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EOS Bodies / Re: "Two New FF Bodies in 2014" - if 5DM4, would you jump in?
« on: November 30, 2013, 11:48:19 AM »
I came from the Nikon side with a D300. I wanted to go FF but I didn't want/need 30+ MP so I jumped on a 2012 Holiday bundle on the 5DMIII + 24-105. I love this thing.

Now while I enjoy my 5DMIII and it's increased resolution there are things that were worse than my old D300. That said I can agree that with a 5DMIV I'd love to see:

1. DR - I could bump my shadows up +1-1.5 in LR and still retain detail. With my 5DMIII I generally try not to bump up shadows because it immediately causes banding/visual garbage which I have to later filter out.

2. As others have mentioned I miss illuminated AF points in dark settings. Please make this happen Canon.

3. Able to program DOF button to not just AI Servo but AI + Zone AF. This would save steps switching from stationary targets to things like precessions at weddings. (Maybe you can do this, I haven't found out how?

...Now hopefully a crazy deal hits this month on the 24-70 II  ;)

There is a deal for the 24-70 II; $1,899 after rebate, plus 4% reward at B&H, unless you want an even more crazy deal than that.

There was already a deal on that one for $1699 after rebate. I purchased it and got my rebate two weeks later.

John B, I was responding to Mlc_Dave.  Did I hit the wrong quote?  Mlc_Dave, there is a deal on the Canon 24070 II.  (see link above).

Got it thanks! I was hoping for another new/refurb deal like the last to pick it up for $1600 now that I nearly blew a months salary on the 70-200! I'll definitely keep an eye out.

Same deal is at B&H:

Thank you for posting this! I just ordered one, been waiting forever to finally purchase this and after $300 rebate + 4% perks this is the cheapest I've seen this go for.

Now hopefully a crazy deal hits this month on the 24-70 II  ;)

Pricewatch Deals / Re: Any deals coming for 70-200 IS II?
« on: October 29, 2013, 08:39:33 PM »

But a sale like we just had was crazy.  20% off of $2,000+ items like the two lenses I mentioned plus the discount for being a refurb is an awesome opportunity.  Keep your eyes peeled for more like that one -- sometimes the 20% off is still in effect over a window of time, and 2-3 sellouts and restocks might take place over that time.  Again, alerts are the way to go.

- A

Even I wasn't fast enough. Been stalking the refurb store (Desperately trying to get the 24-70 and/or 70-200) and I was out Sunday morning only to come home and find the sale hit and minutes later sold out. I may just buy after they restock on the 2nd (I mean why would they restock before the super discount runs out?) because I really need these for my growing business but I can't swing both at full price.

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