS plus zoom capabilities for 2/3 stop of light gain plus a smaller size and lower weight... and $150 gone.  Again... IF you already have the 18-55 IS STM.

So again, my recommendation is - if you already have the 18-55 STM, don't bother with the EF-S 24mm f/2.8 STM.  Yes it's smaller and lighter and 2/3 of a stop faster, but the kit zoom isn't heavy and it isn't big by any means.  Obviously if you NEED or really want the small size and or the extra 2/3 of a stop of light, then yes... go for it for $150.  But don't buy it just to buy it if you already have the 18-55 STM.

I have no doubts the EF 24mm f/2.8 IS performs even better.  After all, it is a full frame lens and we're talking about using it on a crop sensor camera (PZ hasn't tested it).  But we're also talking about investing $550 for it too... and is it $550 better?  Maybe... if "excellent" in the center and "very good" everywhere else isn't already enough.

Lenses / Re: Review: Canon EF-S 24mm f/2.8 STM Pancake
« on: December 10, 2014, 12:42:28 PM »
I'm not nearly as sold on this lens. Everything about it seems GREAT except that most people get the 18-55 STM or 18-135 STM with their camera and at 23mm those lenses shoot at f/3.5. That's only 2/3 of a stop difference but you get IS with them. This is the same conclusion I came to after trying out the 24mm IS lens, and then selling it. I think if you're looking to spend $150 on an f/2.8 pancake prime, it's smarter to go with the 40mm as it provides a significant advantage over the kit lens lens which is at f/5 as soon as 37mm making the 40 1&2/3 stops faster.

Now, that's not to say no one should buy the 24 IS, just that it shouldn't be a blanket recommendation for everyone.

Lenses / Re: Lens as a gift. Non Photographer buying... :)
« on: November 25, 2014, 09:26:30 AM »
Some good options listed above.

I'll +1 the suggestion to not buy anything and simply wrap up a picture of a camera+lens and tell her to consider it a voucher for anything up to $xxxx.  This is what my wife did when she bought me a new TV.

Another option MIGHT be the EF-S 60mm f/2.8 macro.  It's not quite as long as what you're talking about but it's great for tight portraits in tight spaces (school) and it's fun for macro.

As for buying her another camera...  I agree that an upgrade from a 6 year old Rebel to a newer camera would be substantial (2 stop improvement in image quality) but ergonomics are SO important, especially to someone who's been using a DSLR for a LONG time and is comfortable with it.  She may consider the 70D to be a massive, unwieldy beast and absolutely hate it!  So again, I'd go back to the "voucher" idea.

Also consider an external flash if she doesn't have one.  For any size DSLR except maybe the SL1 or T5, the 430 EX II is a FANTASTIC solution.

Nearing the end here... shop around for the best prices.  Uses CanonPriceWatch.com to determine where the best prices are and if available, use the "street price" option to get an even lower price.  And don't be afraid of refurbished gear directly from Canon.  I've purchased 4 lenses and a camera body from them and everything looks and functions like it's brand new and the warranty is exactly the same as a brand new product.  Canon often runs sales on their refurb gear that can save you an additional 10-20% off.

Finally, Adorama has the 70D + Pixma Pro 100 + photo paper + camera bag + memory card for $800.  Even if you don't want the extras, that's the cheapest price around on the camera body...  http://www.canonpricewatch.com/blog/2014/11/still-live-eos-70d-pixma-pro-100-for-799-ar-at-adorama/

Lenses / Re: Deal on Sigma 50 1.4 Art gone already?
« on: November 21, 2014, 11:27:43 AM »
Missed it apparently. What was the deal?

Lenses / Re: EF 35mm f/1.4L II to Finally Come as Well? [CR2]
« on: November 14, 2014, 03:22:02 PM »
Everyone get your credit cards ready for a $2,000 hit! Regardless of how good this lens is, it's about to make the Sigma look like a steal!

Lenses / Re: First Image of the EF 100-400 f/4.5-5.6L IS II Lens
« on: November 06, 2014, 09:53:53 AM »
I'm actually looking forward to the used market of other telephoto zoom lenses.  I'd like to snag a 70-200 f/4 IS used and I could see that lens being one of many that end up being offered for sale more often than they are now due to the 100-400 L IS 2 coming out.

Most reviewers are declaring the 7DII the best APS-C camera made and noting that no one else has a camera that can compete against it.

Yeah, but that's only because the DxOMark Scores haven't come out yet.  Once that happens, all those 7DII reviewers will realize how foolish they look for touting a camera that scores no better than the 70D, and nearly the same as the original (now so dated as to be decrepit) 7D.  Heck, the D7100 gets a better Sports Score than the 7D(inosaur), I'm sure it'll beat the 7DII (no need to consider AF, fps or buffer for Sports, after all).

Reviewers will have egg on their face, and no one will buy the 7DII. 

 ::) ::) ::)

Neuro's tongue-in-cheek notwithstanding, I am curious to see the brouhaha that comes of DXO stating that Canon has (hypothetically) only improved one point over the 7D in their absurd rating system after 5 years of development.

There's already a thunderous din about how the 7D2 preliminarily appears to offer the same high ISO performance as the 70D, and only offers a stop better performance than the 7D (again: after five years).  I'm still waiting for the Carnathans of the world to demonstrate this more thoroughly, but if substantiated, I can only imagine the ruckus that will ensue across the world's photo forums.   :P

There's so much more to a camera than a sensor, but it is our favorite thing to obsess about, isn't it?

- A

I'm sure DxO is looking forward to it as well.  MORE TRAFFIC!!!!  (to their already abysmally slow website)

EOS Bodies / Re: Canon to Continue Using Canon Sensors in DSLRs
« on: November 03, 2014, 12:55:29 PM »
While DR limitations don't really bother me, low ISO noise does (and obviously the two are related).  When I read the headline I thought to myself... "Canon gonna Canon".  For those who don't know, that's a take off on "haters gonna hate" which is a way for people to say "it doesn't really matter what others [haters] say that's negative, because all they do is spew negativity". 

It doesn't really matter what everyone says about Canon and their low ISO noise, Canon is going to keep doing what they're doing...

Pricewatch Deals / Re: Refurb 70D + 18-135mm IS STM for $815
« on: October 31, 2014, 04:09:19 PM »
My $811.48 70D +18-135 STM shipped yesterday and will be here Monday. Already have my current 70D body (with 2 months of warranty left) on Craigslist. Would be nice to sell it over the weekend and hopefully get around $800 for it. That'll net me 10 more months of warranty (actually 22 since my credit card doubles it) and the lens for free. Not bad!

When did you submit the order?

I placed mine Wednesday evening and haven't heard a peep. Not that that is super long or anything.

BTW, I envy your tax rate. Better than out here in Commifornia.

I noticed in your post following the one I quoted that you received your shipping confirmation but I thought I'd toss the info out there anyway.  I received my order confirmation email on Wednesday the 29th at 9:39 PM EST.  I received the shipping confirmation less than 24 hours later at 6:17 PM.

I consider myself EXTREMELY lucky right now.  This is the second AWESOME deal I've managed to snag through the refurb store.  The first was the EF 35mm f/2 IS USM for $232.83.  Canon made an error on their site listing that lens but putting up the price of the EF 35mm f/2 (non-IS, non-USM).  When I received the older version of the lens, I called and they told me to ship it back and that they'd honor the order when the 35mm f/2 IS USM refurbished came in stock.  I had to wait several months but I eventually got it at that price :-)

So I've managed to get the 70D, 18-135 IS STM, and 35 f/2 IS USM for $1044.  That's pretty insane :-)

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