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Third Party Manufacturers / Re: In the market for a mirrorless
« on: October 21, 2013, 01:53:05 AM »
The EOS M with 22mmf2 looks like the right combo for you. The lens rates very well, and the AF is significantly faster with the firmware update.

It would be interesting to know, of those here who are saying they would buy the new Sony....
[1] Would it be a supplementary camera, or your main camera?
[2] If it would be your main camera, what system would you be moving from? FF DSLR? APS_C DSLR? Smaller mirrorless?
1) a mirrorless FF-sensor system camera like the Sony A7/R will be my only camera (other than smartphone)
2) Currently Canon 7D + all good EF-S lenses and a few good EF-lenses and a few speedlites. Will definitely have been my last DSLR system and my last APS-C camera. 
That is almost exactly my kit too. :)
For my photography as amateur/enthusiast I need only one camera system at a time and I don't want to buy, own, store, insure, carry, learn and use more than one camera system in parallel. 
ditto - we have some things in common, it seems!

Looking for a small light photographically fully capable FF-sensored mirrorless camera and a small set of "AF-only" lenses. [no manual focus ring, no manual focus gear, no distance window, but weathersealed @ IP67].
It certainly is a nice ideal, one I have thought a lot about.

Ideally a 24-70/85 f/4.0 IS for street/city/events/general purpose/walkaround, a 20mm/4.0 pancake mainly for landscape/city/architecture, a minimalist pancake 40mm/2.0 for street/people @normal angle, a 85/2.0 pancake for studio/portraits/concerts and a very compact and light tele lens for travel, say a 200mm/4.0 plus 1.4x teleconverter. Plus wireless ETTL flash trigger built into camera and 2 slave speedlites. Entire system for less than the price of a Leica M240 with 50/2.0. That's it. :-)
;-) indeed! But AFAIK pancakes are inherently lesser optically than a 'standard sized' prime, so I have gone off the pancake idea for now. Why get the big sensor and then add a lens that has more blur units? The Zeiss 35f2.8 that came out with the A7 weighs about 120g, nice.
If I had to buy tomorrow, it would be the A7R (preferred) or A7  ... depending on AF performance ... plus 24-70/4 plus EF-adapter. :-)
For me, right now, I'm starting to think the m43 or APS mirrorless is the right answer. I'm starting to think that, for any given budget, the better lens kit I could buy with a smaller sensor outweighs any theoretical advantage in IQ -- which will largely evaporate without a tripod anyway. And I'm not at all sure *just how much* weight and bag space are saved by going to FF mirrorless, once you include all the lenses for a decent system. Maybe it is a disappointing end game if the real goal was * large* savings in space and weight.

It would be interesting to know, of those here who are saying they would buy the new Sony....

[1] Would it be a supplementary camera, or your main camera?

[2] If it would be your main camera, what system would you be moving from? FF DSLR? APS_C DSLR? Smaller mirrorless?

As a past user of the Olympus 4/3 cameras (4/3, not micro 4/3), I have been stung by having bought into a dead-end system..... With no warning the system ended.... no more new bodies, no more lenses, nothing said by Olympus.... just silence...  This is why I would only consider Canon or Nikon as a system now... and I went with Canon because of the glass...

Don't count your chickens. I was a heavy Canon FD user the day they walked away and stranded me, with not so much as an adapter. Olympus treated you better than that.

Obviously just a promo review to kick off sales. Not a single comparison shot with any other lens. Not a good idea to give it any weight.

Can't wait to see proper test bench reviews -- they usually bring Zeiss right back to the pack. Would love to see it against the Sigma 35 on the bench, despite the focal length difference.

I cannot see how this price can be correct. Truly dumbfounding. I think Sigma is going to embarrass the S___ out of Zeiss when they update their 50mm f/1.4.

Too true!

Third Party Manufacturers / Re: x-pro1
« on: September 27, 2013, 12:57:51 AM »
I'm also sitting waiting to see what this iteration brings, if FF, I'm in.

Is there any evidence or precedent or Fuji history or *anything* that gives the Fuji FF idea any weight?

EOS-M / Re: EOS M2 Shows up in DPP Literature
« on: September 23, 2013, 09:13:46 PM »
How come it is so close to release that the company is listing it is in its software, but you (running this site) still don't have a clue about it? Why do we bother looking here if you are so clueless?  ???

Lenses / Re: Review: Canon EOS 70D
« on: September 12, 2013, 12:57:00 AM »
From the review: "the best all-purpose Canon DSLR camera available without facing the much bigger price required to step up to the full frame models ".

Wouldn't it actually be better than the 6D for some purposes, e.g. users who take still and video extensively? It is not just a matter of how much can one spend.

EOS Bodies / Re: 70D and Dxomark....
« on: September 10, 2013, 02:37:27 AM »
Well, I think we can boil this down to a single word:

or counter-troll..... maybe he just read enough trolling...

EOS Bodies / Re: 70D and Dxomark....
« on: September 01, 2013, 11:31:08 PM »
So I was looking at some resolution charts for lenses yesterday.

Man the Nikon 70-200 f2.8 VR 2 sucks, like, those corners are terrible. To think that Nikon shooters have been wasting their lives with glass like that for so many years, almost half a decade now, sheesh, and it's so obvious too. It's like they've all got their head in the sand or something. I mean, obviously whatever talent you have is being severely limited if you use that system.

And yet, do we see Nikon users, 10 times a day, 10 times an hour, beating the beejeezus out of Nikon on the Nikon forums for the wide open corner performance of this lens? Do we see Canon users dropping in on Nikon forums and chortling arrogantly, and constantly posting pics of comparative wide open corner shots?

Why not? Is someone, somewhere, having an attack of courtesy?

EOS Bodies / Re: 70D and Dxomark....
« on: September 01, 2013, 11:31:01 PM »
When I used a pair of Nikons for a few months, I had to be more careful not to overexpose.  Whether because of the metering or the sensor, I don't know.  On balance, these are not big differences.  You just learn and make slight adjustments.

You might learn and make adjustments with a Nikon sensor, but if it is a Canon sensor, the only thing to do is go on Canon forums and blast the whole brand!

EOS Bodies / Re: 70D and Dxomark....
« on: September 01, 2013, 11:30:52 PM »
The point of ETTR is to allow more light to hit the sensor.

No, the point of ETTR is to avoid blown highlights while not losing detail in shadows. It might mean less light hitting the sensor, if average metering was going to blow important highlights.

but a few weeks ago I DID recommend a friend of mine to buy nikon instead of canon. that´s what i had to do. nikon has been simply far better in sensor-quality over the last years. i hope this will change.

Did your friend want to buy a sensor, or a camera?

Nothing wrong with owning a Sony-based Nikon, though. This year. Trouble is, if he stocks up on Nikon lenses etc, and next years Canon is the best sensor, you're going to wish you'd thought about one or two other factors that come into it.

Let's hope your friend doesn't buy a Nikon and then get a bit excited about video, then come back to you saying "damn this video focusing is crap!"  ::)

EOS Bodies / Re: New AF Technology Coming in July? [CR1]
« on: August 27, 2013, 06:50:46 AM »
d800 nope?

D800 AF is based on D4
please explain what is better in 5dmk3 and how you can make a statement like this

This is the first time I have seen a serious claim that the D800 AF is equal or better than the 5D MkIII AF.

Roger Cicala of lensrentals tested and found that the Canon's phase detection AF is as accurate and consistent as its contrast detection AF, i.e. the standard deviation of MTF values of a series of static shots is the same for both AF systems. This is a remarkable achievement. The D800, 'nope'. It is just not as reliable on phase detection.

And that is with static subjects.

He also says there is a left side AF sensor issue with the D800 that is unresolved, and recommends the camera only be used for centre point AF. I hope THAT isn't 'based on the D4'!

well, spend a month to compare them and then return

Why don't you direct that very silly and irrelevant comment to Roger Cicala -- it is he who you are taking issue with (although I seriously cannot see the issue in my post that you are taking issue with. You simply haven't said anything except "I wanna have the last word, boo hoo").  ;D

(space provided here for the very silly last word about how he agrees with Roger Cicala but disagrees with me when I quote Roger! 
\/  \/  \/  \/  \/  \/  )

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