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You called it. They posted this:

Hey guys, thanks again for your support!

HurtinMinorKey, I'm glad you liked most of the film. Thanks for watching.
Mt. Spokane, I think that link only works on a non-mobile device...it should be working though. Thanks for watching and your support.

I understand what you're saying, Canon Rumors is an awesome site and I have some friends on the boards. Sorry if this was my first post, Just now realizing it's sort of scummy of me.

I posted some images (hopefully they come through) of some of the behind the scenes. The biggest challenge was figuring out how to do the trunk scenes. It certainly helped to have a 5D (small size). At the last minute we found this back-half of a taxi cab on rollers that had a hole in the axle and a removeable side to get alternate angles! So cool!

Only 5 more days to vote by the way, thanks everyone for taking a look and voting!


Thanks guys!
SamuelJay, not sure why it won't work...it should be viewable everywhere. In fact, I think it was translated with the Closed captions option so dozens of different countries can watch with translation. Maybe try with a different browser?

BP, Yep, We shot it with the Canon 5D Mkii and a set of Zeiss Primes.
Thank you for giving a *$&#! :)

I can't believe it, my film "Sold" was chosen as a semi-finalist out of over 15,000 submissions for Ridley Scott's "Your Film Festival"! http://www.voteforsold.com

If my film 'Sold' is voted by the public into the top 10, I'll be flown to Venice, Italy to open the Venice International Film Festival with my film! Even more amazing, if 'Sold' wins, Scott Free Productions will award a $500,000 grant for me to make my dream movie with Ridley Scott! Please help my dreams come true and vote! http://www.voteforsold.com

Sold is about a young journalist who is inadvertently captured into a human trafficking ring while investigating the treatment of undocumented immigrants in America.

This competition is another fascinating look at how Scott Free productions has been able to use Youtube to gain more exposure for filmmakers (the first being that Life in a Day documentary).

This is the link people are using to view the film and vote:
The above link will take someone directly to the film where they can click the red "VOTE" button to the right. Voting ends on July 13th and people are allowed to vote once a day. If you like the film, please help! I can't even imagine how cool it would be to go to Venice Film Festival and open the fest with my short! If you like the film, please vote!

Lenses / WOW! New insane looking anamorphic lens being shown at NAB?
« on: April 01, 2012, 12:40:01 PM »
Have you seen this yet?
Introducing the RH-1 "Ultra" Anamorphic Lens for Canon DSLR

I've always been looking for something like this. I hope they come out with the version for Nikon soon! Looks like just for Canon DSLR right now.

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