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United States / Re: Gear or Wedding Photographer
« on: January 05, 2014, 09:22:35 PM »
That's a valid point to consider but I have seen their work, it's nothing they cannot handle.    I have no focus issue with my 70D and a wedding at 11am will offer more than enough light.  So as far as technique and proper gear goes that is not a worry. 

What is of concern is whether or not money will be better spent on gear for a person who more than capable for the job or higher a pro who would like to charge 2K + 500 more for second shooter just as a shooting fee. The prints will be extra.

That being said, I think it's becoming clear what is the better value. :)

United States / Gear or Wedding Photographer
« on: January 05, 2014, 08:46:19 PM »
Hello All!

I am getting married in June and have 2 options as far as wedding photography goes.  1. higher someone to do it.  2.  I buy gear that I don't have and have a talented friend take the photos. They have been very successful with portraiture but are looking to break into a weddings.

The wedding itself will very small and short. Roughly 10 people including my fiance and I and the ceremony will be 15minutes.  It's also in the mountains. A pro wedding photographer would definitely want to get their monies worth for the travel alone.  We've been quoted by 3 different local photographers for 2-3K.  The price is a bit of an issue for what we a looking for.

After sharing this, my fiance suggested that we put the roughly the same mount of money into my gear and have my friend do the photos. :) Were talking roughly 1.5K on gear.

This appeals to me because, aside from the wedding photos, I would have something to show for my money spent.  In addition to this, my friend will hand over all RAW files.

I intend on shooting APS-C for a while so APS-C lenses are something that I won't regret investing in.  Also, the wedding will take place during the day and we will not require in any low light photography.

I currently have a 70D and a EF-S 10-22, 28 F/1.8, 40 F/2.8, and a 50 F/1.4.  I was thinking about adding a 17-55 to give my friend some flexibility while shooting and an 85 F1.8 for close ups.

They will be using my camera as their 5DII was recently stolen and all they get their hands on at the moment is a Rebel t3i.  I am assuming that they will get another FF by June but do not know what they really have planned.

I know it's a stretch to only have one camera and one photographer but we are also talking about a very small wedding.

What do you guys think?  Go with the gear? :) Or hire a pro who has their own gear?

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