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After reading many of the replies in this thread, a philosophical question came to mind.

Not sure which other poster wrote about his experience of recommending a camera to his friend. But the gist of it was that his buddy didn't seem interested in the a6000/mirrorless setup at all. This attitude towards mirrorless I believe is still very prevalent outside of the enthusiast/amateur/pro market here.

So my question is, knowing that this is still the general attitude of the bulk of the market in the US, could it be that Canon/Nikon have not gone all in on a mirrorless system offering simply because they don't want to validate to the mass market what all the other companies are doing?

Could it be that if Canon/Nikon started seriously pushing into the mirrorless market in the US that they would only be shooting themselves in the foot by leading the public to believe that this is now the way to go? or that it is a potentially better or more viable option?

somehow good thoughts ... and my answer is ... i love the pic quality of my 5md3 ... i'm with canon since decades ... not as professional but as someone who like to make pictures and sometimes i'm even paid for ... ... ... but what did i use in the recent past when i took picture just for my pleasure ... my very small and light panasonic GM1 ...   ok ... i'm older and don't like to carry too mutch ... i'm also not e pixel sexual ... i enjoy watching ... and then showing what others did not see and detected .. to myself or to interested ones ... the camera is a tool ... a tool  i use ... not more ... it's not the focus ... but it is an interesting thing  ... and canon just did not make it to have something else than my FF EOS 5d3 to meet my needs ond pleasures .. and so i still carry the Canon equipment with me ... and use the light panasonic equipment ... and yes ... for serious things it's vice versa ... but what is the pleausure making photos all about ... serious thing? ... yes if your income depends on ... no if it is just live enrichment fun entertainment .... a way to see the world ... ...
final word ... even to a decade Canon user ... they ... Canon ... are on the wrong path ... like Nokia e.g. ... or all other dinos ... and zack ... in 10 years Canon is museum     

Canon General / Re: Desired fantasy gear
« on: May 20, 2013, 02:02:32 PM »
- full frame like the 5d3 with in-camera pre-processing like the jpgs
- in camera taging presets
- better dynamics & noise behavior than the 5d3
- Pic quality at ISO 102000 same as current jpegs at 12500 of the 5d3
- possibility to extend pic size to 40+ Megapixel up to 1600 ISO
- in camera auto delete of pics with bad quality
- fast autofocus with live view
- possibility to make 2 pics simultanious with two or more diffrent settings
- geo tagging without the loss of battery life
- in-build lens correction also for non canon lenses ... and of course for raw ;-) ... my point is that i like the possibilities of RAW but hate (and have sometimes no time) to do this with LR or PS ... so if i can reduce the post-production work without to compromise o pic quality i would be more than happy

- a 14-105mm/f4 IS or even faster faster L lense with fixed length (sandstorms killed some of my L lenses...) at the same weight and size as the current 24-105

and if i can dream ...
- a light (600g) 24-300/f4 IS L tele with in-build 2x coverter ... sandproofed

- an android app to fully control my camera without cable

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