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DPP 4.0 is available for download now.

According to the official site: それぞれ“DPP 4.0”、“EU 3.0”として2014年6月26日より無償提供を開始します。

So it will be 06/26/2014

※対応機種・・・EOS-1D C、EOS-1D X、EOS 5D Mark III、EOS 6D

And only the abovementioned models are supported.

Here is the screenshot if anyone wonders how it may look like


More detailed screenshots:


Looking forward to them!

...if they could add master function in the 430ex II replacement, I am definitely in.

Unlikely.  There's no technical reason the 430EX II can't be a master, the control signals for Canon's optical triggering come from the main flash tube, and the 430EX II obviously has one of those.  So expect a replacement 4x0EX flash to be slave only, but able to be triggered by both RF (600EX-RT or ST-E3-RT) or optical masters.

Yeah, I guess so too. That is like the only thing that really differentiate 430ex from 600ex.

But thinking about it, it is somehow strange that Canon decided add master function to 90ex, which is way cheaper than ST-E3-RT with more functions (being a not-so-great fill flash on its own)

I already have 2 430ex II but if they could add master function in the 430ex II replacement, I am definitely in.

With Japanese Yen exchange rate continuously dropping, it is sure there will be more sales.

Too late. I already bought one from BuyDig.com at $1650 (after rebate) a week before... (same rebate, without the lens)

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