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Canon General / Re: Desired fantasy gear
« on: May 20, 2013, 02:02:32 PM »
- full frame like the 5d3 with in-camera pre-processing like the jpgs
- in camera taging presets
- better dynamics & noise behavior than the 5d3
- Pic quality at ISO 102000 same as current jpegs at 12500 of the 5d3
- possibility to extend pic size to 40+ Megapixel up to 1600 ISO
- in camera auto delete of pics with bad quality
- fast autofocus with live view
- possibility to make 2 pics simultanious with two or more diffrent settings
- geo tagging without the loss of battery life
- in-build lens correction also for non canon lenses ... and of course for raw ;-) ... my point is that i like the possibilities of RAW but hate (and have sometimes no time) to do this with LR or PS ... so if i can reduce the post-production work without to compromise o pic quality i would be more than happy

- a 14-105mm/f4 IS or even faster faster L lense with fixed length (sandstorms killed some of my L lenses...) at the same weight and size as the current 24-105

and if i can dream ...
- a light (600g) 24-300/f4 IS L tele with in-build 2x coverter ... sandproofed

- an android app to fully control my camera without cable

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