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lol, ignore my last post! They seem to be already present! I've just never used them in that way  ::) My bad!

I have just been looking through the cpn-europe technical article It seems that many of the menus have been redesigned e.g.

and a new one added to the autofocus menu:

It is also possible to register a set of AI Servo settings that can be recalled using either the Depth-of-field Preview button or the Lens AF Stop button. A new ‘AF Wizard’ guides you through the registration of the four AF Custom Functions registering the AF area selection mode, setting up AI Servo tracking sensitivity, setting AF priority for the first and second image and choosing the AF tracking method. This makes it easy to understand the AF settings and gives the option to set them in a logical order.

So it seems that a lot more has actually been done than at first meets the eye!

THe home page of cpn-europe also now shows 2 further articles on the 7D, these have been available for awhile! I assume, with the announcement, they are pushing the 7D!

The previous main headlines were on the 1DX and 5DIII firmware update!

The 7D firmware V2 announcement is back on cpn-europes website

Exactly the same as the leaked April bulletin but now dated June 2012

I think people must have either, not read the cpn technical article on the 7D or forgot about it, it states

Memory card choices
The Dual “DIGIC 4” processors ensure a level of future proofing for the camera by allowing the use of Mode 6 UDMA Compact Flash cards. Although Mode 6 UDMA cards are not available, it is expected that they will appear later in 2009. When this happens, it is possible the maximum burst capability of the camera will improve.

I am using the 600x speed cards and have a burst rate in normal use of about 24 images and I am sure Canon are aware of this speed increase. I would have thought the press release relates to the slower cards and would then mean with UDMA 6 cards there would be a further improvement in burst rate.

Nowhere on World Wide Web is there confirmation other than CR that firmware 2.0 for 7D is imminent, not on Canon USA/Europe, nor on CPS or their 'News' archives ??

As stated at the begining of the article, this was briefly present on the cpn-europe website. The home page headline graphic displayed a 7D body and the link went to the firmware description. CR's article is a direct copy of the cpn article, which was displayed with a date of April 2012. How do I know, I saw it too!!! Thinking that a new body was announced and 2 new lenses, maybe there was a firmware update for the 7D with the GPS update and maybe a few extras so I checked the site.

It was only up for about an hour, but non the less, it was a Canon press release. If nothing else, it shows Canons intentions for the 7D. Why it was held back, posted and then removed will be a matter of much speculation! But it was there.

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